I recently received an e-mail from a young high school student which read: “I attended Freedom Mountain Academy last year, and was introduced to your actions in the school systems at Patriots Day last April.”

“As I started my own research after leaving FMA, I found your blog and read several articles including those on your Patriots Day experience. I have realized how important it is to have people like you who carve the way for future generations who wish to make the best life for their kids and themselves. For showing me how you took action to improve your family’s life and how you opened up future generations to being critical thinkers, I would like to thank you very much.” Yours sincerely, Eryn

Since that initial contact, I have been corresponding with Eryn, and he has a very interesting story to tell. One that relates disenchantment with the dull and boring indoctrination of a young student caught up in the compulsory attendance laws, having to to sit in a class room, subjected to the teachings in a tax-supported public school room today.

On my website, I have many articles posted about the current public school system. Detailed stories about the horrors of my experiences, raising my own children, now grown with children of their own. Reading my acounts of my experiences, one might think, “Oh well, that was back then, and things have changed and improved in this generation of children, attending public school today.”

Eryn is a young school student still in high school today, one who left the public school system to attend a sophomore year in a private school, where the Philosophy of Freedom is taught. Not only taught but Freedom is experienced in a setting of academics, and a lifestyle of actually living to be self-responsible, where one is encouraged to think for themselves. A Socratic method of inquiry, where the student is taught to question, and not accept the status quo of indoctrination into Socialism taught in public schools today.

Here’s an inside look into the ethics of the teachings Eryn experienced the sophomore year of attendance at FMA: “Denied animal instincts, humans must guide themselves through life on the motivation provided by their attitudes. Attitudes are strongly-held answers we develop to such questions as, “What does this person, object or idea mean….to me?” Our answers to these questions are based on imputs we receive directly from our five senses, and indirectly from the opinions or ideas of other people. Moreover, our attitudes are strongly influenced by the ethics of our day and our personal moral code. FMA students learn the vital difference between the words moral and ethical and discover how critical relativism has been used to undermine the moral foundations upon which this Country was founded.”

Eryn, after earlier years in public schooling, then one year at FMA, now attending another private school to complete high school, writes: “I know exactly what you mean by indoctrination of the young minds, because several years ago I was in the public school system. I felt like I was no longer progressing and gaining, so my family and I started to look for other options. My parents met the family of a girl who had gone to FMA, so I applied, and started a very new but very rewarding adventure.”

In subsequent correspondence, Eryn writes, “The most important piece of knowledge I acquired there was not to believe what I hear in the media and from the government, because there is almost always more to the situation and there is always another side to the story. I learned this through various examples, such as the Ruby Ridge incident. I was given lots of evidence about the situation and given the opportunity to learn more about it. I was able to come to my own conclusions and it did not co-incide with that of the government and most widespread media portrayal. I learned more about how to live and think for myself during my one year at FMA, than I did in my ten years of public schooling. Because of this I now know how I want to teach my own future children, what kind of future I want for them.”

I have written in previous articles, my very firm belief that the direction of this Nation down the road of Socialism, will not change, unless the current Socialist school system is dismantled and changed over from what it is, a system of indoctrination, to a system of education.

This story and testimony from a student still in high school today is a powerful one.

continued in PART TWO.


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