I grew up in another era, a different generation. I attended the same school from first grade through graduation. It was a large country school, where all grades were taught in the same 3-story building. A rather large campus with several additional buildings. One was a gymnasium, where I played basketball four years as captain of the team. Another was the home economics building, where cooking, food preparation and sewing were taught.

In every classroom a large picture of George Washington hung. A flag waved in the wind outside and the Pledge of Allegiance was said by all students on a regular basis, and “America the Beautiful” was sung in the large auditorium. Stage plays were held frequently, and many field trips in high school.

I attended the same school until graduation with the exception of one half-year, when I attended a one-room school house. An aunt was the teacher, and wanted someone to accompany her in the horse-drawn buggy, and I was the designated passenger. I think it was third grade.

A huge difference in the things I was taught and the material taught in classrooms today. I have an up-coming article about a student of this generation, who attended public schooling, with an exception of one year in a high school private school where the Philosophy of Freedom was taught. A very interesting perspective on schooling as it is today, from the personal experience of a student.

It is my sincere belief that the ditch this country is in today, facing economic collapse, has already been transformed from a Nation of Freedom, to a Socialist Country. And the root cause came about as a result of several generations of Socialist indoctrination, in the tax-funded Socialist system of schools. Nothing is going to re-direct this country back to the Principles upon which this nation was founded until that system is dismantled and replaced.

In the preceeding articles of this series on schooling, I have pointed out, and explained as clearly as I know how, why this is the case. There is plenty of supporting evidence to support this premise as the underlying cause, and I have neither heard nor read of any other cause as glaring as this one is.

If one does not believe this, and thinks there is some other reason as to why, in less than 300 years, this Nation has drifted from Freedom to the bondage of Socialism, I’d like to hear it. This country has been indoctrinated into a belief in Socialism via a method of brainwashing from pre-k through high school and on into college. A pre-determined, well-orchestrated plot by power seekers, covering several generations.

Anyone out there interested in returning this nation back to the Principles upon which it was founded, must begin with the history of schooling, and face the reality of what it is today.

The reversal can begin with one parent, so fed up with the system of indoctrination, they determine to do something about it. The first order of business is to be well-informed about conditions as they are today and how these conditions took place. Then find one other person in agreement and start attending local school board meetings, because the system is operated from the local school board. One does not start from the top down to make changes but from the bottom up.

It will be a battle, because we are now in a war of ideas, and no battle is ever won without a battle plan. I wrote a book a couple of years ago, titled “The Battle Plan,” outlining specifics of tactics and strategies of winning a battle in anything, that is, a non-military battle; and only now am in the process of having published.

If you are the parent of a school age child, disenchanted with the current socialized school system, and interested in a plan of action to change things for yourself and your child, you can write to me via email. My email address is listed at the bottom of each article posted.

In the book, I describe some of the battles I fought in the current system, detailing the specifics of how to operate the Battle Plan. During those years my children were of school age, I set out thinking I could improve the system as it is, discovering there is no way to improve an immoral system. The current system is immoral, based upon thievery. I set out to defy the compulsory attendance laws, and removed my children, at a time when defiance and home school was unacceptable to the powers-that-be. Thus, I faced arrest more than once.

My story and plan are non-fictional, based upon actual personal experiences and a plan I devised relative to my desire to educate my children, to replace the indoctrination they were subjected to in the public school system. Not only stopping the indoctrination, but dealing with the abuse young children are subjected to in today’s public schooling. The power lies with the parent to accomplish that. And no one else.

Again I quote the great strategist Sun Tzu, who said: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself and not the enemy, for every victory gained you will suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”




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