There are a few things in life that scare the daylights out of me. I’m scared of stupidity because those who are stupid operate on a different frequency, and can outwit me in a New York second. Same thing with reference to insanity, they too are on a different frequency. Snakes are just those creatures I’m scared of, dead ones, live ones and toy ones. Add to that list, the MRI test.

I have been experiencing headaches, something quite unusual for me and decided to submit to an MRI test yesterday. I had taken one once before, and knew what to expect. The medical facilities in the little northeast Georgia town where I live have the most up-to-date facilities one can find anyplace. The Imaging Center building is new and very impressive. The personnel are quite courteous and professional, which calmed my nerves a bit.

The MRI machine is a large contraption one slides into, as if you are preparing for an outer space experience. I call it the “jack-hammer” machine. I put on ear plugs, however the various kinds of noise sound like a street worker tearing up the sidewalk. One must lie perfectly still for 30 minutes, and just endure the nerve-wracking noise.

When I emerged I told the operator, “Surely, the brilliance of the man who designed the machine, could come up with something to diminish the noise.” He replied: “Every-one says that.”

Lying there I couldn’t help but think about all the jack-hammer rhetoric we hear repetitiously in today’s news. And how one must hear and see beyond the noise to make sense about all that’s taking place in this country today. We as individuals must condition ourselves to see, hear and feel beyond the stupidity and insanity of all the programmed rhetoric, to filter through to hear Truth. Not an easy task, but on the other hand, not that complicated.

All one has to do is recognize a few Universal Principles, and get honest with themselves about their own personal value system. By virtue of the fact you have a Right to be here, and with that comes a Right to live and do that which is necessary to sustain life. And recognize those Rights have boundaries.

As it states in the “Desiderata,” “You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a Right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you the Universe is unfolding as it should.”

It is incumbent upon the individual to understand their Rights and the boundaries inherent in those Rights. It’s one’s responsibility to know that Freedom is self-responsibility.

You have a Right to protest, but not a Right to set up camp in a park you do not own, to park yourself there around the clock, to eat, sleep, rant, riot, rape, crap and fight on territory that does not belong to you.

You do not have a Right to expect and require others to educate your children, pay your housing, buy your food, pay your medical cost, and keep you happy.

Where along the line did we become so uncivilized to demand there’s a Right to cross the boundaries of another’s Right to their property, because we decided we wanted it, and it’s ours for the taking? When, why, and how did we arrive at the conclusion that we have a Right to take that which does not belong to us? With the billions spent on schooling, who taught us these things we see portrayed and acted out daily on the news? Where did the insanity of this stupidity come from?

Where did one acquire the Right to destroy that which belongs to another? Where does one get the Right to destroy the reputation of another, as happened recently to presidential candidate Herman Cain?

Where did one get the Right to destroy the life of a child, as evidenced in the Penn State sexual molestation case, ongoing in today’s news?

What has happened to the morality of Right and Wrong? Where and how did the lines of Right and Wrong become so blurred, so many think they can have just for the taking the Property Rights of others?

Where, why and when, did we become so uncivilized, we have become a nation of predators, no less than a wild animal, that feeds off the Rights of others?

We cannot medicate our feelings by telling ourselves the conditions I describe are confined to the few. We cannot eradicate, by looking the other way, and conning ourselves into believing it’s not our problem. This entire Nation of 300 million-plus citizenry, are affected by all that’s going on in this country currently. No one is exempt and no one is entitled to sit back and do nothing about the horrendous conditions taking place in this Nation today.

What can we do about it and where do we start? Quite simply with yourself. By recognizing the meaning of Freedom, and deciding whether or not you want Freedom or bondage. If it’s bondage you prefer, then continue to sit back and do nothing, aside from that you have been doing. If it’s Freedom you prefer, then begin by informing yourself as to precisely what Freedom means.

Ask yourself whether or not you prefer Communism or Fascism to the free-enterprising, capitalistic system that made this the greatest nation on earth, at one time, which provided the greatest good for the greatest number, known to mankind.

If it’s Freedom you value, then re-set your compass in the direction of self-control and self-responsibility, and assume that self-responsibility . You can begin today. Freedom is non-transferrable. If you choose to sit back and fiddle while Rome burns, so to speak, then there can be no expectations of a change in the direction we are headed. Because we are there, living in a nation of highly schooled, uncivilized, people.

Whether or not it is clear to you, we cannot vote ourselves into that which we voted ourselves into. Any hope for change must come from the hearts and minds of each individual, whose responsibilitty it is to begin the change necessary with themselves.

We are in the heat of the battle of the “War of Ideas,” and no well-financed politician, nor any young innocent child, is exempt from the onslaught of devastation taking place in this country today. To deny this fact, or ignore it, simply points up the fact most have their heads in the sand, trying to hide from the facts as they exist.




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