December 7th. I recall so vividly sitting in my high school auditorium, and listening to the famous speech by Franklin Delano Roosevelt on December 8th, after the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor, which began: “A date that will live in infamy—.” That was in 1941. Since that time, “We the People” have experienced a number of infamous dates of infamy, living through the demise of the Principles this great Nation was founded upon.

Yesterday our current President Obama, gave a speech based upon the Presidency of another Roosevelt President, Teddy. It was a glowing display of oratorical skills, speaking so glowingly about “fairness.”

Flaunting such terms as “When everyone gets their fair share, fair play, fair chance, and when everyone does their fair share” using the “square deal” of Teddy as his backdrop.

Let’s take a moment and examine what fairness means. It’s a descriptive term of value judgments. Somewhat abstract, and means different things to different people. There is fair weather, fair-mindedness, fair-haired, fair trade, fairway, and fairyland, to mention a few of the usage of the word. It’s not a person, place or thing, but an abstract word one can use to mean different things for different people. It usually has a pleasant sounding connotation. Because it is a value word and not a Principle, its meaning changes from one to the other.
For me personally, I think life itself is fair, however treatment and interactions with behavior of others, is frequently anything but fair. I suggest the worms don’t consider it fair for the birds to eat them, however birds devour worms for survival.

Currently, we’re hearing so much about the Rich paying their fair share, and talk about everyone paying their fair share. So what’s all this current rhetoric, “fairness,” all about? Underlying all this talk about fairness, actually means re-distribution and re-distribution means control.

President Obama is campaigning for re-election, but let’s go back to his campaign speeches before the last election, where he spoke like a mantra about change, change, Change. Transformation of America, change we can live with, changing the way business is conducted in Washington, and on and on about Change.

Once elected and in office, while he had a small window of opportunity with a favorable Democratic Congress, he quickly set about implementation of social programs and entitlement legislation.

It was quite easy to understand these programs of re-distribution of wealth would not withstand the next mid-term election, and sure enough a Tea Party movement was set in motion to oust Democratic congressmen and replace with Conservation Republicans to stop this onslaught of Socialistic programs, rapidly implemented in the first few months of Obama’s presidency, therefore changing the balance of power in Washington.

Since his inauguration, and the subsequent time following the mid-term election, a battle of power has ensued between Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats, headed up by the President. He has initiated several New Order Directives by Executive Order, and has spent a great deal of time campaigning for re-election, while making many speeches villifying those who oppose his agenda and blaming everyone form Bush to Congress for his failure to accomplish as many Socialist programs as he would like.

President Obama still retains his good looks, his eloquent manner of speaking and a certain charisma. Words are power, and spoken by the President of the United States seems to carry much more weight than the ordinary politician. He is surrounded by a very smart re-election team and speech writers.

A big change has taken place in this country, one that has been in progress since the Roosevelt era of the thirties, however sped up President Obama and his Regime. Ignoring the Constitution, or altering to suit their scheme of things to Transform America, as he promised in his first campaign. However, never articulating what those changes would be and no one asked him. But now we know what he meant and he wants four more years to completely dismantle this country from one supporting Freedom of the Citizenry and a free-enterprise system, to a Marxist Socialist country, which is the antithesis of personal Freedom.

The current state of affairs, i.e., the loss of individual Freedom, Private property Rights and the Free-enterprise system, has all been accomplished with words, the power of language, without a shot being fired. And no one is more aware of the power of dialectic materialism than President Obama and his regime. They know how to effectively change the dynamic of politics, by the language and speeches.

Accordingly, the language and essence of the content of speeches and interviews has changed almost completely in tone and content. A regime well entrenched in power, with a number of Socialist agenda accomplishments under their belt, the tone is more conciliatory towards pandering and placating the American people, by this new strategy, pitching fairness.

Who among us would not want fairness? It’s a tactic which would sound appealing to most folks. But it’s a relative ploy, and carries a different meaning for those of Liberal, left-wing persuasion, than to one who still believes in Freedom, the Declaration of Independence and the Original Constitution.

Beware of the Trojan horse, because fairness to those hell-bent on changing this nation, from its original Principles to one of totalitarianism Socialism, are using it to control the means of production and distribution, and the money. Fairness to them means taking from producers and re-distributing to non-producers in order to control both, and creaming off the top in the process plenty to sustain their lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

Listen carefully to the words of President Obama, remind yourself of the words and message in his first campaign. Take a look at the things he has done while in office. Check his tanking poll numbers, then listen carefully to what he is saying and doing today. He is constantly flying back and forth from one end of the country to another, campaigning about fairness, while spending millions of taxpayer monies financing his luxurious travels.

The conservative pundits are reporting nightly about his lack of leadership, and the liberal pundits, oh-ing and ah-ing over him, like a group in the Emperor’s Clothing parade.

Both seem to be oblivious to the reality of who he is and what he’s doing. He does not lack leadership, he has successfully led this nation far down the road of Socialism, according to what he set out to do. And he is not decked out in the finery of Emperor’s clothing, the naked truth is he has been dismantling this Country since the first day he took office, and has been campaigning for a second term to complete his plans, the majority of his term in office.

Now he’s playing his cards of reaching the gullibility of the American people, trying to convince them the problem is they have been treated unfairly, by the producers in this nation, and he wants four more years to finish off the golden goose laying the golden eggs, because they are not doing their part and being unfair to those non-producers. His latest ploy of promoting fairness, has a connotation that the problems we face are caused by the selfishness of the haves, and his plans are to change that, and force re-distribution of goods and services to give to the have nots. When in essence what he is seeking is control of everything by him and his regime, for their lust for power.

The scary thing is, his game plan has worked over and over throughout the history of civilization. In today’s climate, the majority have already been conditioned and taught in the socialized school system, to accept the nanny state as being more desirable than the free-enterprising capitalistic system the nation was built upon, and provided the greatest good for the greatest number, and became the envy of the world.

Benjamin Franklin stated: “As all history informs us, there has been in every State and Kingdom a constant kind of warfare between the governing and the governed, the one striving to obtain more for its support, and the other to pay less. There is scarce a king in a hundred who would not, if he could follow the example of Pharaoh, get first all the peoples money, then all their lands, and then make them and their children servants forever.”




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