In the current news cycle is the story about sexual abuse of children at Penn State University, accusations relate to college personnel as the perpetrators of the criminal activity.

I checked my newsletter articles for the last couple of days and saw very little relating to the scandal at Penn State. News is dominated by presidential debates, and the sex scandal of accusations towards presidential candidate Herman Cain. I couldn’t help but note there is much more news coverage about a 53-second lapse of Rick Perry’s memory than devoted to the child-sex story.

Right off the bat, my personal opinion about men using children for sexual gratification, is that it is one of the most henious crimes imaginable. And perpetrators should be dealt with swiftly, by removal from society, and placed on a remote island someplace.

When my children were growing up, I had no idea what a “pedofile” was. Never imagined there were men who preyed upon young boys for sex purposes. I was aware that young girls were sometimes targeted for sex purposes, but never in my wildest imagination knew young male children were exploited for sex. For me, personally, any knowledge about pedophilia, and the crime relating to male children, came late in life. I was naive and ignorant about the subject, for many years.

As I recall, it was in the eighties when there was much in the news about Catholic priests raping young boys, and the cover-up stories that accompanied the news stories. I was shocked and horrified by the stories. And no less horrified at the stories coming out of Penn State today.

It goes without saying, we live in a country where the accused is presumed innocent until tried in a court of law. But seems to me, in this day and age, it doesn’t take much and not very long for the truth to come out relative to the acts of child-abuse via sex crimes.

Stories now coming out about the accused perpetrator, Sandusky, as being involved in activities not only acts of his sexual abuse of children, but also of “pimping” the children out to those who were large monetary donors to the college. Reports going back to 1998,”the defensive co-ordinator” was guilty, “improper conduct with an under-age male.” Children pimped out to “Rich Donors” to the college.

There is much going on in this nation, for law-abiding, moral citizens to be concerned about, however protection of young innocent children, should take priority. And everyone should have moral indignation, over child abuse stories, such as the current one coming out of Penn State. Because child abuse in schools is rather pervasive, and takes many forms, but none worse than sexual abuse by those paid to teach, and look after the well-being of innocent children.

The heinous, corrupt crimes of sexual exploitation of children, is usually performed in such secrecy, great damage has been done before it’s known. In the Penn State situation, it’s now being revealed, a number of those in jobs of authority at the school knew about it, and are charged with being participants of a cover-up. That’s a double-whammy tragedy, and speaks volumes about a civilized society that not only condones, but participates in cover-ups, of such heinous acts.

From reports, it appears top-educators placed greater importance on their athletic program than the safety and well-being of innocent children placed in their care, to teach. When one considers just speaking up and speaking out could have saved just one child, if not unknown numbers, and college level educators kept quiet, it is incomprehensible to understand why. What kind of value system causes grown, educated men to remain silent with information relative to sexual abuse of children? It’s a staggering horrendous story, which calls for full disclosure, no matter who those were that participated in the cover-up.

The damage to the victimized children has already been done, which so adversely effects the rest of their lives, surely, the least that can be expected is full disclosure via an in-depth investigation, and public exposure of every-one connected in any way, shape, form or fashion, should be demanded and expected. And any- and everything, to prevent future acts of such an intolerable crime, should be considered as a top priority.

Silence gives consent, and those who knew about the criminality of sexual acts perpetrated upon young children, and did not report it, are guilty of a cover-up. What kind of person participates in such a cover-up? I personally cannot imagine, how nor why one chooses to live by such immorality. This entire Nation should be outraged over all that’s being revealed relative to this current news story. Exposure with consequences, is a tool of prevention, which should be used today to stop further acts. Along with eternal vigilance by parents, teachers, neighbors and friends. The onslaught of criminal acts perpetrated upon innocent children, must be stopped at any cost.

This latest story coming out of Penn State, sounds like something from some uncivilized third world country,not a story one expects from a civilized society. Not a country built upon individual inalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and Happiness. These heinous acts, perpetrated on young children by grown men, impede and stamp on the inalienable Rights of a child, by their decisions to hurt and harm, before the child has a chance at a life of Freedom and Happiness. What could be a worse crime than that?

From the Rothschild family, John Sherman, comes this quote: “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.”




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  1. Bear says:

    What I find so interesting is you could never find this anyewhre else.