Truth is that which is – the absence of a lie. That which was Right, Correct and Moral in 1850 when Frederic Bastiat wrote “The Law” is true today. There is so much common sense to his writings, so revelant to everyone in today’s political climate, I strongly urge anyone who has not read “The Law” to obtain a copy, and read the wisdom in his writings. He believed in “natural Law,” and God-given Natural Rights, and expresses that so eloquently in his writings. His writings are copyrighted by Ludwig Von Mises Institute.

Writing about “Individuality, Liberty, and Property,” he states, “These three gifts from God precede all human Legislation.” So important to think about in today’s political climate, when the fact of the matter is, all that the political candidates talk about is Liberty, property, and individuality, but disguised in so much political double talk, it’s not recognizable to the average person.

Not to imply that individuality, Liberty and Property are what they seek for the American people. But it’s that which they seek control over, in their lust for power and on their tiger trek criss-crossing this country to be elected to the highest office in this country.

Speaking of legislators, Bastiat says, “Do not the legislators and their agents form a part of the human race? Do they consider that they are composed of different materials from the rest of mankind? They say when society is left to itself, rushes to inevitable destruction, because its instincts are perverse.” And goes on to explain, he disputes their Right to impose their social combinations, “by the medium of law, that is, force and public taxes.”

Further pointing out the intrusions of politicians upon individuality, Liberty and property, saying “Once the legislator is duly elected, then indeed the style of his speech alters. The Nation is sent back into passiveness. Inertness, nothingness and the legislator takes possession of omnipotence. It is for him to invent, for him to direct, for him to impel, for him to organize. Mankind has nothing to do but submit, the hour of despotism has struck.”

This very true nature of how politicians operate was written in 1850. But it’s not necessary to go back to that era, all we have to do is think back just three years to the last presidential election, and admit to ourselves this is precisely what happened in the last election cycle, as it has happened over and over throughout the history of this nation. And will repeat itself as a result of the election of 2012.

The modus operandi of legislators is progressive and the desire to control over individuality, Liberty and property only increases, it does not diminish. And at this particular time when Political government has such a strangle hold on the majority, they are flocking by the thousands to political rallies in support of their candidate, of their selection, to do precisely as Bastiat describes.

At this particular time in our history, after generations have been indoctrinated in the public school system to accept the tenets of Socialism, and so many are at the trough of doles and controls, standing in line for hand-outs, no one sees the latest batch of contenders as thieves, out to take their individuality, liberty and property as soon as they enter office, because they are non-thinking and do not really want the responsibility of being responsible for themselves. It’s like living in a fool’s paradise.

The very few who do comprehend what is happening, are ruled by the majority, and hopeless, and helpless, to change the direction of this once great nation, founded upon the Principles of individualism, liberty and private property ownership, that provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization.

Lately the condemnation in political rhetoric, double think, double talk has been an outright onslaught on Capitalism, that free-enterprise system that once upon a time made this the greatest nation on earth. And why is that? Precisely as Bastiat describes the nature of politicians he referred to as legislators, and how they lie and hoodwink the majority into believing what they say. It’s all a merry-go-round of denial in the war of ideas, and the people have been so lulled into the same old rhetoric, their memory is so short, they seem to forget what happened in the last election and the one before that.

Order a copy of “The Law” from Amazon, by Frederic Bastiat, and read it. It’s a very small book, filled with such wisdom written over a hundred years ago, one would think it was just written recently.

As we bury the last vestige of individualism, Liberty and property ownership in this coming 2012 election, at least inform yourself about how it happened. That’s the least you can do.

Bastiat ends by saying, “Whatever God does is well done. Do not pretend to know more than He; and as he has given organs to the frail creature, allow those organs to develop themselves, to strengthen themselves by exercise, use, experience and Liberty.”

I suggest this means use your God-given ability to think and act, to regain and sustain your Freedom, if you value it.



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