There’s a growing notion in this country that occupying a space somehow transfers over to ownership. This peculiar manner of thinking has an underlying sense of entitlement, beginning with the idea, “I can park myself on a piece of property, start yelling for thousands to join,” and somehow, occupancy by numbers constitutes ownership. Evidenced by the occupant’s dictation of terms they demand. Not a current isolated case but a notion that has spread across this country like wildfire.

It all began a couple of months ago in Zuccotti Park, in New York. According to news reports, this is a privately owned, public access plaza, created in 1968 by the City Zoning special permit issued pursuant to the then existing authority of the New York City Zoning Resolution. Apparently sometime after the “Occupy movement” of Wall Street began, the owner issued a set of rules, which prohibited a number of activities, which the Owner of property has a Right to do.

The thousands of occupiers set up tents, generators, structures, and other things, to live there around the clock, and began claiming they had “Rights” ala carte to act as they chose on property which did not belong to them.

This dispute between the owner and the squatters has brought on rioting, killing, rape and so much civil disobedience, it has cost taxpayers untold millions for police, courts and clean-up, not to mention the cost to merchants, who operate their businesses in the area. And the disruption to normal day to day business in the area.

The City ordered the protestors to vacate the property. A judge rejected a request for a temporary restraining order that would have required the City to allow the squatters back in the park. Which has brought about all sorts of actions and re-actions, yelpings from protestors, claiming violations of First Amendments Rights.

A situation which appears to me, has evolved into a condition tantamount to madness. An angry mob, promoting mob-rule of the “group.” Sadly it has reached this hellish state, because angry mobs do not listen to reason. However, the current results were predictable from the outset. The question is, why did the powers-that-be that run the City of New York, or any other city, permit this to happen? When the outcome was predictable from the outset.

If these conditions are not a wake-up call to the American Citizenry of the actuality of where we stand in this Country, the question is: What’s it going to take? The forfeiture of ownership Rights will always result in the events we now witness.

Let’s just back up for a little 101 analysis. This country was formed for individual Freedom and Private Property ownership Rights. In order to own anything, it must have a boundary, and be under the control of the Owner.

According to news reports, Zuccotti Park is a privately-owned piece of property. According to the great moral guides of the Ten Commandments, the Declaration of Independence, and the laws of the Constitution, the jurisdiction and control of the Park property belong to the owner. Nothing complicated about that, so why all this wrangling, and squabbling in the courts and police involvement? Why all this pretense the squatters, somewhere in the mix, the trespassers, have some power of say-so in the matter?

Ownership of property is a total concept. Which means the owner has a right oftotal control to do as he chooses, without permission from anyone. Contrary to this fact, the courts, the police, and City Politicians, are all tangled up in the notion that non-owners of the Zuccotti Park property, somehow, by some process of osmosis, have insinuated themselves into a position of part-owner, by virtue of the fact they decided to occupy, trespass, and invent claims. And that which we understand from universal and manmade law, no longer applies, and is being replaced by an up for grabs mentality. This is uncivilized lawlessness, spreading across this Country, using the happenings in Zuccotti Park, as the case to replicate.

Everything this Country was founded upon is at stake, in the current happenings referred to as “occupy.” The thousands who fought and died in the Revolutionary war, those who pledged their lives and fortunes, died in vain, unless we stop, think, and decide to put a stop to this current onslaught relating to private property ownership in this country.

Freedom and ownership of property are so intertwined, can’t have one without the other. What’s the alternative, if not bondage?

Do not be misled this upheaval of so-called, “occupiers” is about the plackards they carry, nor the mantras they scream, that’s the smoke-screen, out-picturing the dishonesty of their intentions. It’s an organized plot to destroy individual Freedom and Private property ownership Rights, the very foundation upon which this nation was founded. It’s the con-game of the Communist, Fascist, Marxist one-worlders. They are modern-day squatters. Irresponsible, and bankrupt of morality, who have nothing, not even a sense of common decency, We the People have allowed to make inroads to the extent that the courts, financed by the victims, have taken their cause up for consideration.

The court system has become so corrupt, they consider non-owners of property have some Rights to that which does not belong to them. They let child molestors back on the streets, and order abused children back with abusive parents. They order children back into the compulsory attendance socialistic system, after being bullied and abused, and on and on, the injustice of the system of things, continues.

This Country of the people, by the people and for the people is no more, that’s history, and now a country of the powerful, by the powerful and for the powerful, those we the people elected by voting them into their positions, to rule. The results being the loss of individual morality, and the sense of Right and wrong. The loss of the intestinal fortitude required to stand up, speak up, and act to stop the onslaught on personal freedom and Private property ownership Rights.

The Socialist dream of those who lust for power, is now in full swing. The political disregard of human Rights, by the bold and powerful war-lords, is in charge. Replaced by violence and injustice. While we sit idly by and watch from our living rooms, nightly. As if it’s something happening in some third world country in Africa.

Dear hearts and gentle people, it is happening to you, and your children and your property. It is very late. but may not be too late, to take back the Freedoms we have lost. Tomorrow may be too late. If not now, when? The loss of Freedom and Property Rights has been accomplished by the strife and injustice we have tolerated the past several generations. Now out-pictured by the “occupiers,” a motley group, taking over property which does not belong to them, by lying down, with drink and drugs, rioting and raping, while we look to the police and the courts to handle. Acting as though we are just on-lookers and had nothing to do with today’s happenings.

“The saddest words of tongue or pen, are these few words, it might have been.”

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC


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