I began writing articles for the local newspaper when I was in high school and eight decades later, believe me, I have written a lot of stuff covering a multitude of subjects. However, there are two subjects I try to steer clear of generally, but do mention in passing from time to time, and they are Sex and Religion.

This morning on this April 15th, Income Tax Day, the subject is below the belt, inasmuch as headlines across this country relate to the reported sex-scandal in Columbia, involving secret-service personnel, sent there ahead of President Obama’s visit, to protect him when he arrived. As I understand it, this U.S. security detail, comes under the Department of Homeland Security.

To set the stage for understanding what is taking place inside political government, I remind the reader the role of the Government is to protect this nation from Foreign and Domestic enemies.

According to reports, the President has a large entourage of U.S. government employees surrounding his visit to Columbia. The cost for this trip must be staggering, with all the travel and accomodations for the personnel. I heard recently that the cost per hour for operating Air-Force One alone was two hundred thousand per hour.

Reports say prostitution is legal in that country and there were eleven secret service agents patronizing prostitutes in Cartagena. Apparently the scandal broke out over a $47.00 charge, objected to by some agent involved in the liason with prostitutes. And it was the dispute over the charge which led to leakage to news media, and some claiming,”This shocking scandal threatens the very fabric of this nation.” Which I find rather absurd, considering all the other stuff the government is doing, screwing around with 300-plus millions, to suggest a $47.00 dispute between a Secret Service agent and a foreign prostitute, threatens the fabric of this Country.
According to the news story, there is a 7 a.m. curfew for prostitutes to leave the hotel, and when one agent refused to pay the $47.00 fee, the hooker refused to leave the hotel, and that’s what opened the can of worms, which began crawling everywhere.

The agents involved were shipped back home and placed on administrative leave, according to news reports. No doubt a new crew was sent to replace them, “which involved supervisors.”

I personally have very little concern over below the belt issues, and who is sleeping with whom. My interest and concerns relative to the issues we face in this country are about stealing, specifically the thievery the government indulges in which adversely affect all of us in one form or another.

Imagine the amount of tax-payer money it costs for accomodations for each of those homeland security employees to travel and stay at a luxury hotel, right down to the $47.00 the secret service agent was haggling over, was tax-payer money.

Wake-up, dear hearts and gentle Americans, the problems we face in this nation, are not who is sleeping with whom, but specifically who is stealing from whom. And currently the mantra is, “Soak the Rich.”

News reports emphazing this story as an “embarrassment” to this country. This “scandal” is more like a smokescreen, for what is happening behind closed doors politically, and deals with money. Usually when the President travels to another country, for meetings with the powers that be, it winds up costing the tax-payers here in this country dearly. Over and beyond the exorbitant expense of the highly publicized meeting, there’s promise of large amounts of money to that country, usually. Despite the fact it’s in the U.S. Constitution that Congress has the authority to levy taxes, I’ve never read anything that authorizes them to levy taxes to give as a gifts to other countries.

The bottom line is this, relative to what is wrong in this nation on the verge of collapse, it’s the system of thievery, all of us are subjected to. It’s about money, not sex.

I remind the reader, political government is a con game, keep your eye on one ball in the air while the politicians are juggling another money-ball. And what better way to con and divert attention away from the real problems, than talk and news about so-called “sex-scandals?”

There’s a screwed-up value system among individuals in this country, when the American people allow the liberal news media to divert their attention away from the millions the Columbian meeting is costing hard-working tax-payers, by focusing on a $47.00 prostitute payment dispute, while no mention of the total cost of the President and his entourage, to Columbia.

Quote from John Lily: “In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true either is true or becomes true.”




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