As we prepare for the Christmas holidays this month, then celebrate the new year of 2012, all Americans face tremendous challenges in the coming months. It’s not a time of fence sitting, because whether one likes it or not, there are decisions to be made, which affect our very survival as individuals and a country, which history tells us has been the greatest country in the history of mankind, because it was built upon the ideas of Freedom, and the basic Principle that Man has a Right to be Free.

The Right to be Free does not come from any political government, but from our Divine Creator. Citizens of this country became free just over 200 years ago as the result of those brave and determined men who fought and won the Revolutionary war which freed this Nation from the oppression of British rule. Then the founders of this new Freedom set forth to create a system of government with laws to protect this newfound freedom.

It was a difficult task, with many challenges, and debates of pros and cons, we are privy to know about from the many papers and books written about that era. Out of the debates and struggles came the Declaration of Independence, then the Constitution, a document of laws to govern at that time and future generations.

If I could just sum it up in one short sentence, it was designed to protect the God-given Rights of man to be Free and install a political system of government to protect the Country from Foreign and Domestic enemies.

Here we are just over 200 years later, living in an era when the notion of protection has been changed to the notion of injection. A system of Socialism has been injected into the lives of the citizenry, which has adversely affected individual life being free, and placed this country in jeopardy, because of domestic and foreign enemies.
So what is this new system of Socialism? It’s a system of “taking.” We must credit Karl Heinrich Marx with the paternity of modern Socialism. Despite the fact he is considered the parent of the Philosophy of Socialism, in actuality he contributed little to its originality. Karl Marx was a Jew by birth born in Prussia. There were hundreds of dyed in the wool Socialists preceding Marx, including Plato. Marx attended the German universities in Bonn and Berlin.

During his time thousands embraced Socialism, and his radical Socialism called Communism, and thousands rejected it. Marx was a visionary Socialist and saw Democracy, majority rule, as the device to bring about his Communist Socialism. Marx discovered the two major economic forces, i.e., labor and Capital.

He borrowed from Hegel the idea of “dialectic materialism” and a tool for the working class to conquer the Capitalist. He realized the “godless Christianity” of Communist Socialism would require a revolution for the working class to remove private property ownership, and centralize the means of production in the hands of a centralized ruling class. He viewed Capitalists as “idle Parasites.”

His ideas soon spread to the United States, and his idea Socialism, as being superior to Capitalism, began taking hold. Labor unions were formed. And instead of the working class and the Capitalist working together, they fought against each other. Political government became more and more involved in negotiations, and a proliferation of laws passed to control the means of production, and distribution of wealth.

Despite the fact the dismantling of the Free-enterprise, Capitalistic system began before the 1930s, it was during the fourth term of President Roosevelt, during the era of “The Great Depression” that the biggest changes began taking hold. Each regime of each subsequent terms of Washington power brokers have eroded the Free-enterprise system to such an extent, that by 2008, when President Obama took the reins, conditions were ripe for a final push over to a system of Socialism.

Until today, as we enter the year 2012, it appears the prophecy of the devout Communist, Lenin, is about to be fulfilled, when he laid out the plans for conquering Europe, then said: “The United States we will not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.”

All one has to do is take a look at the crisis this country is in, listen to the news about the verge of collapse and pay attention to the constant speeches of campaigning by President Obama. Listen to the condemnation of the rich, and all the verbiage about the poor suffering middle class and transfer those terms over to Karl Marx from capitalist to rich, and the middle class over to the working class. And see the parallel of what’s taking place here in the United States to the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx.

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