There are times in our lives when it feels good to stop and think about our core belief system. To examine the consistency of the many things we believe in, and recognize areas of contradiction relative to ideas we believe in. Separating consistency and contradictions, with honesty about ourselves, has a cleansing effect, and a beneficial inventory, anyone can take anytime they choose. Does not require permission from anyone else.

With a little practice, separating inconsistences from contradictions, can become almost automatic after a period of time. Filtering these two areas, is a great tool to use when making decisions about anything, even small decisions.

For example, with me personally, a core part of my sincere belief system is this, whatever it is we sincerely require, will be presented to us. Not necessarily that which we desire, but that which we require.

A couple of years ago I signed on to Facebook, which can be an interesting experience of contact with persons we would otherwise have no contact with. On the other hand, sometimes on the horizon lists of FB friends, appears someone we knew from the past, someone we have heard about or read about and yet never met. When that happens it beams up unexpected pleasures about past experiences, and memories.

So it was with me when Nathaniel Branden signed on as a FB friend. I have never met him, but read all his books, several years ago. Mostly relating to the psychology of Self-Esteem. I think it was in the seventies when I read his books. Lo these many years later, this morning I checked his FB page and read this profound quote by him: “Evil when left unchallenged gains momentum.” How apropo to think about in today’s climate of political aggression, and the conditions in this country, which are so far astray from the principles of the founding fathers, documented as our inalienable Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

My story goes further back than the seventies, to 1957, when I read “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand while living in Tokyo. To connect the dots, Nathaniel Branden was the number one student of the philosophy of Ayn Rand. And reading Atlas Shrugged had such a profound effect, it changed my life.

I have described in detail in other articles posted on the internet, the troubles, trials and tribulations I experienced in the fifties relative to my American government and Japanese authorities. I was so stunned to discover, that I as an American citizen, and a military dependent, married to an Air Force pilot, was sent by the government to a foreign country, where we had fought and won a war, and informed I was under the jurisdiction of this foreign government. I set out to learn why. In the throes of my confusion about my government, out of the blue, the book Atlas Shrugged was presented by a friend which laid the foundation for my understanding of Individualism versus all political governments.

A profound out-picturing of the notion, “when the student is ready the teacher appears,” and a glaring example, supporting my belief system, whatever it is we require in life is presented to us. There I was in the midst of a battle in a foreign country, and a book that had just come off the presses in the United States was brought to me, in this foreign country, with answers I so direly needed at that particular time.

The friend who had presented the book to me had been transferred to Okinawa, and as I read it, made many calls to her in Okinawa, to discuss the content of what I was learning from the book. Another manifestation of my core belief and that is, thoughts are things and thoughts have wings, unhampered by time, space and distance.

I never met Ayn Rand nor Nathaniel Branden, but have read just about everything they wrote in the following years. Here I Am today in the second decade of the twenty-first century, living in a small town in North Georgia, and can click on to my computer and the Facebook page, and read the updated material of words of wisdom, by Nathaniel Branden. I feel like I have come full circle and the experience is all so deja vu.

Who among us can doubt the audacity of veracity, Truth and wisdom, transcends time and space and can reach us, wherever we are, when we are ready to receive it. Taking place, simply by a desire to have that which one requires.

Another thing I read this morning by Nathaniel Branden, stated: “Feel deeply and think Clearly.” I could paraphrase by suggesting, think clearly to begin feeling deeply.

An underlying theme of most of my blog articles is the Philosophy of Freedom. Defining Freedom as self-control and self-responsibility. And at this particular time in the history of this Nation, Freedom and private property ownership are under attack. The very foundation of the Principles this Nation was founded upon, is being under-mined, by those who lust for power over others.

The question is, why is it we the people accept this paradigm of a different system of Socialism, over personal Freedom Right to life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness? Obviously it’s because the majority have lost the desire to do what is necessary to act according to that which Freedom requires. Which is simply self-responsibility and self-control. Failure to do that is resulting in bondage.

Our life and Liberty came from our Creator, and thousands before us fought and died to establish a country where individuals could enjoy the God-given Right to Freedom. Why have we squandered that which we inherited on a silver platter? By whom, where and when, did the majority of Americans assume this notion they had the luxury of doing nothing to maintain and sustain Freedom?

We are living in this great information age, where everything we desire and require is available to us. Why have we settled for bondage to pass on to the next generation? We are not entitled to do that, but here we are, every twenty-four hours, voluntarily forking over Freedom, bit by bit, flailing around with attention on voting, which is diguised coercion.

Every individual must stop and think and face the fact you’re on your own. No one but you can fix your problems, and one begins by understanding and seeking the information required to live Free. It’s all available, in books, in the news, and via the internet. All one has to do is reach out and embrace with a desire to have all you require. Settling for bondage is not civilized.

Your ammunition is awareness, and being informed. In the book, “The Law” by Fredrich Bastiat, he states: “Reject all systems and try Liberty – Liberty, which is an act of faith in God and his work.”




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  1. Thanks for finally talking about >THE FREEDOM OF INDIVIDUALISM – PLUS ATLAS SHRUGGED & NATHANIEL BRANDEN (Issue 703) <Loved it!

  2. Ivo says:

    Awesome post Lyman coming at a great time!I just got my copy of Rich and Happy in the mail today Thanks Tim! But I’d also oedrred it online, so I’ve been through the exercise. My # 1 value is freedom as well freedom to not have to do the things I don’t want to do (and can pay for someone else to do). The freedom that comes with F*** you money when it comes to work. The freedom to occasionally not work for money at all but do some of the things I love to do pro bono. And the freedom from worry that comes with security and knowing everything will be ok and I can buy my way out of trouble if need be.Knowing that I also really valued achievement but to a lesser degree made me content in realizing that I was no longer willing to give up freedom in the pursuit of achievement as I have been in the past (while secretly resenting it). Hence, I just came back from a month long, unplugged, no work, no blog vacation. And on that trip, I discovered the value of clarity and how important it is to unplug and listen to yourself once in awhile.