In this information age, there’s such an abundance of material available gratis, no excuse for anyone to be ignorant of what is going on in this country, around the world, and down your street. Granted, you will have to sift through propaganda of the liberal leftists to discover simple truths. However at this stage of conditions in this country, no one can afford the luxury of a closed mind and the unthinkingness so many have become accustomed to.

There is no substitute for freedom, you either have it or you have bondage. And Freedom is a total concept. It’s in your Mind, Will, and Emotions. I Became Consciously interested in Understanding Freedom way back in the late fifties, and have a number of articles posted, telling the story of my life, including the battles I have fought, standing up for my Freedom.

I’m amazed at how few grasp the meaning of Freedom, and how few are interested in it, and how few talk about it. Despite the fact we are in a period of upheaval with a lot of anger and resentment, seeking change, so few appear to comprehend what it is they are upset about. Gathering in groups, from Occupy to Tea Party, my question is, what is the goal?

It’s clear to me, there are only two options for life in these United States, and that’s Freedom or Bondage. If not, what is? What is the upheaval this country is currently experiencing, all about?

Anyone with one eye and half-sense, knows Freedom is under attack. But are apparently afraid to talk about it. So many are acting like a deer caught in headlights, while the so-called liberal leftists in this country are taking over. Well-organized, with community leaders, State and National leaders, leading the march down the road of Socialism, the enemy of Freedom, either brand, Communism or Fascism.

The good news is, there’s a small minority in this country, who do understand Freedom, and know what and why we are at this place in History. But no one has come up with a solution to lead this country back to the principles upon which it was founded, i.e., individual Freedom and Private property Ownership. However, those out to destroy and transform to a complete Socialist State, have many leading the pack, making speeches and flailing their arms, commanding front row media attention.

They have known a long time going back, preceeding the Roosevelt era of the thirties, the route to take to lead a nation into Socialism is via the schools. Over 60 years of indoctrination into the philosophy of Socialism, has been taught from Kindergarten through college. Starting with the Compulsory attendance laws, the Socialist left have a captive audience to indoctrinate, and the underlying purpose is to destroy Freedom, and control the masses for their ultimate goal of a One World Government.

Now, almost there at the goal post, where are the Freedom Fighters, and who is out there speaking up in a leadership role? None of the candidates for election in 2012 have Freedom and private property in their platform, only how to replace political government control with a different kind of political government law and control.

For quite sometime, I kept thinking surely this is the year someone would rise up from the ranks of 300 million-plus with the fire in their belly, to speak up for Freedom, and dare be a leader to re-transform this Nation back to its original purpose and aim. But no one has come forth, not yet, and time is of the essence.

Many were mis-led by the charisma of President Obama, when he spoke so eloquently about “Transforming America” in 2008. Without ever explaining what he meant, and no one asked. From day one in office he showed this country what he meant by Transformation, when he pushed one Socialist program after another through Congress.

After the 2010 election, he lost control of the House of Representatives, now announcing he’s going to rule by executive order and bypass Congress. Still a very charismatic speaker, seems to have lost his stinger, but has a better chance of being re-elected than anyone on the horizon.

As Thomas Paine said, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

In my next article of this series, I have a solution to suggest.





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