Spent an interesting evening last night having dinner at the home of Anna from San Salvador, on beautiful Lake Lanier.

I had met her husband a few years ago, who periodically helps me out with jobs around my home. I mentioned I needed a part-time housekeeper. He informed me his wife Anna worked as a housekeeper from time to time. I met her and was impressed by her skills at organizing and ability doing ordinary housework, plus her extremely pleasant attitude. She seemed to enjoy her work, and seemed to light up the place when she walked in the door.
While working, she began telling me the story of her life and how she arrived here in the States. She told her story about the troubles, trials and tribulations she endured growing up in Central America, explaining her family were native San Salvadorian Indians. At age 18 she left home and joined a circus, with an abusive male companion, eventually crossing three borders to arrive in this country.

With the language barrier and no particular skills, she worked at odd jobs, taking care of two small children, and living in an abusive relationship. Eventually she left her male companion, and worked mostly doing domestic housework. As a result of her determination and work ethic, she managed to raise her two children, and purchase her own home in this country.

Last evening I met her lovely daughter, married with a very smart 3 year old son. She is gainfully employed, now living in the home her mother purchased. Anna is living with her current husband, in a lovely estate on Lake Lanier, a home her husband grew up in, beautifully furnished, a yard full of lovely flowers, with an awesome view overlooking Lake Lanier.

She had prepared a lovely dinner, while her 3 year old grandchild played happily with his toys. Anna showed me photographs of her family in San Salvador, dressed in their native clothes, while relating stories about her life and how she arrived at where she is today, happily married, and living the dream of life in America.

Previously she had related stories about her struggles with immigration authorities, and how they refuse to recognize her marital status. She still works regularly doing housework. Happily married, with two children gainfully employed, living the American dream and making their contributions to those values this great country was founded upon.

I can’t help but reflect upon all the ambiguities we hear about regularly, relating to the screwed-up immigration laws, and how they impact upon those with hopes and dreams of living here to fulfill their dreams of the American way. Honorable, Freedom-loving individuals, willing to work and contribute to the American Way established by our founding fathers, who fought and died for the way of life most people around the world desire and which is spelled out in the Declaration of Independence.

Listening to the campaign speeches of the candidates for the up-coming election, it’s mostly old worn-out rhetoric of empty promises, with little attention to solutions to the problems as we march further down the road of socialism, whether fascist or communist brand of political government doles and controls.

The role of political government is to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. Failure to fulfill that role our borders are left unprotected from foreign invading drug dealers and terrorists, while so many decent, moral, hardworking immigrants face great difficulty from political pressures coming from immigration authorities, as they try to live their lives in this country, producing.

It’s in this connection I view those like Anna from San Salvador, with great admiration, who have paid their dues through troubles, trials and tribulations, to sustain themselves and retain their desire to live here, raise a family and lead a law-abiding productive life, with kindness and generosity towards others, plus respect for the Rights of others. She is probably symbolic of many others we are unaware of.

I personally spent a greater part of my life supporting a military officer who fought in three wars for the Freedom of this nation. Not only for the natural-born citizens of this nation, but for others who desire to live here, leading peaceful productive lives. All of us in our ancestry came from other countries originally, prior to our being blessed to be born here, in this great country, which has provided the greatest good for the greatest number of mankind, known to civilization.

Having been so blessed, none of us are entitled to do nothing to regain and sustain a way of life, with all our Rights given to us by our creator, and fought for by those who lived before us. It is the self-responsibility of Freedom, to pass on to the next generation, the blessings of personal freedom and private property Rights, we inherited. Unfortunately, so much has been squandered, resulting in the current situation we face in this country, on the verge of collapse.

As I write this article, I’m reminded of a letter found on the dead body of an American soldier during the Korean war, which read, “To God, why did I have to reach this hellish state before I ever saw your shining face?” To that I paraphrase by saying, why did we have to face this verge of collapse relative to Personal Freedom, facing the bondage of socialism, before we recognized we have squandered it?


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