As I look back on my life, I feel so blessed having grown up in the Great Depression years. A time when one enjoyed much more Freedom than we have today. I was blessed to have a father who always helped me with school assignments and a mother with so much innate wisdom, and in my eyes as a child could do anything. She worked in the home and on the farm. Every year canned 800 cans of food to go through the winter. Made most of my clothes growing up. Knew how to cure meat in the smoke-house. Had quilting parties in the winter. A great cook and full of wise sayings, frequently quite witty. Knew so much about natural healing, I rarely saw a doctor growing up, and lead a healthy happy life for the most part the first 17 years of my life.

I think it was the ingenuity of her creativity, she sometimes made some of our furniture, I was privy to grow up with, which ultimately led me to a place, I knew how to create jobs for myself.

Over the years I’ve taken courses in a variety of things, from art and flower arranging to Philosophy and Economics. I’m a voracious reader and today have around a thousand books. Still learning, however currently, most of it comes from my six year old grandson, Prince William.

I left off in Part One, leaving the country and moving back into Atlanta. I had almost no money and moved in with a friend, an interior designer, and took a small job in an office for three months when I decided to start my own business. Another friend owned a wholesale nursery of tropical plants and annuals. I decided to go into the flower business. I bought a car-load of plants and started selling them. Took me awhile to learn all the names of plants, and my friend taught me. I would just drive around to various places of business in the Atlanta area, walk in carrying a beautiful fern, and people bought like hotcakes. I soon developed a route of regular customers, and they would refer me to others.

It wasn’t long before some of the businesses asked me to decorate their offices with plants. I just naturally have a sense of design, which stemmed from my mother, studying art, and help from my interior design friend.

From the customers I began receiving referrals to decorate hotels, restaurants, homes and offices with plants. One office was a home builder, who hired me to decorate all their model homes with plants, which led to an offer to do their model home theme rooms, working with a decorating business out of Pittsburg. I had “Interior Design” business cards printed, and had so much business, I sometimes had to hire help.

Between going to wholesale houses to buy plants and another to buy accessories like baskets, hangars and etc. plus cleaning up and polishing tropicals, sometimes repotting in decorative containers, I stayed busy, and operated my very successful business for seven years.

In addition, in the evenings I would do silk flower arrangements and sold a lot of those along with live plants. I had studed flower arranging in the Orient where it’s an art form, and enjoyed the creativity of flower arranging.

After seven years, I wanted to do something else. I was interested in natural healing, because I grew up with it, and observed the things my mother could do, relating to treatment of any kind of sickness. In the Orient I had studied some of their methods like acupuncture.

I had met a man from Canada who was a Reflexologist some years before. An elderly man who frequently stayed with me on his visits to Atlanta and began teaching me reflexology. Later on I heard about this family of chiropractors in North Georgia, who also did reflexology and started going to them regularly. When I was working lifting heavy tropical plants it would pull my neck and spine out, and they could correct that.

After a couple of years going to them, on one visit one of the doctors said to me, if I would come to North Georgia and study under them they would teach me how to do reflexology. I asked him, “Why me?” and he said what ever that unknown quality of being a channel for natural healing is, I had it. That’s when I gave up my interior design business, put my furniture in storage and left to study under these reflexologists. They were great teachers and it all seemed so natural to me.

Sometimes on weekends I would return to Atlanta, stay with my daughter and began practising reflexology on family and friends. When I completed my studies there, I returned to the Atlanta area, leased a house and began reflexologist treatments on friends and family. Didn’t charge at first, but eventually began charging, as the number who called and repeated treatments increased.

But it was still not enough business to make a living. At that time I lived near a farmers market, where I bought vegetables regularly and got to know the owner. One day he asked me if I would be interested in a flower shop in one corner of his market. I jumped at the chance and furnished it with live plants and silk arrangements, plus a few decorative items. It was not necessary that I be there because sales went through the clerks at the cash register and all I had to do is keep the area assigned to me stocked.

Now I had two small business ventures going, a flower shop and doing some part time reflexology. When I took on a job as a counselor, I will describe in part three.



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