Here we are just two days away from the much-anticipated South Carolina primary. The candidates have performed 15 televised debates, and the last one on Monday reported by the media as being the best thus far. A lot of hoopla by talk show participants and news reporters, about the performance of candidates. Quite frankly, I saw little difference between the last debate and the other 14 previous. I thought it was a rather lackluster performance, with an absence of charismatic energy.

The news item yesterday showing President Obama writing a birthday card to ninety-year old Betty White, with a cutesy remark about her birth certificate, was a more interesting item than anything the Republican candidates said on Monday night’s debate. And that’s because he still has that indefinable quality of charisma which comes through the airways, even over a birthday greeting.

Ron Paul, the 25-year Texas Congressman is still the same-old same-old as when he ran for president four years ago. I admit there are several ideas he pitches I’m in agreement with. But he has, inso far as I know, never really done anything of any significance, occupying a seat of power for 25 years, while this nation slid into socialism. Some of his avid supporters tout his record of voting No so frequently as being an accomplishment, while others cite his record of opposition to the Feds, as being a hallmark of leadership. But the fact of the matter is, he has done so little his 25 years in Congress, still just talking the talk.

Then there’s Rick Santorum, who has spent most of his working life in involved in the Washington bureaucracy one way or another. Spends a great deal of time discussing abortion issues and marriage, and the latest is his pitch for convicted criminals to be able to vote. After his defeat in the last eletion his financial record reports a contract with Ethics & Policy center, paying him $217,385. to be a “senior fellow.” A month later signing with Fox News for $239.153. Then just two months later signing as a member of United Health Services, for fees exceeding $395,000. And there is more about feathering his nest with all these different organizations. Never registering as a lobbyist, only as a “consultant.” I for one simply do not like him.

Then there’s Rick Perry, current governor of Texas, with ten years of executive experience in his portfolio. A good-looking candidate, with a certain charm, and just a smattering of charisma. I’ve heard him give some very good speeches outside the debates. Unfortunately he has faltered during the debates, getting a bit tongue-tied at times when attempting to explain his positions.

There are politicians who have held elected offices and then there are those who have held executive positions which would be more meaningful, to qualify for the top Executive position in the Nation. Jon Huntsman dropped out of the race this week. Never understood what he was doing in the race.

Then there’s Newt Gingrich, a very smart historian, with a long history as a politician. Interesting and entertaining. An amazing insight into the history of this country, but seems to lack foresight into the maneuverings of other politicians, who catch him off guard, causing an instability in his poll ratings. With his record of accomplishments he presents as Speaker of the house, can’t help but wonder why it’s not reflected in the status quo of this country today.

Then there’s the so-called front runner, Mitt Romney. A man with a lovely family, religious background, experience as a politician, and a capitalist entrepreneur, a very rich one. A handsome, very pleasant man. What is it about him that seems such an enigma, everyone trying to figure out why he’s not all that well liked? I don’t know. He just seems to lack that unknown, indescribable ingredient labeled charisma. There is an aloofness and a sort of stand-offishness about him, that’s difficult to pinpoint.

So there’s what’s left of the Republican hopefuls to choose from. In a couple of days the group will no doubt be reduced as they move on to Florida to continue the vetting process, and decide who it is that will oppose Obama. Moving into the general election is when the fur will begin to fly. And in my opinion Obama will be difficult to defeat.

As things stand today, much talk centers around who’s selectable, whos debatable, and who’s electable? After the South Carolina primary this coming weekend, the field of candidates and the narrative, will most likely change.


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