The seduction of politics is a powerful pull on those who choose to become involved in the dance and the games. No matter who it is, it involves participation in the system of thievery at the core of politics.

Taxation by definition is an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property. That is taking from some and re-distributing to others, and the distributors skimming the cream off the top.

A number of years ago I became involved in the political process while living in Tennessee. I joined a group of local Republicans. My purpose for joining was to have some firsthand experience about the process, because I always wanted to write about the Philosophy of Freedom, and about life in this great country, founded upon the Principles of individual Freedom. And because politics play such a major role in the lives of every American, I wanted some firsthand knowledge about the inner workings of the process.

It was back in the sixties when Communists were still card-carriers, and I soon discovered a number of Communist-leaning local college students had become quite active in the local Republican party.

I have written in previous articles some of the things I experienced in a very short period. I only remained in the political arena a short time, because I simply did not have the stomach to tolerate the dirty tricks so pervasive on a local level, therefore I got in and got out in short order, and have not been a political activist since. However, lo these many years later I remain extremely interested in everything that is happening politically in my country. My children and grandchildren and myself are profoundly affected by it all.

I’m in opposition to so much that is taking place, on the other hand there is so much I’m in favor of. I support the Declaration of Independence, the original Constitution, and all that is for Personal Freedom and Private property ownership. All those basic Principles which the Founding fathers had in mind when they formed a government “Of the people, by the people and for the people.” And outlined specific inalienable Rights, given to us by our Creator.

But here we are just over 200 years later, living an era with a top-heavy political government, with little resemblance to the Principles, set forth by our founding fathers. Living under a system of Socialism wherein it is taboo to talk about Freedom, and a form of a Republic system of government.

Today in the throes of an upcoming presidential election in 2012, Republican candidates are battling to get back in the driver’s seat, to be in power, while the Democrats are vying to hold on to their current power, and both sides have played a major role to bring this once great Nation to its knees, now on the verge of collapse.

All are seeking power to rule over us. And all promoting their own personal agenda of their particular brands, of Socialistic Programs.The dialectic materialism, from the Karl Marx Manifesto, is frequently disguised in the language of the day. As I have listened to all the speeches, interviews, and debates, I have listened intently, waiting to hear just one speak up, speak out and stand up for a return to the Principles set forth in our founding documents.

And I have only heard one discuss those Principles in the Declaration of Independence and that’s Newt Gingrich, in the speech he gave before a group in Iowa, a few days ago.

While all the jockeying back and forth for first place in the polls, comes Newt Gingrich, with this dynamic speech, so unexpected, I could hardly believe my ears. But there it was, and immediately, he rose out of a seemingly DOA campaign to the top contender, as the Republican nominee like a rocket from nowhere.

Who could have believed a man so steeped in the political bureaucracy in Washington, for so many years, would be the one to pull away from the pack, with a speech so eloquent about the Principles of the Declaration of Independence? Certainly not I. Was this just a ploy, or has he somewhere along the line had a rude awakening? I don’t know, but he is talking the talk of returning this nation back to the Principles upon which it was founded, with a number of ideas we have not heard from anyone else in office or clamoring to reach the office of Presidency of the United States.

Words are power, and if he sticks by his rhetoric, and continues expounding upon ideas of the Principles this country was founded upon, he could very well win the nomination. Not only that, he has the intelligence, historical background, ability to debate, and the intestinal fortitude to stand up and defeat the incumbent.

It’s well publicized that the Democratic machine and the incumbent President are preparing to throw everything but the kitchen sink at whoever the Republican nominee is. And already using the reverse psychology that they are against Romney. The pitch is, if the Democrats are against a candidate, the American people will fall for that ploy, and get behind Romney to shoo him in. But he’s who the Democrats want as their opponent, because he will be the easiest to defeat. His ideas are so similar to the Democrats agenda, it will be like the kettle calling the pot black and his nomination as the Republican, will make Obama a shoo-in for the next term as President.

Other Republicans like Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry, come up with some good ideas. But it is Newt who has the edge for two reasons: hes pitching the Principles of the Declaration of Independence, and he has the pit bull stamina to take on Obama in debates. He is a professional politician, very smart, familiar with inside Washington, and can debate like no one else on the horizon.

I personally never liked him, until I heard that speech he made last week in Iowa. I’m all for Personal Freedom and the Principles this Nation was founded upon, and thus far he’s the only one even talking about those issues as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Standing for those Principles, coupled with his understanding of what’s at stake and his ability to debate the issues, he can overcome his baggage, and deal with whatever the opposition slings at him, and win. Like no one else on the horizon to date.

His rapid rise in the polls after that Iowa speech, is testimony of the hunger in the American people to return to the sanity of the Principles of the founding fathers, who fought and died for them. With a “Root,hog, or die” mantra, they made it happen, and now we face such overwhelming obstacles, we must adopt that same determination in this coming next 12 months, because we are currently so mired down in the tenets of Socialism, there will be little to none chance of recovery after this next election.

In my opinion, it’s going to be a very nasty election cycle, like we have never witnessed before, but worth the battle to regain the status of the greatest Country on earth. The war of ideas we have been involved in for the past number of years, will end with a Waterloo, or victory within the coming year. And losing is not an option.
Abraham Lincoln said on Feburary 12, 1865: “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”




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