I was watching the news last evening, when my teenaged granddaughter called, and asked me what I remembered about the Civil Rights movement in the sixties. She was working on a school assignment. I had to stop and think, to beam up memories of that tumultuous decade, and decided I would write an article about that decade, a bit later.

Woke up early and saw an article on my computor about the conspiracy of vaccinations, which reminded me of my battles fighting forced immunizations in the decade of the seventies. I filed a suit in Federal court and it was ruled unconstitutional. But here we are 40 years later with the same problem.

Turned on the early morning news to the Imus in the Morning program, and heard Representative Peter King of New York was the guest to talk about the Secret Service and the rented prostitute scandal. Inasmuch as he’s investigating, expected to hear something new on this hot topic news cycle. But same old political rhetoric of babbling and reporting nothing new, about the unhappy hooker who complained when the secret service agent haggled over paying her $47.00.

It’s reported the agent wanted the $47.00 to include another agent, and the hooker apparently did not have a two-for-one special and complained, and the police were called to the hotel in Columbia. But who knows what really happened. It’s reported twenty-one prostitutes were at the hotel and eleven agents were sent home as a result of the news exposure of the scandal.

If there were 21 hookers and eleven agents, and a dispute over two agents trying to split the $47.00 fee, something about the numbers of simple arithmitic do not compute. Does one add, subtract or multiply?

Aside from the Columbian hooker scandal, the current news regarding this current Washington administration is shared with stories about the Government Services agencies, and their extravagant travel and partying expenses. Plus an investigation into the Fast and Furious scandal.

Lump these three stories about the state of affairs in the centralized political government in Washington together, and one can readily see the out-picturing of squandering of tax-payer money going on around the clock, in various agencies.

Tie that in with all the current news about racism over the Travyron Martin murder trial, reminiscent of the 1960’s Civil Rights movement, points up the fact that political government never solves anything, but rather adds more problems on the backs of the American people, to pay for and be concerned with.

Add to that all the disenchantment over vaccinations, which is big business for companies that make the serum to shoot up the millions of school children, now touted as the “Vaccination Conspiracy,” really points up the fact, relative to so much political government does to us and not for us, while forcing the citizens to pay for such activities. The burden on the backs of producers in this nation is staggering.

It all points up the fact political government never really solves any of the problems they create, but simply keep adding on new ones, that focuses the news to keep the American people dazzled by footwork. With emphasis on the con-game of keeping one’s eye on one ball while others are up in the air and never resolved. Pile up and pile on the backs of hard working American citizens.

So what does the average American citizen do? Flock to the polls to vote in more of the same, and more and more stop working and jump on the dole and control bandwagon, to escape paying for all these problems created by political government.

Which brings us to today to the tipping point of the inverted pryamid of power, while the attention is diverted by the jack-hammer rhetoric of the managed controlled media, to keep the American Citizenry attention on the latest screw up-scandal. Keeps attention diverted away from the pattern of what’s happening to destroy the Principles upon which this nation was founded and at one time made it so great, that provided the most good for the greatest number known to civilization.

It’s not rocket science to connect the dots of what happened in the Civil Rights movement. Forced immunizations, thousands of highly paid government workers, living it up on tax-paid salaries, the elite of the elitist, secret service, and the latest happy hooker scandal. Fast & Furious, and the GSA.

The pattern is the same. Government creates the problem, then compounds by highly paid investigations, and congressional hearings, via highly paid elected officials, bombardment with managed news over the latest happenings, and the beat goes on.

Nothing is ever solved nor resolved, but simply an add-on mentality. Whatever is happening today, is added on to that which happened yesterday, last year and the decade before. It’s written about, talked about, investigated, then repetition.

I think it was Einstein who said “Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is insanity.”
The latest scandal of the elitist secret service will be talked about, investigated, some probably fired and replaced and the beat goes on. Same song, second verse, erupting in another form in another agency of political government. And more laws passed and increased taxes. Different scandals with same results. It’s the pattern which never changes.

Never more glaringly apparent to me as I listened to the interview with Representative Peter King this morning, supposedly investigating the latest scandal. Same old nonspecific political yakety yak.

It was the broadcaster Hugh Downs who said: “I think it might be important to point out that this country is a one-party country. Half of that party is called Republican and half is called Democrat.”


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  1. Randy says:

    Funny. Most Presidents, Senators and Congressmen are little more than rented hookers themselves.