Yesterday I was in the grocery store when the weather turned so dark, my security lights were on in the middle of the day, when I returned. The winds blew, rain poured, and there was thunder and lightning. Turned on the news and weather reports said tornadic weather was passing through this area. When this happens, I crack a front window and a rear window, to level off any atmospheric pressure build-up. Don’t know if this is necessary, but something I heard years ago, living in Florida when a hurricane was approaching. The storm system yesterday passed through so fast, within an hour the winds subsided and the sun came out.

Everything seemed so calm and serene, then heard on the news that one man lost his life sitting in his SUV, when a tree fell across his vehicle. We never know what’s apt to happen as a result of weather, and there’s nothing we can do about it. But everyone talks about the weather. It’s an activity of the Universe, totally out of our control.

So it goes in life, much goes on we have no control over, on the other hand, there’s a great deal we can control, relative to what happens on a day-to-day basis, in our individual lives. We have no control over what another human being does and thinks, but we can sometimes influence decisions of others, and others can influence us.

I have almost 700 articles posted on the internet, and have written many articles about politics. None of which have changed the direction of this country, however from the emails and comments I receive, some have been influenced to stop and think about what’s taking place in this country, and that’s the first step required to make changes in the way we act and approach the many challenges we face, in today’s world of upheaval.

One of my favorite stories is about the young man, sitting in the psychiatrist’s office for testing, and the psychiatrist using the Rorschach test of slinging ink on a blank piece of paper, then asking the patient what he saw. In each ink blot the patient described seeing something sexual. When the psychiatrist asked why he viewed something sexual in each one, the patient replied, “You’re the one drawing the dirty pictures, not me.”

An example apropos of what’s happening in today’s world, relative to the rhetoric of politicians and some news pundits. Fanning the fire, stoking violence via their manner of reporting, as evidenced in the so-called Occupy movement. Instead of just reporting factually, exaggerated editorializing, slanted towards the political slant of their persuasion. Political candidates, talking out of both sides of their mouths, saying one thing one day and contradicting the next day. Dazzling the listener with all their confusion, double-talk and double-think.

For example, there’s one Liberal news reporter in support of socialized medicine, almost nightly saying, medical care is a basic human need throughout the world. A repetitious suggestion that all of us have a responsibility to pay into a government mandated system of medical care, for everyone else. Like a mantra, suggesting medical care is the sole need of human beings around the world. What about the “need” for food, clothing and shelter? Should everyone be penalized to pay for all these human needs?

Taking from one, the producer, to satisfy the”need” of another via a method of taxation, supports the premise that stealing is justifiable in certain situations. I, for one, believe stealing is wrong, and cannot be justified under any conditions. As harsh and uncaring as it might seem to those who support a system of thievery, the bottom line is the morality or immorality of a thing can be determined by natural laws of the universe, and those great documents, such as the Ten Commandments.

Accordingly the constant hawking about “need” from pundits and politicians, to justify the taking from one to give to another, in violation of the will of the owner, is not a reasonable argument. But we are living in an era where so many try to justify by repetition. In other words, if something is repeated enough times to convince, an invalid argument becomes valid and accepted by repetition.

Another modus operandi is the bait and switch game plan of politicians, speaking out for one thing and another different idea the next day. This promotes confusion, and the majority of Americans are living in such confusion, they have lost sight of Right and wrong, flock to the polls and pull a lever on impulse. With a underlying notion that they can transfer their responsibility on to whoever the politician is on the ballot box. Justifying actions, by kidding themselves into believing they are performing their “duty” to vote.

We innately know something is wrong. The Proof is in the pudding. This once great Nation, that provided the most good for the greatest number, lived in a system set forth by our founding fathers that provided the path for the condition. Now we are far down the track of another system, of Socialism, which is the antithesis of personal freedom and Private property ownership, resulting in the conditions we face today. No need listing the undesirable conditions we face, we know what they are. They are the consequences of our departure from those Principles and Values upon which this nation was founded.

Can it be reversed? Not as long as we continue buying into the mantra of the liberal pundits and the hollow rhetoric of politicians. Not as long as the majority believe others are responsible to meet their “needs.” Not as long as we tolerate the abuse, heaped upon some, by others. Not as long as we reject our God-given Right to be responsible for our actions, believing self-responsibility is transferable. Not as long as we refuse to think and act according to the Principles of what is Right and moral.

We are now living in a period of reacting to what others say and do, as if they have some sort of Divine Right of Kings, and by some magic wand will act in their best interests. We have fallen into the trap of believing socialized schooling, which indoctrinates, somehow translates to education.

Truth is that which is – the absence of a lie. We are now living in a country where the lie of Socialism is a better system than a Republic, a system of free-enterprise, capitalism, where the individual is free, with property Rights ownership. Now a nation of angry, confused citizenry, unwilling to admit that we once had the best of all worlds, and unwilling to do what is necessary to return to that system which so many fought and died for. We are so far into the alternative system of Socialism, it has become taboo to talk about Freedom, much less act with self-responsibility, which Freedom requires in order to sustain and maintain.

The least we can do is be honest enough with ourselves, to admit we have done it to ourselves. Without a shot being fired.




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