My subject matter for my web-page articles, covers a multitude of areas, including one that is dear to my heart, and that’s the socialized tax-funded public school system.

My children are all grown up and my grandchildren are privately educated and homeschooled, therefore I do not have “a dog in the fight,” so to speak. Not directly, that is; however everyone in this country is directly and indirectly affected as a result of the current school system.

Without mincing words, I’ll get right down to the nitty-gritty bottom line problem, which is the major cause this nation is in the condition we face, and that’s the socialized school system. We are now in the fifth or sixth generation of a populace who are products of that system.

From kindergarten to age 18, children are compelled to attend the public school system, with a few exceptions of those who are homeschooled or attend expensive private schools. And even those are subjected to state mandated textbooks which are filled with teachings of the tenets of the philosophy of Socialism.

In the past, I have personally waged more than one fight in areas of injustice, but spent more time and effort battling the school system than anything else. Ultimately arriving to a conclusion, there’s nothing I or anyone else can do to improve the system itself. Because it is based upon the immorality of a system of thievery. Filled with corruption, as exposed the past few months, in all the national publicity relative to schools in Georgia.

The cost of this system of schooling is estimated one-hundred billion plus, paid for by taxpayers. Here in Georgia, according to budget and planning, the cost is 8 billion plus annually, over half the state’s budget.
Because the system itself is based upon the concept of Socialism, it is ludicrous to believe the system is going to teach anything contrary to its foundational nature. Therefore students are indoctrinated into the tenets of Socialism from a very early age.

They are not taught according to the Principles upon which this Nation was founded. That is, the Principles of Freedom, and the foundational history of this nation. Instead the teaching of any subject is from the standpoint of acceptance of Socialism.

It is because of this we now wind up living in a nation so steeped in the the tenets of Socialism, there’s little resemblance to a Republic of a free people. And every day, the precept on precept of Socialism piles higher and higher, controlling individual lives, so eroding Freedom, its taboo to talk about it.

Resulting in the anger, resentment, confusion, and frustration we hear reported on the nightly news. And the only solution is to campaign to elect more of the same via the political process. Like feeding an alcoholic more booze to solve the problem.

In my opinion, it is simply commonsense rationale, to recognize the cause of the problem, in order to formulate a solution. Certainly, every nine months of turning out another crop of millions indoctrinated in the tenets of that which caused this current situation of a nation near collapse, is not the answer.

Of all the outcroppings of departments of the bureaucracy that run the show in this country, it appears to me, the department of education would be the easiest to tackle, and would change the dynamics of our current plight and direction more effectively than anything else. I suggest it would be the easiest, because the school system is operated by local school boards, i.e., one’s neighbors. And when I suggest change, I mean a total dismantling of the system as it exists, and replaced by a system designed to educate instead of indoctrination.

Continued in PART TWO

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