Last night was a very wild weather system of tornadoes sweeping across America, including my home State of Georgia. Decided to write about it after six weeks of not writing, recuperating from a very painful slipped disc.

Lying on the couch most of the day listening to the latest news relative to politicians stomping across the State, vying for the fifty Georgia delegates in the upcoming Tuesday’s Super Tuesday election, suddenly late in the day, all news was interrupted over the severe weather system sweeping the country, and headed for Georgia.
What a great time in history to be living in this great and beautiful Country, to be able to watch from our living rooms, all that is happening on so many fronts. How blessed we are to be able to hear and see minute by minute updates of an approaching storm. Totally helpless to do anything about it, but with knowledge of its approach, we can prepare for it. So I placed a chair, pillow and blanket in the bathroom and watched the televised tracking on TV.

I live in this beautiful small North Georgia town, about fifty miles North of Atlanta, in the historic district, with many restored Southern ante-bellum homes lining main Street. I thought about the tornado of 1936, that hit this town and leveled so many buildings. At that time, I was living on a farm about fifty miles southeast of here, and on my way walking the half mile to catch the school bus about 8.30 in the morning. I vividly recall the dark clouds and the eerie feeling of the approaching tornado, and ran to my grandparents’ house, where I caught the school bus. Without a portable radio, TV or I-phone to inform me of what was happening, I could only feel the impending disaster and ran as fast as I could for cover.

Last night was quite different in many respects, lying on the couch, as the weatherman described minute by minute tracking of the storm, headed towards my area. However so déjà vu in many respects, as I experienced some of those same feelings I recalled from 1936.

Last night around 8.30, the weatherman showed pictures and described the tornado bypassing Atlanta and traveling about fifty miles an hour up through North Fulton County, along 141, near I-85, headed towards Gainesville. Passing through Ocee, where I once lived for 8 years, on to the Johns Creek area, thickly populated with residents.

Johns Creek is a community which sprung up on a three thousand acre farm, once known as the Findley Farm. It was in the late sixties when I lived in the large farm house on the Findley farm, which was originally a dairy farm. The main house was surrounded by a number of very large barns and farm buildings. The largest was three stories tall with an open center, and my husband installed a swing from the top floor for my young son to swing on. The rope was attached to a rubber tire my son sat in to swing back and forth.

Those buildings no longer exist and were replaced by beautiful homes, golf course, office buildings, and a thriving community of many residents. I loved living on that farm,and recalled the pleasant memories of living there, as I listened to reports of a tornado passing through.

The storm tracker described the tornado passing near Flowery Branch where my parents once lived, veering Southeast between 285 and I-85, and completely missing the town of Gainesville. There were two major storms crisscrossing North Georgia, and when the sun came up this morning, televised reports of major damage to some areas.

Awakening to a calm 50 degree weather and a slow drizzly rain. I am grateful the storm steered away in another direction. And I along with my family protected from any harm.

But there’s something about being in the path of an approaching storm that causes one to stop, think and reflect upon past experiences. Personally, I have lived through many adverse weather conditions. Five years in Florida, through many hurricanes. Four years in Japan, through earthquakes, floods and storms. Divinely protected from any major harm. Protection always works. At the point it doesn’t it’s no longer protection.

Seeing the televised news of all the devastation caused by the violent tornadic weather to so many across this country is heartrending, indeed. On the other hand, encouraging to see how so many pitch in and assist those so adversely affected. A reminder of the greatness of America, and a caring people. A testament to the innate decency and goodness of the majority in this great Nation.

In this important election year of 2012, where candidates crisscross this country, speaking so much derogatory language about each other, reveals the depths those seeking power will sink to for acquisition of power over others. When they could be using their pulpit to tout and support all the greatness of this Nation and the Principles of individual Freedom it was founded upon.

Words are power, and candidates could use their time and energy in support of all the great things about this nation and its people. Instead of dismantling and tearing down, candidates miss the opportunity to be uplifting to the morale of a country angered and in pain, because of what politicians have done to this country and its people. In dire need of some uplifting rhetoric, because in essence most of us seek the same things, Freedom, joy and happiness, living under conditions we can work, create, and retain property Rights, to have and keep those things that rightly belong to us, Rights given to us by our creator and not political government.

Conversely, we have gone so far astray from a laissez fair mentality of living and let live, and politicians have so meddled with personal Freedom property Rights, we are now living under conditions portraying little resemblance to the original intent of the founding fathers. The question is, how do we find our way back to a way of life that was the envy of the world, and a way of life that provided the most good for the most people, in a country filled with everything we need for our happiness and well being. And we have squandered so much.

It’s not rocket science. The way back can be observed and out-pictured in the hearts and minds of the American people, acting out of common decency, to help each other in the face of natural disasters none of us have any control over. The opportunity to give to others voluntarily of one’s time and energy to help those in need, is a trait of the majority of Americans. So much of the disenchantment, anger and frustrations stem from the fact, political government takes and takes so much, there’s little left over to voluntarily share and give, depriving the citizenry of this human nature trait most have. Therefore so many jump at the chance to express this very human trait, in times of disaster. It seems to me there’s something innately in our human nature to desire to give and share. It’s in our DNA.

So here we are entering the second decade of the twenty-first century, in the midst of spending our time listening to the same old rhetoric of politicians, hawking their misplaced values, to entice others to sanction power over their lives. And I’m as guilty as the next, spending time listening to all of it. However if I can claim any difference, it’s the fact, I don’t accept the labels so many enjoy placing on themselves. I’m an independent thinker, with a very clear understanding of the meaning of freedom and private property rights. And nothing I hear coming from politicians supports the notion of personal freedom and property rights; only a desire to control those inalienable Rights, spouting forth ways and means to take from owners and producers.

As I see it, we are in the midst of a great opportunity, to look beyond all the abysmal mediocrity of political rhetoric, and recognize truth.The bottom line truth of what we the people have done, as a result of turning over our power to greedy politicians. They will not be voluntarily giving it back. It is not in the nature of this seduction of power to let go of it voluntarily.

Therefore it is the responsibility of every individual in this nation of 300 million-plus, to think and act in their best interests of re-claiming personal Freedom and private property Rights. The responsibility for that is non-transferrable. We cannot vote ourselves out of that which we voted ourselves into.

In a 1865 speech, Abraham Lincoln said: “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”




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  1. I’m glad the storms missed you, and hope your back recovers soon. I am also recovering from a health scare and was too self-involved to notice your lack of writing. For that I apologize.

  2. Freedom Lady says:

    Hi Kent, Hope youre feeling better. Always good tohear from you. I!m back in the swing ofthings writing again. Probably have days of stop and go. My high hopes of reaching others to stop and think about whats happening, when I began the blog, have been dashed considerably, as this country stays on course of socialism, with no sagnificant change.

    However despite what others think and do , I live my life, enjoying a large degree of Freedom.And doing as I choose for the most part. Stay Well Anne Cleveland

  3. Lucas says:

    We had the sirens going off at our house on Saturday night, since there was one on the gronud about 15 or 20 miles to our south and west (putting us in its direct path), but received only moderate rain from the whole event.They are damned weird storms, though. They pop up out of nowhere sometimes, confirmed by some of the radar pics from the events.Always have to be careful this time of year with the weather.