We’re in a war of ideas in this United States. An undeclared war, and not a new war. I think mankind has always struggled between good and evil, and has always been in a war of ideas, particularly between those who wish to be free and those who wish to rule.

Here in this country, for many years after the Revoluntionary War, which triumphed Freedom over rulership from others for a period. But little by little, inch by inch, that element is always present in any society, which has a lust for power over others, never reduces itself, but always gaining, until it reaches the tipping point of ascendancy over individual Freedom.

For a number of years I thought everyone wanted to be Free. I recall being a senior in high school, chatting with a girlfriend, who asked me what I wanted in life. I said, “Sovereignty of myself.” Somewhere out of the blue came that response. I was actually thinking, how wonderful it’s going to be, going out into the world, being on my own without my parents telling me what to do and not do. I thought Freedom was doing what you wanted to, when you wanted to and how you wanted to, as a teenager. But I soon learned such is not the case.

Leaving the carefree life growing up on a farm, moving to the big city, and being on my own, I learned quickly, I had to work everyday and take care of myself. Being out from under parental care, I was responsible for my life and well-being. But really did not think much about Freedom, and unaware of the responsibility of it. It was a learning process. It seems there are some lessons, in life, despite the fact they may be taught, must be experienced to fully comprehend. And Freedom is one of those things.

As I observe on the news, happenings today, obviously there are many many, who never grow out of the paternalism of growing up and when they reach an age of emancipation, simply transfer over to the paternalism of political government.

Those out there in this world who lust for power over others to take and rule, are very aware of this, and either go into politics or become power brokers behind the politician, to pull their strings. And know how to manage others to work and be subservient to them. Unlike the parent who works, and teaches a child to be self-reliant, with wisdom and love, the power seeker promotes taking and re-distribution, to hold power over others, to maintain control via a mechanism that is insidious and devious, and the groundwork is laid, while the child is still with the parent, and begins at a very early age, through the public school system.

Today we see the out-picturing of the results of this in the so-called “Occupy” movement. That which used to be called “March for Freedom,” now named occupy, where the youth gather to eat, sleep, and gripe about the failure of Capitalism, and don’t even understand what it is. How could they when they have been schooled in Socialism from kindergarten age?

They neither understand Freedom nor desire it. They want paternalism into perpetuity. They yelp about the unavailability of jobs, when in actuality, they don’t want to work, but want others to work and take care of them. A job for them means a good-paying position, doing nothing, just showing up for eight hours.

The War of Ideas several years past, was about Freedom versus bondage, now evolved into a war of confusion. Communism and Fascism, the two main brands of Socialism, have triumphed over the Free-enterprise system of capitalism, to a very large degree. The inalienable Right to the voluntary exchange of goods and services, is cursed as the cause and the culprit of the ditch we’re in. And has become taboo to speak of Freedom, in many circles.

If you have the audacity to doubt the veracity of this, count the times the almost daily campaign speeches of the President, and speeches of all the other candidates, ever mention the word “Freedom.” You will discover it is passé and unfashionable to mention the word.

Accordingly, the con game of politics, which brought us to this brink, is in full swing, to destroy the last vestige of the Principles upon which this Nation was founded, namely individual freedom, and private property ownership, under the Capitalistic system.

How did we arrive at this place? Quite simply, we voted it into being, by believing the hawkings of politicians, instead of common sense rationale, and sanctioning their power over our lives to make decisions, we so foolishly thought superior to our own. We abandoned the self-responsibility of Freedom, and allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked into thinking a system of Socialism, which we know from history, is a system of bondage.

However, the system did not gain ascendancy over Freedom by being mentioned as Socialism, but other names and phrases, like The New Deal, The Great Society, Transformation of America, and the notion of doing business not as usual in Washington. Specifically, by the dialectic materialism of Marxism. Right out of the Communist Manifesto.

We are still very much in the throes of a War of Ideas, but the paradigm has changed, from Freedom vesus Bondage, to which brand of Socialism, Communism or Fascism. That’s the veiled mystery of the debate. Between politicians, protestors and the American people.

Harriet Tubman, involved in the humanitarian efforts of the Underground Railroad movement during the early part of the last century, said: “I freed thousands of slaves, I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.”



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