Yesterday morning I felt compelled to write about my personal story. Prompted by the fact my website,, was attacked by a hacker, which shut it down. I was stunned when I clicked on my site and saw this eerie looking bright red and black screen, with a lot of gibberish in some foreign language, I first thought was Chinese but then thought it looked more Arabic. Not sure what it was, but appeared so sinister and threatening. Did give a name followed by the word hacker.

Everyone knows by now I have very little literacy when it comes to the electronics of a computer. It was late at night so I just shut it down. Got up next morning and spent over three hours trying to reach a computer technician through AT&T and finally reached a voice who said they were in Asia. I thought I had reached a technician, when in fact all she wanted me to do was pay 149.00 or sign up for a year of monthly fees for a technician, at 15.00 monthly. I argued with her and told her I would pay 15.00 for this call to resolve a hacking issue. She adamantly stuck to her guns and I was desperate for a resolution to the problem and signed for the annual fees, which immediately showed up on my bank account.

Then she flipped me over to a recording to reach a technician and for the next two plus hours waited for one to come on the line. I realized my adamant, irritated attitude must have ticked her off and no one ever came on to address the problem. I hung up and re-dialed several times but never reached a live person again. Yet the charge showed up on my account.

I sent an SOS email to my son, who is CEO of a computer company, and 24 hours later he called to inform me the problem had been resolved.

This was my first experience with a hacker from a foreign invasion of the airways. Couldn’t help but reflect upon the role of my government, whose role is to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies. And if shutting down my web-site by some foreign entity is not a foreign enemy I don’t know what is.

I have almost 700 articles posted and write on a variety of subjects. Sometimes rather hard-hitting critical articles about politics and politicians. Admittedly quite opinionated. Exercising my Free-Speech Rights. I don’t write for agreement, however I’m pleased when one does agree, and I’m quite alright when any one comments in disagreement.

I’m just one woman, sitting here in a little North Georgia town, expressing my ideas and opinions about my Country and my Freedom, in the hopes I might encourage another person to think about the crisis we currently face in the country, which has resulted in the dismantling of life as proposed in the Principles of our founding fathers. Namely, the loss of personal freedoms and Private property ownership Rights. Because it is my belief none of us are entitled to sit idly by and do nothing to salvage the Freedoms in a way of life left to us to enjoy by those who pledged their lives and fortunes, and is the reason I write.

In this connection, I point out the many things and actions which have brought us to this brink of disaster. Because there is an element in a number of persons, who are set to destroy, dismantle and transform our founding Principles, my expressions of objections have no doubt caused the activity by the enemy to destroy my web-site.

I have no idea who perpetrated the crime, nor who was behind it. Because of the enemy within, it is conceivable someone in our midst may be in collusion with those outside our borders to do their dirty work, performing despical acts of destruction, in secrecy. Aside from the acts of clandestine destruction, it smacks of cowardice operating in anonymity.

In this upcoming campaign year for elections in 2012, we can expect conditions to be openly hostile as well as sneaky underhanded acts of the sinister force, because the big push is on to completely transform this nation to a socialist system.

In this era of information, with around the clock news, there’s no excuse for anyone to be uninformed about the crisis we face. It is now or never to stand up, speak up and act to salvage any vestige of Freedom we have left. There is no in-between; we will either live in Freedom or bondage. And in my opinion, the next eleven months will determine which.

Never in my lifetime, has the writing on the wall been clearer, and the window of opportunity to Re-claim that which we once had been shorter. Everyone, bar none of the 300 million citizenry of this country, have the responsibility to act for the outcome, which is now upon us. Everyone can and must do something, starting with being informed about the actuality of what is happening now to a way of life here in these United States. The enemy of Freedom is no longer at the gates, it is within and around us.

I have written frequently about the war of Ideas we have been engaged in for several decades. And the war is between individuals who prefer individual freedom versus the system of Socialism. Without a shot being fired we have already traveled far down the road of Socialism. It has already happened, but the final push has not yet occurred. But rapidly approaching.

The crisis we face, is not about jobs, the tanking dollar, Wall Street, or some foreign invasion, it’s about US, and who we are. We the people stand at the precipice of collapse into Socialism, unless we act to stop the onslaught now.

As Dr. Phil says, we can’t change that which we refuse to acknowledge and so it is with the place we stand today, relative to preservation of the greatest country on earth, whose system of Principles it was founded upon just over 200 years ago, provided the greatest good for the greatest number, unlike any other country in the history of civilization.

We can’t blame anyone but ourselves for this brink of disaster upon us. Acknowledging we have participated in the position of downfall we face today, places the responsibility squarely on our shoulders to act now, to salvage from the rubble what’s left of Freedom and private property ownership. We owe it to ourselves, our children and coming generations, to act to restore that which we inherited, not tomorrow but today. We are not entitled to the luxury of doing nothing, expecting others to dig us out of the ditch we are in. It is mine and your problem. And non-transferrable.




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