In part one I discussed a brief history about Karl Marx and his being credited with the paternity of modern Socialism, called Communism.

It is very important one understands a bit about Karl Marx in order to understand what is happening today, right before our eyes and coming into our living rooms. Particularly the Republican debates and the campaign speeches of President Obama.

Understanding a bit about the philosophy of Karl Marx, and how he proposed converting a country and its economy from capitalism to Communism, then taking that basic knowledge after listening to the speeches by President Obama, it is easy to connect the dots.

Capitalism is a system whereby one can create and produce goods and services, and be free and unhampered to exchange goods and services for a profit. Capitalism is ownership of property. And ownership is a total concept. It means one can do as they please without permission from anyone else, including a political government. It means one can decide to create, trade, give away or destroy, of their own volition, that which they own.

I’ve written many articles about ownership. It’s important to understand ownership to understand the antithesis of property ownership, which is Socialism. Capitalism, or Free-enterprise operates on the laws of the Universe, i.e., dependency and resistance of natural laws. We are dependent upon ownership, and the competion of free-trade, brings into play resistance in the voluntary exchange of goods and services. Capitalists compete.
Socialism is a system whereby a centralized power of political government, takes away goods and services via a gun or threat of a gun, from those who produce and re-distribute to non-producers after creaming off the top, whatever they choose, without permission.

Why is this? one might ask. Simply put, it is a lust for power to control, a trait in some human beings throughout the history of civilization.

Karl Marx did not invent Socialism, but took that which he learned from predecessors, and outlined a strategy and tactics for promoting and accomplishing a socialistic system in society. His thesis is described in his “Communist Manifesto.”

The emergence on his social ethic, is quite simple: That is no human being is entitled more of the good things that the good life provides via ownership, no matter what more he acquires than anyone else. Consequently, a centralized power of political government must take charge, to take property and control, to re-distribute.

If an individual works and accumulates more than the centralized power deems he deserves, he is compelled to share with others. It’s a system of robbery, but not considered thievery, based upon this notion that no man has a right to have more than any other man. This is the moral base of the Socialist. The premise is both economic and political.

The doctrine of this forced do-goodism has a certain universal appeal, as attested to by the obvious fact that it is so pervasive around the globe.

This country was built upon a different theory, one of God-given Rights of private ownership of property, to have and to hold at the discretion of the owner.

The basic premise of Karl Marx is not complicated. He simply viewed the capitalistic as the evil doers, whose property should be taken to be re-distributed to the “working class,” and set about putting his ideas in motion and application.

Sadly, at this point in time, as we enter the year 2012, the ideas of Marxist Socialism have taken hold, and the final push to completely replace a former way of life in this country is in full swing. One only has to take a look at their own life, and the community in which they live, to know this.

If there are any doubts, observe the Socialist programs President Obama ram-rodded through in a short period, then listen to his campaign speeches, to hear his plans for completion. It’s all about the “rich” versus the “Middle Class.” Instead of using Marxist terminology of Capitalist versus Working Class, the President has disguised his plans by referring to the Rich versus Middle Class. He has changed the language to suit the scheme of things outlined in the plans of Karl Marx Socialism.

Who are the Rich? It is those the government has labeled as making a set sum of money determined by the regime in power. Who are the middle class? A different set of individuals the government has labeled making less than the rich, i.e., the working class. Implying the Rich don’t work, only those who have less to none are the middle class.

All of this rhetoric of propaganda is based upon a lie. Because most of the money taken from the working Capitalist is re-distributed to those who do not work at all. This pitch of righteous do-goodism, is all about centralization of power over to a few elected politicians for satisfaction of control. The bottom line is lust for power. A fore-runner of One-world government, and to destroy the Principles upon which this nation was founded, in order to attain that power and control.

All accomplished via the Dialectic Materialism, as set forth by Marxist Socialism, without a shot being fired.

We are now facing a future where one lone man, Barack Obama, has gained so much power and control to implement his agenda of a Socialist system, despite anything the leftist pundits and controlled media say, it is likely he will be re-elected. Unless there is an awakening of the American people. He has the money on hand, the media in his pocket, an astute election team, and the majority of American people, pro-nanny state. Plus his charismatic knack for speaking.

Last night we listened to another debate by Republican hopefuls to select one to defeat him. However it was not a debate touting a return to the Principles of Individual Freedom, Private property ownership, and the free-enterprise system this nation thrived upon. Instead a mish-mash of rhetoric about the effects of the loss of these principles, talk about jobs, jobs jobs, and random talk about immigration, foreign wars, Israel and the after effects of the dismantling of America.

Instead of debunking the totality of all the Socialist legislation of the last four decades that have been responsible for bringing this nation to the brink of collapse by Washington politicians, with some hard-hitting promises to change the direction of this country – just talk about family values, one’s record of the past, socialized medicine, the process of elections, polls and who’s on first and who’s on second. The conversation of the so-called debates pretty much relate to the effects of what has happened in this country. And not the cause with proposed solutions.

Unless someone steps up to the plate and faces the naked premise, with some hard hitting facts and clear cut solutions, President Obama will be a shoo-in for re-election, to finish the work he began the minute he took office.




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