Haven’t written much about the 2012 elections and candidates since the South Carolina election where Newt Gingrich won.

Not much has changed. Daily reports of candidates in a yo-yo situation, relative to the Republicans still struggling to pick a winner for their party. Even though all seem to be lagging behind Mitt Romney the seduction of politics is a powerful force, and those seeking the power of the office, hang in and hang on.

It was my prediction early on in previous articles, Romney would be the Republican candidate for the up-coming 2012 Presidential election and Obama would win. That observation is based upon the fact that the left wing liberal pundits, Democrats and news from the Obama campaign, appear to favor Romney, to run against President Obama in the general election. Because Romney will be the easiest to defeat.

The biggest punch the Republicans have to defeat Obama, is the opposition to Obama-care. Inasmuch as Romney is the person who implemented the Socialized medicine when he was Governor of Massachusetts, and Obama-care was patterned after that, he will have an ineffective stinger against Obama in the general election.Therefore, the Democrats want Romney as the Republican candidate. And the Liberals dominate the news media.

Realizing that, I listen less and less to Fox news and the so-called Conservatives, and listen more to MSNBC, and the liberal news because they are the insiders of the current administration, and in bed with them, and have more scoop on what’s taking place, than their adversaries.

Newt Gingrich seems to have lost his stinger, and Rick Santorum appears to hang on with just enough steam to help the Democrats. His relentless pounding of Romney is in essence doing the work for the Democrats, and they vote for him when they have the chance, to keep him in the running, to do their battle work, to clear the way for Obama to be the shoo-in.

Next week the Supreme Court takes up the case of Obama-care. If they declare it unconstitutional, that’s going to diminish the ammunition of the Republicans, which is their main plank to defeat Obama.

There are plenty of other acts President Obama has initiated to take this country down the road of Socialism, which have erroded personal Freedom and Private Property Rights of the American people, but socialized medicine is the centerpiece of his administration, and the one tool in the ammunition tool-box of the Republicans, to hammer away in their campaign speeches.

Politics is a con-game, I.e., keep your eye on one ball, while they juggle others in the air. In this connection, current news and attention is on voting. Wrangling over voter id, for eligibility to vote. Last evening I listened to the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbot, on the Huckabee show, who stated he had 50 voter fraud cases in Texas.

The reality is Democracy is mob-rule and voting is disguised coercion. Coupled with all the voter fraud, how can anyone view the system of selecting a president as being a moral method of the election process?

Let’s face it, this great Nation is in great peril, already far down the road of Socialism. And this up-coming election is an important one. I personally do not believe we can vote ourselves out of the conditions we have voted ourselves into.

It’s my personal opinion that not much is going to change in this country unless the tax-supported socialist school-system is dismantled and completely changed. The current system does not educate but indoctrinates into the tenets of Socialism. Not only that, they are killing fields of torment by bullying by so many. Hardly a week goes by without news of some child being abused or tormented in the current system. And it has been going on a very long time. I fought the abuse in the school system back in the sixties, and ultimately removed my children and home-schooled when it was unheard of back then.

I faced arrest when I removed my children, for defiance of the compulsory school laws. I realized back then, there’s nothing anyone can do to change the system, because it’s the system itself that’s rotten socialism. I stood my ground, and once I removed my children, never returned them, back in thesixties.

Continuance of sending your children to the socialized public schools, will only result in more of the same. Stepping in a secret voting booth and pulling the lever is not going to change anything insofar as the direction of this country. Therefore you might be asking yourself this – If sending my child off to tax-supported school, means he’s not being educated, and doing “my duty” of voting, is not going to change the direction of life in this once great nation, what can I do?

Dr. Phil says you can’t change anything you don’t acknowledge. The good news is there’s plenty one as an individual can do, but must start by being informed as to the reality of what’s happening in this country. I suggest a good place to start is to read the Declaration of Independence, and the Ten Commandments, those great moral guides this nation was founded upon. “Thou shalt not steal” means it is wrong for a political system to force the Property, (money) from one person to pay for the schooling of a child they don’t even know.

Those inalienable Rights of freedom and Private Property ownership were given to us by our Creator, not a political government, and are spelled out in the documents of our founding fathers, who fought and died for the Principles upon which this Nation was founded. And we have squandered it. Having squandered our Freedom and private property Rights, none of us are entitled to sit back and do nothing about it. We are not entitled to that luxury of doing nothing to re-gain that which we have lost, of our own volition, by allowing those who lust for power to take over and control with doles.

Edmund Burke said: “People never give up their liberties, but under some delusion.”



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