Here we are on January 20th, on the eve of the South Carolina primary, and the day after the latest Republican debates last evening, with CNN moderator John King.

It began rather contentiously, when the moderator addressed the latest news item from Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife, accusing Newt of wanting an “open” marriage while still married to her. It’s really old-hat stuff and Newt got a standing ovation for his answer claiming the accusations false.

It’s standard operating procedure, in politics, for those manipulating the news to attempt to keep one’s eye on one ball while diverting attention from another ball in the air. In this vetting process, more than any previous campaign era, the focus of attention has been more on tabloid journalism than any previous period.

So much time spent of such things as Newt’s marriage problems ten years ago, and Santorum’s focus on abortion, and Gays. Then there was Rick Perry’s problem over shots of teenagers in Texas, there for a period. Time and energy and focus on sex, and private lives personal stuff, that’s no one’s business. Social issues, the government has no business being involved in. Stop and think, what do these things have to do with the role of government, which is to protect this nation from Foreign and Domestic enemies?

These tactics and strategies come right out of the Communist Manifesto, and Karl Marx, Dialectical Materialism. A manner of speech characteristic of the members of a particular class, trade or profession. Arguments designed to divert attention away from meaningful issues that confront the people of this country, by controlling the narrative. A game plan of the liberal left, to keep the attention away from the real issues, taking this country down the road of Socialism.

Make no mistake about it, the Liberal Left want Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee. He will be the easiest for Obama to defeat, because of his socialized medicine stance while Governor of Massachuetts.

I dont know if Newt Gingrich is the best qualified to be President but by far the best qualified to debate and defeat Obama this November. No question about it. As shown in his masterful skills debating in the 15 Republican debates, culminating with a standing ovation last night in South Carolina, when hit by a two-by-four charge right out of the starting gate by John King of CNN.

As sad and distasteful as the disgruntled ex-wife came across yesterday, to discredit Newt Gingrich, it backfired and turned out to be to his advantage which advanced him in the polls, after last night’s debate, just before the South Carolina primary tomorrow. And I gotta hand it to the South Carolinians, they rose to the occasion, and showed their rejection of the ploy.

Which is the first positive sign I’ve seen that the people may be waking up from their lethargy, to take this Country back, and snatch it from the jaws of Socialism, that system which is the antithesis of freedom and Private Property rights this Nation was founded upon.

Despite the fact the consensus of opinion is Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate to butt heads with Obama, today it looks like Gingrich may have a chance at the top ticket, and go into Florida with a fighting chance to win the Republican nomination. Whether or not he can handle the problems this nation faces is an unknown, but obviously he is equipped to handle the media and President Obama, and the attacks they dish out at him. And we have been forewarned, the coming months will be a low and dirty campaign, like we have not seen before.
South Carolina is one of the most conservative States in the Nation, and the eyes of the country will be on the outcome of the primary election there tomorrow, before going into Florida next.

Thomas Paine said: “When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of Liberty quits the horizon.”



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