Here it is January 5th, 2012. I’ve only written one article in almost a month, just busy doing other things and watching the same song, second verse in the political arena. The pattern of politics does not change; it’s just different people in different locations, doing the same thing.

Neither does the meaning of Freedom change. A reminder beginning 2012, that Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control. And non-transferrable. And private ownership of property is a total concept.

And elementary, “dear Watson,” the system of politics is all about actions that reduce and transfer one’s self-responsibility and self-control over to another. It begins via voluntary transfer, and at a certain point , the power of self-responsibility and self-control, is taken. Not given but taken, by a gun or threat of a gun. That is taking of one’s property.

Beginning of this election year, just past the first voting process for the presidential election this year, is a good time to stop, think, and evaluate where you are, by asking yourself, how free are you? And secondly, how much Freedom do you want?

Watching the so-called Iowa “caucus,” a process of voting for a candidate via small groups gathering and writing on a piece of paper their choice, reminded me of the Greek Stoics, called the “Front Porch Philosophers,” who voted by dropping colored beans in a receptacle. White beans meant “for” and black beans meant “against.” Many Stoics had a motto, “Abstain from beans.”

For the past five thousand years, man has placed his faith in some form of political government, with the notion the elected will act in their best interests, only to discover the trusted agency turned like a sidewinder, rendering the voter powerless, and taking over control of one’s life, liberty and property.

When this happens, individuals blame the person or persons they voted into power as being evil and wrong doers, and all they have to do is vote another person, or a different batch of persons into power, who are good, decent and principled persons. But what happens? The new batch abandons their do-goodism, superseded by greed, control and lust for power, with the same results, erosion of personal Freedoms, and loss of private property control.

This is accomplished by compulsory unification. Beginning in kindergarten age via compulsory attendance to a government-controlled socialist school system, extending to other areas of compulsory unification.

All we have to do is check back a few years to the German governing of Hitler, and be reminded that at a certain point in his control, he ordered the people to the polls via a government mandate, then sent trucks with armed guards to round up the populace to take to the polls to vote for him. This is the extent of gangsterism political government will go to, once the game plan of control is not accomplished by voluntarism.

Today, we have much less Freedom than we used to have. We are repeatedly coerced and plundered, curtailed, and regimented. And yet the majority think if they can only vote the right politician into office to be at the helm of controls, everything will get better and improve. But it does not, and is progressively worse with each passing day.
Political government by its very nature must oppose the individual.

In the work of Isabel Peterson, “The God of the Machine,” she describes political government as a tool, and defines as being the operator of a guillotine. In other words, the operator may be the holiest of men, with the highest morals and ethics, but the mechanism he is hired to operate cuts off heads. He may weep, cry and bemoan the fact he is committing a horrible act but he was hired to pull the rope and drop the knife.

So it goes with political government, the elected are hired to take property, i.e., money, and curtail Freedom. Hence, it must oppose individualism.

The formation of the government for this nation was like no other. Beginning with the Declaration of Independence and the formation of a Constitution of laws to govern. Rights of individuals given by God, were spelled out to protect those Rights. But what happened? The lust for control and power by men, have ignored and over-ridden those laws, and today we have becomes so Socialistic, this nation is on the verge of collapse.

After several generations of millions in socialized schooling, and indoctrination into acceptance of Socialism, the majority have fallen line, hook and sinker for the nanny State. And the Principles upon which this nation was founded are no more. The Constitution is ignored, and new laws passed to supersede the intent of protection of individual Rights, to live Free in this country.

Sadly there is no candidate on the horizon campaigning consistently to support a return to those basic tenets of individual Freedom and personal property Rights so many fought and died for in the American Revolution. The paradigm is for more and more political government doles and controls, for a Socialized America and a forerunner for a One World government.

I write about political government to point out the difference in another form of government, and that’s self-government. To make the point, Freedom means self-government, self-responsibility and self-control. And to point out it’s time to stop and think and ask the question, What is Government?

Political government is a tool devised by man, which may begin for protection for man’s God-given Rights to be free; however history has shown it always winds up being the enslaver of men, simply because of greed and irresponsibility and ignoring the fact Freedom requires eternal vigilance.

Whether the method of the Greeks, using beans, or Iowans using little pieces of paper, or entering a voting booth and pulling a lever, we are where we are because we voted ourselves into this boxed canyon of Socialism, which has replaced the principles of the original republic.

And nothing is going to change the current staus quo and direction, unless the American people get off the merry-go-round of denial that brought this country to this hellish state, and make a decision to return to a life of personal Freedom and Private Property Rights.

The situation we are currently in, and the direction this nation has taken, must be changed. We are on the wrong course, and it can only be changed in the hearts and minds of the American people. One at a time. Each person must change their direction, in their beliefs and actions. Others can speed things up or slow things down, but only individuals change their direction.

This year of 2012 is the most important year in the history of this nation. This year, this generation, will determine whether or not future generations will live in Freedom, or in the bondage of Socialism.

William Shakespeare said: “With devotion’s visage and pious action, we do sugar o’er the devil himself.”



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