I have a number of articles posted relating to my experiences with problems in the public school system, going back to the sixties and seventies, which resulted in my decision to home-school when it was almost unheard of. I tell the story of how I dealt with the threatened arrest for non-compliance with the compulsory school laws.

I actually raised two families, because I had grown children when at age 40 I had another child. Aside from my own children, I have helped raise other children. And even today as an Octo, frequently keep my grandchildren. Consequently I’ve had a great deal of experience with children, based on longevity and being a part of more than one generation of school children.

I have avoided writing about sexual abuse of children until recently when the Penn State sexual scandal hit the news. Which is one of the most horrendous stories of long-term, ongoing sexual abuse of children I have ever heard. However, this story is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, about this very pervasive crime perpetrated upon children.

Just this week, there was a news story in Atlanta about a young student having twins, as the result of teacher rape of the teenaged child. We hear stories frequently in the news about child sex crimes, only briefly, then usually hushed up, and covered up.

From my perspective, I don’t see child sex crimes being reduced, but increasing, with continued efforts to cover up. In my opinion, a large part of the cause is political government control of the children, in government-operated school systems. The compulsory system removes young children from the protection of parents into a situation where there’s a lot of scecrecy, behind closed doors which the parent is unaware of.

I’ve had one daughter kidnapped from school, raped and left in the woods to die in the sixties. Then I had a granddaughter kidnapped in the seventies. Then a son abused in the early sixties. So traumatic, very difficult to recall, lo these years later. All survived, but I know from first-hand experience, the traumatic effects of such violations to a child, have lifelong residual, negative effects.

As painful as it is to recall my own experiences with my children, lo these many years later, I do so to emphasize the fact it has been going on a very long time. However, in my growing up years of grade school and high school in a large county school, I never heard of one case of child sexual abuse.

The prevalence of it began after the era of ushering in of Socialism, which became so full-fledged, beginning in early 1940s, as a result of the Roosevelt years of rulership, from 1930 ‘till 1945. Today reaching such proportions as we hear about in the Penn State case, and all those involved in the cover-up of sexual abuse of children extending over a period of years.

It’s a crime with so much shame attached to it, everyone connected to it tries to cover-up. If we are to claim ourselves a moral, civilized society, we must face the demonic nature of the problem, and acknowledge that it is much more pervasive than we admit.

The first responsibility of a parent is to protect their child. However, when the child is placed in the custody of government-paid teachers, there’s a disconnect, and when those paid workers shirk their responsibility of care-taking, paving the way for sexual predators to have a la carte access to abuse children, another dynamic of cover-up kicks in, to CYA the consequences. And the exposure of the activities taking place reveals a pattern of behavior we hear about on the news today.

Not only does the sexual abuse of children take place in schools, the churches are also where so much takes place, accompanied by the same acts of cover-up. As horrible as the stories we’re hearing about today are, we as a civilized country must take the blinders off and face up to the reality of all that’s taking place relative to the pervasive abuse of innocent children, unequipped to protect themselves.

I recall one incident in high school, where an older student bullied me. I had a fur coat, and she picked and poked over the fur coat, on the school ground and on the school bus. One day I came home from school crying, and the next day my mother launched a complaint in the school and met the school bus and confronted the bully, threatened to jerk her off the bus. This student was dismissed from the school. The point being my parents addressed the problem, confronted the school officials, the bus driver and the bullying student, and I had no further problems. A problem which seems so minor in retrospect, compared to all that’s taking place today. The bottom line is, my parents addressed it head-on, and the problem was resolved.

It’s different today. Many parents are intimidated by the school officials, if they attempt to address predatory problems involving their children. The methodology of school officials handling problems today generally speaking, is to make the parent feel guilty, and powerless to do anything.

The root cause lies in the system of Socialized schooling, and nothing is going to change until that is addressed. The problems of child abuse in this country are much wider spread than most parents realize.

I have one daughter who retired and became a foster parent. The number of children turned over to DFACS as the result of abuse is staggering. The manner of handling abuse cases by school officials and the courts was so heartrending to her, she stopped being a foster parent.

There is something very wrong in the system of things we live in today. I know, because I have lived long enough to know it has not always been this way. Child abuse was not tolerated in the era in which I attended schools, in the thirties and forties. Parents and teachers were caring and responsible people, who placed a high value on the safety and well-being of the child, while they were being educated.

Not so in today’s climate. The question is, what happened to cause the conditions out-pictured and reported in the news today? What has caused it? It is the cause which must be addressed to change the paradigm of child rearing and education. Pouring more money into the system is not the answer. Unless the root cause is addressed, then child abuse will continue, and worsen.

The current news reports of the Penn State child abuse is not an isolated situation. Living in this era of social media, where so much is reported by so many, the question is, why was this activity of such horrendous child abuse allowed to go on over a decade? There’s a reason it took place and extended over such a long period, involving so many victims, adversely affected for the rest of their lives.

If it follows the pattern of the way child abuse has been handled for the past five or six decades, the outcome is predictable. If the cause is ignored, the way it has been the past fifty or sixty years, then expectations can only be more of the same.

Conversely, if it can be viewed as a wake-up call to the apathy of the American people, which prompts a decision and actions to change the system of things, that would be a blessing. Certainly, young innocent children deserve more attention, protection and education than they are currently receiving.



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