Last night we saw a televised debate of the remaining six Republican hopefuls, to be the nominee for President of the United States.

This edition of the vetting process was a bit different from prior televised debates. They entered one at a time, sat down, and allowed eleven minutes to respond to questions by three state attorney generals. Mike Huckabee was the moderator.

Whoever came up with this particular format to showcase the six remaining candidates had a streak of genius, because it gave the candidates time to respond to the tough questions by the three attorney generals without interruptions, and without the distractions of each other standing on stage.

Not only that, the two male and one woman attorney generals added interest to the entire program. They were obviously smart, and well informed about the issues. Unlike previous debates, where moderators have been pundits, with such obvious bias, it made one wonder if one was watching a punching bag, gotcha match, or a knock-down, drag out, liberal versus conservative boxing match.

Instead of the candidates squabbling with each other, they were presented with very timely questioning by a panel of legal experts. The lady attorney general from Florida, was very interesting and impressive in her questioning and remarks.

Politics is a dirty game, and this coming year we can expect things to get low and dirty from both sides. We know the Democrat candidate will be Barack Obama, and his campaign team hails from Chicago, a tough bunch. Therefore who among the remaining six hopefuls can best cope with the heat predictably coming down the pike? All have political backgrounds, and perhaps anyone of the six might be a formidable candidate to take on the Obama team.

Last night all six presented themselves quite well. I thought Rick Perry did exceptionally well, as a comeback kid who has stumbled and fumbled in previous debates. Michelle Bachman spoke eloquently in her response to questions. Ron Paul was Ron Paul, a twelve term Congressman, with answers to a lot of the problems we face, but has had so little success in implementing them in 24 years. Sitting in a position of power, lo these many years, he’s just taking up space, spinning his rhetoric, while this country headed towards the ditch. It’s fruit basket turnover time, and past due.

Rick Santorum presents his take on family values, but has never really been able to gain traction to rise above the fray. Herman Cain, who added some entertaining staged drama to the mix, opted out of the running yesterday.

Mitt Romney, who spends most of his time trying to be non-controversial, but behaviorially stuck with his socialized health care baggage. Another family values person, but running this country is not about family, instead it’s about individual Freedom and private property Rights versus the onslaught of political power on those two principles as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

In my opinion, the over-riding problem in this country is core values are out of sync with Principles. Too much time, money and attention has been on such things as abortion, same-sex marriage and the like for so many years, a hammering away with jack-hammer rhetoric over personal values, while ignoring universal Principles of Life, Liberty and Property. That has landed this nation in a ditch, and the only way to lift ourselves out of this maelstrom in a ditch, is lift our minds, hearts and spirit out by focusing upon the Principles upon which this nation was founded.

The candidate who takes the lead, changes the national discussion from below the belt stuff to a rational and intelligent discussion, relative to Principles, and recognizes the solutions to jobs and money problems will only be found in the Principles of the free-enterprising system, spoken of in the Declaration of Independence, and in the laws of the original Constitution. It may not be stated in terms of free-enterprise capitalism, but implied in certain terms, easily interpreted, from the language of both documents, as being the foundation for individual Freedom and private property ownership.

The candidate who recognizes the propaganda of national dialogue, has substituted Principles for values contrary to those Principles, and raises the narrative from the mixed bag of values, to the level of those undeviating, immutable Principles, without compromise, will be the one with the best chance of becoming the next president of the United States. And the best chance the 300 million citizens have of restoration, out of the ditch, and the depths of dispair, is a return to a life according to those Principles.

I have repeatedly maintained, no major changes of turn-around will happen until we dismantle the Socialized school system. I was encouraged to hear more than one Republican candidate say they would do away with the centralized political Department of Education if elected. That’s jacks for openers, because the millions of children in this country are not being educated, but indoctrinated in the basic tenets of Socialism, from pre-K through high school.

That old southern saying, one can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, is a truism applicable to the schooling in this country. One cannot expect students sitting 12 years in a Socialized school, being taught tenets of Socialism, to leave with an understanding of the Principles upon which this nation was founded.

Therefore, if there is to be any hopes or expectations of resurrecting this country out of the ditch of Socialism, it can only be found in one thing, and that is a return to the Principles as outlined in the greatest of all man-made documents, the Declaration of Independence. It’s in this connection one must look for the candidate who speaks up and speaks out for those Principles as the solution to the problems we face. And stop looking to any Democrat or Republican who supports all the mandates of social programs we are currently mired down up to our necks in. It’s all based upon a system of thievery. The immorality of stealing is wrong, any way you swing it.

Surprisingly, Newt Gingrich, a man who has spent most of his life in the bureacratic Washington establishment, has had a rude awakening, and is now speaking up and speaking out about a return to those Principles upon which this nation was founded and provided the greatest good for the greatest number, known to mankind. If his intentions are sincere, and he uses his time and efforts in the next few months to drive the mandate of Universal Principles home to the American people, to reverse the narrative from all the babble over values, back to those Principles, he will rise to the top of the heap. And be effective in turning the corner away from Socialistic values back to the Principles upon which this nation was founded and thrived on for a period in our history.

It has become taboo for most to utter the word “Freedom.” And capitalism, has been condemned as a dirty word by those of the liberal, leftwing progressives. Any who dare speak up about Freedom, the Free-enterprise system, Capitalism or private education, are labeled “Right-Wing Nuts.” Sticks and stones might hurt one’s bones, but the bondage of Socialism is the enemy we face.



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