I just read a comment which said, “Don’t let them downplay the Iowa Caucus – the winner is definitely important.” Obviously an uninformed commenter, inasmuch as the past winners in Iowa rarely reach nomination.

After months and months of extensive news coverage from every angle, the current headlines state most in Iowa have not made up their minds as to who they will cast their votes for in a few days. The slew of Republican candidates have traveled and campaigned for months in every nook and cranny of the state. What is so important about a people who can’t make a decision, after listening for months from the entire slew of candidates covering all issues repeatedly?

Sounds so wishy -washy to me, with a poor comprehension level of voters.

Heard recent commentary about the background of Ron Paul being one absent of accomplishment after 24 years in Congress. I wrote articles on this subject two years ago. He talks the talk and doesn’t walk the walk. However many of his supporters have the tenacity of a pit bull, backing him for nomination. He does have some good ideas he talks about but that’s it, not effective in accomplishments.

I suggest if some candidate rose up from the ranks with some of the ideas of Ron Paul, Newt’s ability to argue and debate, Bachman’s compassion, Rick Perry’s executive experience, Huntsman’s ability to speak Chinese and Romney’s looks, those Iowans might be able to make up their minds.

Several weeks past I’ve posted a number of articles about candidates, some pro and some con. Despite the fact I support some of the ideas expressed does not mean I support any candidate.

As things stand today, I suggest Obama will most likely win. As I have pointed out previously, the Democrats want Romney as the Republican candidate because he will be the easiest to defeat in the coming November election. And the Left-wing Liberals want Romney as their opponent because he will be instrumental in their efforts to see to it he has the nomination for the Republican party. If he is, Obama will be a shoo-in most likely, in my opinion.


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