Many psychiatrists and psychologists agree, we as a people have a need for recognition that supercedes the need for food, clothing and shelter. And in this connection act in unusual ways seeking recognition, even destructive behavior, to be noticed and recognized.

Nothing wrong with desiring recognition, so long as it’s obtained without harm to others. But there’s a wrong way and an acceptable methodology of acquiring it. Today we live in a society where so many are crying out to be heard and noticed, it’s like an epidemic. And there’s a cause for this clamoring to be recognized. For me it appears so pervasive in politicians and children. Both going to unheard of lengths to be noticed and recognized.

With regards to children, the majority in this country attend public schools, which are socialistic by the nature of tax-supported schools, and they are taught to be just one of the bunch, and not allowed to express individuality, but trained to a part of the crowd.

Most have parents who work, bundle them up to catch a bus before daylight, spend all day in a dull classroom, and return home to parents tired from working outside the home all day, and not motivated to do much aside from feeding, watching TV, and playing with one kind or another electronic device. There was a time when they were referred to as latch-key kids. Family life has been so dismantled, parents and children alike suffer for lack of attention. Without receiving recognition at home nor in the classroom, they soon turn to behavioral traits which are undesirable, to satisfy their need for recognition. Such as drugs, sex, stealing or whatever. The daily news is filled with acts of mis-behavior, where everyone is clamoring for attention.

I have raised and helped raise a number of children over a period of many years. And children demand attention, and they are going to obtain it one way or another. Amazing to observe children in the grocery store, throwing tantrums from one aisle to another for attention. And watching parents trying to pander and placate, while the child is running the show for attention. Does not matter to the child whether or not it’s negative attention, they are going to have it anyway they can obtain it.

In my opinion, children and politicians have one major trait in common, they know how to manipulate, for attention and recognition. Both refuse to recognize boundaries, and disregard consequences, in most instances. With a sense of entitlement to take whatever they want.

I was prompted to write this article after keeping a five year old adopted child for a period of time today. I have a playroom set up for children, furnished with toy stove, toy refrigerator, a small table, lots of toys, dolls, toy cars, stacks of children’s books and all kinds of things for children to play with when they visit. I spent yesterday cleaning the room and re-arranging everything, in an organized manner and the room is decorated with items geared for children. I told the five year old, she could play with anything but must put things back where they belong before leaving. While I was working at my computer, she proceeded to pull everything out of place, pull the head off of a doll, and in short order wrecked the room. When the parent came to pick her up, I informed her she had to straighten out the mess she had made, when she snuggled up to the parent and refused to obey me. I informed her she could not come back and play in the play room.

That’s when she immediately switched gears and began manipulating by telling me she wanted to show me what she had learned in ballet and began twirling and prancing around with ballet steps. Masterfully diverting attention away from any notion of cleaning up the mess she had made, and so very cleverly acting to divert my attention away from doing what I told her to do, and demanding attention be placed upon what she wanted to do, for me to emote over her ballet moves. I simply told her I was not impressed with her performance, and wanted the room straightened out. Told her she could not come back and play in the play room, and with that she left and went to the car and the parent did nothing to hold her accountable. No consequences for her bad behavior. This child is unusually smart for a five year old and a very beautiful child who knows how to manipulate to have her way with no accountability for misbehavior.

In a few days she will want to come back and the parent will call asking if I will keep her while she goes shopping. And I’m prepared to deal with her. I will sit her in a chair with a book and not allow her to play with anything. She’s apt to throw a tantrum, and I will put her in a corner. I’m in charge and not the child and I will teach her a lesson to respect property and boundaries, and there are consequences for bad behavior. Admittedly she ran herd over me today, but not again. This child runs the show with the parent, but I will teach her she’s not in charge here.

In my opinion, it’s tantamount to child abuse to allow a child to run haywire, with no controls, no boundaries and no consequences.

I keep grandchildren frequently and they are a joy for me, and very well behaved and they love coming here. I respect them and they respect me. But this five year old I kept today is more the norm for most children now-days, very undisciplined and demanding attention.

A few weeks ago a friend visited with a 4 year old boy and he was like a one-man wrecking crew in very short order. She took him to the bathroom and spanked him and he left screaming. I never spank children, in my opinion the wrong approach to teach a child. The 4 year old was her abused nephew from a drug addicted father.

The five year old today was adopted from a drug addicted mother, and very mistreated when a baby. It’s all a very sad commentary, relative to the up-bringing of children, crying out for attention, with destructive behavior. Out pictured in adult children, as shown in all the occupy behavior last summer.

It’s my sincere belief, the tax supported socialistic system is immoral, based upon a system of thievery costing tax-payers over 100 billion annually for the fifty states and the conditions in this country will not improve unless that system is dismantled and replaced with a moral system of education. And in my opinion the easiest place to effect a change in this nation. Despite the fact the rules and regulation come from the federal top down, managed by the powerful NEA, local school boards run the show. That could all be changed on local levels if parents rebelled against the killing fields of the tax-supported school system. Which in essence do not teach but indoctrinate into the values of Socialism.

The fast track down the road of Socialism this Nation is on, will not be changed by Washington, nor any newly elected politicians. Any change to return this nation back to the Principles it was founded upon can only come from the people, not politicians in Washington. Anyone with one eye and half sense, should know this just by listening to them and all the jackhammer rhetoric. The lust for power comimg from the candidates for the next election, is in reality no longer disguised. They tell us what their plans are. We’re not paying attention, and hearing what they tell us, we’re deluding ourselves.

This battle of ideas this nation has been involved in for the past several generations, is on-going and the direction is unchanged. Those out to destroy the Principles upon which this nation was founded and replace with a socialistic system of Fascism or Communism, have the tenacity of a pit bull and as unrelenting. It’s an on-going process while you sleep.


Just me, AC


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