In today’s news cycle is a report about how Ron Paul, a 24 year elected Congressman from Texas, making his second run for the office of the Presidency, declined to appear on a Reality Show debate, stating it “flies in the face of the dignity of the office.” I could hardly believe my ears when I heard that news report.

Then I read a report relating to the dozens of ways President Obama and his administration have intruded on the Rights of the American citizenry. Such as domestic spying, technological spying, censorship of books, punishing whistle-blowers, the solitary confinement and punishment of Private Manning without trial, abusive FBI Intelligence operations and etc.

My background is one of being taught by parents and teachers that one should respect the exalted office of the resident of the United States, as one who represents the Principles of a Free nation which this country was built upon; symbolizing the virtues of Personal Freedom, and elected to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies.

The report stated: “There are at least 72 centers across the US which collect local domestic police information and merge it into multi-jurisdictional intelligence centers, according to a recent report by the ACLU. These centers share information from federal, state and local law enforcement and some private companies to secretly spy on Americans. These all continue to grow and flourish under the Obama Administration.”

If this is true, and no doubt it is, from news reports we hear about on a regular basis, this sort of onslaught on the privacy of American citizens, in violation of one’s Constutitional Rights to Privacy should outrage everyone in this Country in general and elected Congressmen in particular.

If Congressman Ron Paul is so concerned about the dignity of the office of the presidency that he refuses to participate in a debate, “because it flies in the face of dignity of the office” of the presidency, my question is, why does he sit silently by, while the current President sanctions serious assaults on the Rights to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Rights to a fair trial, and other Constitutional Rights of the Citizenry in this country?

Congressman Paul took an oath of office and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. How is sitting idly by for 24 years in his elected office, and not defending the Constitutional Rights of the citizenry, relative to such assaults, respecting the “dignity of the office?”

Displaying a sort of righteous indignation, claiming a public appearance on a reality show debate somehow “flies in the face of dignity of the office” sounds rather bizzarre, when the dignity of the office permits such flagrant intrusion into the lives of so many in violation of the Constitution, while an elected official in Congress does nothing.

My question is, why wouldn’t he go on a reality debate show and uphold his oath to support the Constitution, and report all this list of assaults coming from the office of the presidency, to the American people? Why would he refuse this opportunity to uphold the “dignity of the office” by reporting these infringements to the American people?

As I related in an article about Congressman Paul several months ago, he talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. How can anyone endorse him for the presidency, when he sits so idly by, drawing tax-paid salary, year after year, and does nothing?

It’s appalling to me, so many voters contribute money and support his campaign for presidency, when he has never accomplished anything worthwhile after 24 years in office. Seems to me calling for his resignation would be the proper action. He just occupies space, draws his salary, yaks about auditing the feds, talks and campaigns to be president.

Where is the rationale of thinking Americans? Refusing to appear on a reality debate show because it “flies in the face of the dignity of the office” is absolutely ludicrous. But consistent with the role he plays. And that is do nothing but talk, talk talk.

“Taxation without representation is tyranny.” He is failing to represent his oath of office, by not reporting the indignities of the office of the Presidency, which so flagrantly violate the Constitutional Rights of the American people. Then adding insult to injury, by suggesting his appearance on a debate show “flies in the face of dignity of the office.” When it could be an opportunity for him to talk about the real and actual indignities coming out of the office of the Presidency.

Anyone elected to Congress and takes an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States has an obligation to at least report violations of it to the American people. To say nothing and do nothing, is an absence of upholding the Constitution. Silence gives consent.




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  1. Peter Rudolph Zidek says:

    Deliberate throttling of Ron Paul’s consistent message about all those leviathan evils by the bought and paid for MSM is not the same as willful silence on his part and you know it. That this is so, is quite apparent even to the casual political observer. His voting record over his term as congressman, his numerous congressional floor speeches, his writings, books and articles, over the years belie your mistaken assertions about Ron Paul saying nothing and doing nothing. If indeed that were so, then why have all the other status quo candidates co-opted much of his message?

    I would strongly urge you to check the many Ron Paul postings on Youtube, Facebook, and the various sites such as:

    and hundreds of others.

  2. Freedom Lady says:

    Hi Peter, When I say Ron Paul has done nothing, I mean nothing meaningful to protect and support the basic Principles of Individual Freedom & property Rights. If this were true after 24 years sitting in his seat of power, we would not be in the ditch were in to day on the verge of collapse.
    Yes he does write articles, books, make speeches, gives interviews, which makes my point, he is busy with busy work to feather his nest and be re-elected. When I maintain he has done nothing, doesnt mean he has not been busy. We hear so much about this do-nothing Congress, doesnt mean they are not busy, but just busy spinning and accomplishing nothing that benifits the American people. I know of nothing Ron Paul has done in 24 years, which has changed the direction of this country , nor anything thats has slowed down, on the road to socialism.
    In my opinion, a record of non-accomplishment after so many years is down-right shamefull.
    I do appreciate your comment and always interested in your writings, .
    Editor-in Chief Anne Cleveland

  3. Rippin' Richie says:

    If one congressman out of 535 could change the direction of the country, this wouldn’t be a representative republic. I can’t think of anything else Ron could do that he’s not already doing.

    What specific action do you believe he should take?

  4. Peter Rudolph Zidek says:


    Much as I like your wonderful writings your allegation:”Ron Paul has done nothing, I mean nothing meaningful to protect and support the basic Principles of Individual Freedom & property Rights. If this were true after 24 years sitting in his seat of power, we would not be in the ditch were in to day on the verge of collapse.” is either uniformed or patently ludicrous.

    Just how much power does a lone congressman that has been consistently and uncomprimisingly championing those exact principles like a voice in the wilderness for all of his political career have, compared to all the current blowhards that have merely given those principles lip service.
    Moreover, as you well know, a congressman is not a monarch that can dictate policy but merely influence those decisions only by persuasion. Check his historical voting record.

    Moreover, it is historical fact that both political parties have caused the quaqmire the nation is in today…..the democrats because thier entire platform is socialistic, the GOP through comprimizing principles of liberty, constitutionality, to retain power. Creeping socialism anyone? It’s been going on for multiple decades since FDR, and as an octogenarian, you should certainly be aware of that.

    “he is busy with busy work to feather his nest and be re-elected”

    This is perhaps the most ludicrous allegation of all. Not only has he chosen not to run for re-election as congressman, but has consistently opposed raising the salary levels of congress, but has offered that if elected as POTUS, he will take a salary commesurate with the a median income of $61k per annum. Furthermore he has never participated in the insider trading of securities that other politicians have.

    It seems that the general voting public seeks an articulate, good looking persona with lots of sexy charisma and vitality for POTUS rather than basing their decisions using reason, thought, or deeply examining the issues and ideology. It is also true, whether generally recognized or not, that that criteria is what got the current POTUS elected and it reflects the sorry state of the nation’s electorate in today’s modern multimedia environment.

    it is no accident that Ron Paul, despite his age, visual and articulation shortcomings has garnered such a loyal following particularly among the internet technical savvy, the educated young, the wiser older generation, worldwide financial experts, and millions of others worldwide. Far from being a so-called “cult” by the status quo, it is the realization that it is not personality slop propagandized by the powers that are, but ideas, liberty, and freedom that are the real issues….and Ron Paul symbolically reflects that.

    Were it not true, the current crop of statist GOP POTUS candidates would not have stolen and co-opted much of Ron Paul’s platform and ideas and hypocritically become born again constitutionalists.

    Anne, with alldue respect, I would highly recommend you investigate Ron Paul more objectively.

  5. To Rippin Richie, Thank you for your question, “what specific action do you believe he should take”? Resign, apologize to the American people ,and head back to Texes.