I now have 700-plus articles circling the globe 24-7 going to 80-plus countries. I write about a variety of subjects. I am free to write about any subject I choose. No one stands over me suggesting the things I should write about, and no one censors me. Specifically defined or implied in most all my writings is the “Philosophy of Freedom.” But what is Freedom?

I take the position that the main thing wrong with all that’s taking place in this country, stems from a lack of understanding of the meaning of Freedom. And this absence of understanding has resulted in the degree of bondage which the 300 million-plus citizens in this country experience in life today.

In my long and varied life, I have been privileged to have many discussions with a lot of different people about the subject of freedom. I have discovered that so many define freedom in a variety of ways.

Some think of Freedom as doing what one wants to do, when and how one decides to do anything. Never has the understanding of Freedom been more important than it is today, in this 2012 election year, here in the United States. Some maintain it cannot be defined. There are those who maintain that personal Freedom is dependent upon strict imposed laws by a centralized political government.

Some maintain that Freedom is just an intellectual concept, and of no practical value in a real world. Another pervasive notion, and the most conspicuous, egregious area of thinking, is the one where many view voting as the essence of Freedom. And it’s in this connection, the majority think that walking into a voting booth and pulling a lever to place others in control of their lives and the lives of their neighbors, is the height of exercising Freedom. Never has the subject of Freedom been more important than today!!

Education and understanding of any subject, begins with questions, just as with understanding Freedom. So the question is what is Freedom? How do you define it? Is your definition based upon a reasonable examination of the question? Or is it based upon prejudices acquired by listening to what others say and do?

It’s a fact that the meaning and understanding of Freedom is not taught in today’s public schoolrooms. Not only that, the parents of today’s schoolchildren were not taught the meaning of Freedom in school. Going back several generations, it has not been taught in schools. Therefore upon graduation after 12 years of schooling, where does one go to learn about Freedom? Is it taught in classrooms of higher education? Can the student discover its meaning and importance in the colleges they attend? Not that I’m aware of. So where does one go to learn the meaning of Freedom? There are very few places one can go to discover the meaning of freedom, and be educated in the philosophy of freedom.

Back in the sixties, when I returned to the States after four years in a foreign country, I was so fired up to learn more about the meaning of Freedom, I began searching for teachers to teach me. I discovered Rampart College, in Colorado Springs, had opened its doors in 1957, and was a school that taught the Philosophy of Freedom. But it is no longer in existence.

Then there was the Harry Hoiles chain of Freedom newspapers that featured many writers who understood freedom. In my search for teachers, I discovered that Dr. George Boardman, living in a ghost town in Chloride, Arizona, had developed a course in philosophic research which taught about Freedom, and I would visit him, and walk the desert with him, while he taught me.

Today, aside from Freedom Mountain Academy, I know of no other school that teaches one about Freedom. However there are plenty of books and material on the subject available to anyone who has the desire to learn its true meaning.

Freedom is not free. Is it subject to definition? Definitely. However, in the absence of definition and without an intellectual definition, one can experience Freedom.

For me personally, I accept Freedom defined as self-control and self-responsibility. Which covers a multitude of areas of understanding. Specifically, a basic understanding of the very nature of man, the nature of political governments in general and our political government. The nature of the Marketplace, Ownership, private, joint and collective. A basic understanding of economics and the role of money. In the understanding of political government, it is very enlightening to understand the use of force, defense, retaliation and protection, and the differences in these subjects.

To truly understand Freedom it is imperative to understand that which constitutes Ownership of property. To know what a “Right” is. To understand boundaries – yours and others’.

An extremely important area is comprehension of Principles and value judgments and the difference in those two areas. Principles being those undeviating, immutable laws of the Universe which never change, and one’s value judgments, which are constantly changing, by the very nature of our being as homosapiens.

Also it is important to discover one’s proper Lane in life. What is your lane and where is it? Are you in your proper lane at this particular juncture in your life.

All these various areas of understanding relative to one’s freedom are available to everyone who desires to know the meaning of human liberty. We are born to be free, but not born with an understanding of Freedom – it is learned. Despite the fact we innately know so much, I believe an understanding of the true meaning of Freedom must be taught.

The degree of that which you are taught and understand about Freedom, affects every facet of one’s life and decision-making. Freedom and ownership of property is a total concept. The degree others exercise over areas of control of your life is the precise degree of bondage one lives with.

In this connection, there is a moral imperative to discover that which constitutes Freedom, in order to be responsible and in control of your life. The Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness [property] we were born with, carries with it a responsibility to sustain and maintain, and is non-transferrable, if we desire Freedom.

And never has the question of Freedom been more important than it is today, as a result of all the forces working in opposition that we face today. Taking a few moments to stop and read the Declaration of Independence, the most important document ever devised by human beings, can be very motivating, for renewed interest in the subject of Freedom.



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One Response to WHAT IS FREEDOM? (Issue 706)

  1. John Trainor says:

    My father, deceased, read George Boardman’s column religiously in the Orange County Register all the time I was growing up and beyond. He LOVED George Boardman’s articles and had them laying around the house, stuffed in his chest of drawers, etc. My father bequeathed to his children a keen interest in the Constitution and freedom, and all six of us fight for it to this day. Most of us love Ron Paul. My sister Linnette and her daughters campaigned for him, and have met him. Thank you for your blog. You must be one of the last free thinkers!