The public-socialized school system has been in effect for a long time, however it has been a lengthy process from the original process of teaching history, literature, arithmetic, science, biology, and other subjects from the standpoint of truth, to its current curriculum of untruths, all slanted towards socialism.

I was in grade school in the earlier days, before socialist teachings had taken hold to the extent we have today. But my children were subjected to the onslaught, before I removed them. In my day and age, most of the teachers were aunts, cousins and neighbors, still teaching instead of indoctrinating. My parents, like most back then, read the textbooks and helped daily with lessons, and my parents were home every night from working on the farm to help with lessons. They were well aware of what was being taught.

Today it’s different, most parents both working outside the home, too busy to pay much attention to what their children are being spoon-fed in the classroom. Plus the fact their parents are products of the same teachings and unaware of the subtleties of the indoctrination process.

Education should be in the free-enterprising system, where everyone pays for their children to be taught. I know many will yelp and say, “I can’t afford it’,” but does that justify the system of thievery we have today? Does that justify 12 years of indoctrination into the tenets of socialism? Turning out millions annually, ignorant of truth, non-educated, all dressed up with no place to turn, other than going to their room to play with an i-pad or i-phone? Irresponsible, no chores to do. Then many graduating looking for more government hand-outs to go to college, for more of the same? I just heard on the news today, over 90% of college cost is government funded.

Wake up parents, you innately know all this is wrong. But what can you do about it? And the important question is, do you want to do anything about it? If so, the first thing one must do to approach any problem about anything is be well informed on several areas relative to changes. Once you are well informed about the issues, then there’s a decision as to whether or not to proceed. And if the decision is to proceed, then one must write out their plan, detailing as much as possible from all angles.

Once this is done, then you need one other trusted friend to discuss it with. If there are two in agreement and the decision is to set out to change the system of schooling, there’s a route to take, beginning with attending school board meetings to learn how they operate. Once you have informed yourself, made a decision to proceed, have one other friend in agreement to work with you, attended several Board of Education meetings, then you lay out your battle plan, of tactics and strategies.

The object is not to change the public school system from within, thinking you’re going to improve the current system, because it can’t be done. It has to be replaced with a system not government-operated, nor government- funded. In other words the system of thievery it is based upon, must be dismantled and replaced with one in the Free-enterprising system, because it is a business, and can only be operated morally under that system.

A daunting task, to say the least, but not only can it be done, it must be done if there’s any hopes of this Nation surviving, any way, shape, form or fashion, in accordance with the Principles under which this country was founded and thrived on for a number of years. It must begin with the stoppage of the millions of children sitting in classrooms today being indoctrinated in the basic tenets of Karl Marx socialism.


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