This third week into year 2012, the Republican candidates are squaring off in South Carolina. Last night I listened to each on the Mike Huckaby Forum. Each candidate appeared and answered pre-printed questions from a live audience. As I view it, they were all veiled questions relating to the bondage we the people have voted ourselves into, lo these past years. Each person asked questions about their particular pet peeve.

All avoided the real issue facing all of us, and that is Freedom Versus Bondage. It is obvious to anyone with one eye and half sense, we are at a juncture in the history of this Nation. We have already lost our way and departed from the Principle upon which this Country was founded and that is Individual Freedom. It is Personal Freedon which took center stage in the beginning after the Revolutionary War to shed the shackles of British rule.

Step by step, bit by bit in just over two-hundred years, this country has dismantled all those basic Principles of Individual Freedom, and replaced by the bondage of a different system, Socialism. Which places a centralized system of political government in charge, and replaces personal Freedom and Private Property ownership, with doles and controls.

It’s too late to spend time fencing with politicians, and nit-picking about every little policy, rule, regulation, edict, and department of political government. It is too big and too entrenched in power for anyone to think voting another power-struck politician in power, to reverse the current state of affairs, i.e., each nail in the coffin of freedom, to be removed one by one. It’s too big and cumbersome, and too entrenched. The only answer is to throw all the political governmental doles and controls out and return to the simplicity of each individual being responsible for governing themselves, as intended in the original documents. Leaving a centralized political government to its original role and that is to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies, to allow the 300 million citizens to be responsible for their lives and property. To pursue their God-Given Right of Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

How long can We the People keep kidding ourselves about the reality of the change over from Personal Freedom, to Political controls affecting every facet of our lives?

We have been reduced to a nation of beggars. Each person having their own axe to grind over some particular facet of government control, under the notion they can change the dynamics of the State of Bondage we now experience, by griping to politicians to change whatever it is they view needs to be changed, seemingly unable to acknowledge it’s the entire system of bondage everyone is under that needs dismantling and return to the basic tenets of Freedom.

There is no way under the sun that voting to elect a single politician to the Presidency of the United States, is going to reverse the current state this nation is in. Only the people individually can change the direction. And how can that be expected so long as the majority of the people flock in throngs, soaking up line, hook and sinker the same old rhetoric of those so seduced by the lust for power, they are telling you who they are and what they expect to do, to continue down this road of Socialism?

You are led to believe you own your home when in fact you do not, you only possess. You are told your children are being educated, when in fact they are not, only indoctrinated into Socialism. You are told over and over in hundreds of ways, the government is going to take care and solve problems from cradle to grave, when in fact they cannot. You have been brainwashed into believing it’s old-fashioned and taboo to even mention the word “Freedom,” much less expect to have it.

The question one must ask themselves is: How did I become so gullible, to believe all the lies the politicians and news media keep telling me?

When John F. Kennedy was president and gathered the brightest minds for dinner at the White House, he made this statement: “This is perhaps the assembly of the most important minds ever to gather at one time in the White House, with exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”

You, America, stand alone individually, to decide if Freedom, Truth and that which is Right, is of greater importance than following the crowd down this destructive road of Socialist Bondage. And realize there no way under the sun we cannot vote ourselves out of the bondage we’ve voted ourselves into. But only by assuming the self-responsibility Freedom requires and exercising self-control.

In the forum last evening, one candidate, Newt Gingrich, posed the question: “What Republicans have to ask is who is most likely to survive against the $1 billion dollar campaign the Obama team is gonna run?” No, no, dear hearts and gentle people, the politicians are posing the wrong questions to you. The bottom line question is, do you want Bondage or Freedom, and if it’s Freedom, what are you willing to do to regain it?



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