I have written a lot of articles about politics and politicians. However I’m not a political activist, but well aware those elected have some affect directly or indirectly on my life and that of my children and grandchildren. Plus my love of freedom prompts me to keep up with all that’s taking place in this Nation.

Quite different from my growing up years on a farm during the great depression, more and more areas that affect our lives come from the dictates of the centralized government in Washington, pre-empting States Rights and Individual Rights as specified in the Constitution.

Several things taking place currently leap out at me. Not the least of which, for the first two years of Barack Obama’s position as President of the United States, many news anchors and pundits frequently spoke about their inability to understand Obama.

During that period I wrote several articles about this, because he told us who he is during his first campaign. Pointing out the fact, no one asked him the questions which should have been asked before 2008. When he said he was going to Transform America, no one asked him what he meant by that. When he reiterated in campaign speeches, he would change the way business was conducted in Washington, no one questioned how he planned on doing that. He just kept repeating change is coming and so it has. From bad to worse.

In the past year, I stopped hearing people say they did not understand him. Now so obvious, out-pictured in his actions and speech. Just yesterday I heard a constitutional lawyer say, Obama was going all out for totalitarianism, by-passing Congress with executive orders, criticizing the Supreme court, and ignoring the US Constitution.

The tone and message in his current campaign speeches, flying around on Air Force one to the tune of $200 thousand dollars an hour, is quite different now. He has the tiger by the tail, and displays the most arrogant attitude, which comes across as, “I’m now untouchable.”

During his first campaign he was quite accessible to reporters, and pundits for questioning, who some said he gave a tingle up their leg, were so mesmerized by him, they questioned nothing he said when they had the chance. During this lengthy campaign period for re-election, he is insulated by those surrounding him, for questioning. His constant speech making is filled with statements of criticism and blame on others, for the conditions of his making and no one questions him, because now they can’t reach him.

However, through newspapers, talk shows and social media, he is being critiqued and severely criticized, for his Socialist agenda. And from his lofty position, hits back with blame, complaints and criticism. Already becoming rather nasty, we’re in for a bumpy ride next seven months.

Having said that, he still exudes a certain peculiar aura of charisma, when he’s not expressing anger, and I still maintain he’s the front runner to be re-elected for reasons I have given in previous articles.

I hope I’m wrong. As it appears Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate, I find myself beginning to like him. All politicians have as their top agenda, getting into office and staying in office, and all are takers and shakers. I do suggest because of his successful business background, he could change some things for the better, and appears to be a very decent sort of man, with a lovely wife and family. Despite constant hammering away at him, with accusations about his being out of touch with the people, no president has ever been in touch with me, and it matters not to me who he’s in touch with.

What matters to me is whether or not he follows the Constitution,respects the Principles stated in the Declaration of Independence, promotes the free-enterprise capitalistic system, and protects this country from foreign and domestic enemies.

I don’t see anything wrong with his so-called being out of touch with many Americans. I’m out of touch with the value system of the majority of Americans. Many Americans are out of touch with the reality of what’s happening in this country. Sitting around not working, and complaining about a man who made enough money to afford an elevator for his Cadillacs. I personally applaud anyone who has been successful enough to afford that level of living. He’s not out campaigning on a two-thousand dollar an hour tax-payer tab.

The political rhetoric thus far has been rather boring, but about to heat up with attacks and counter-attacks. After Obama informed the Russian leader Medvedev, things would be different after he was re-elected, Romney made an excellent speech yesterday, charging Obama playing a hide and seek game. Suggesting he’s hiding and we the people must seek.

Which supports my contention about Obama going back to the ‘08 campaign, when he hid from the American people what he meant when he said he was going to transform America.

In his disguised rhetoric of hide and seek, it’s overdue for the American people to yell a loud Boo and replace him. Plus the people should be seeking. The Truth, that is, about all that’s going on behind closed doors, politically. And a good start would be the public, tax supported school system dismantled and replaced, and could start on a local level, inasmuch as local school boards oversee the operation of indoctrination.

Years back a great news journalist in Washington, Jack Anderson, said, “I don’t cover the news, I uncover it.” A far cry from today’s news journalists, who fail to ask the President to explain the statements he makes. A quote from Jack Anderson: “Indeed, the U.N. is the main Soviet espionage center in this Country.”


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