I have an article on money, posted a couple of years ago titled: “All That’s Past is Prologue; Do You Want to Know What’s Happening to You In This Country?”

The article was re-printed in its entirety in DGC Magazine in its 2009 May print edition. A monetary magazine. In an introduction to the article, the editor gave me one of the highest compliments I have ever received, relative to my articles, stating: “I would accept Anne’s wisdom and advice any day of the year over some Wall Street jockey from Goldman Sachs.” Then added, “To my readers, listen up.”

It was a lengthy article and some of the things in this article may be a repeat from that 2009 story. Yes, my mother did love money, and despite the fact she taught me ways to handle it, I did not inherit a love of it. But she grew up in an earlier part of the last century when gold was the standard.

I view money as simply a medium of exchange. Because we have been living in an era of worthless fiat paper for several decades, as the medium of exchange, the question is, why? The answer is because the people accept it. We could use shoe laces or corn cobs as a medium of exchange if the people accepted it.

My interest in understanding money began back in the early sixties when I was studying the Philosophy of Freedom, and the study of economics was a part of it. The two main economists, Ludwig Von Mises, who wrote Human Action and Murray Rothbard, who wrote, What Government Has Done to Our Money.” These two books impacted on me and at the time I was living in Reno, Nevada, where silver dollars flowed like wine.

I discovered in my study of the history of money, there were no contradictions, and followed a pattern. And all the signs were there at the time for hard money to disappear.

I had returned to the states in 1960 after four years in Japan, where I had witnessed a sudden change in currency, and saw women with wheelbarrows of paper money outside the gates of Grant Heights where I lived, trying to unload it. So I knew things could happen rather quickly regarding money.

I knew my mother, living in Georgia at the time, knew how to handle money and could squeeze a nickel ‘til the buffalo hollered. I wrote to her about my studies, and suggested silver was set to disappear quickly. Without question she “got it” and later told me after reading my letters, she never let a silver dime leave her hands, after my letter. Not only that, she had my brother, living in Montana at the time, cross the border into Canada, and buy Canadian silver dollars, by the thousand-dollar bag.

One would never guess how she stored those bags of silver dollars. She obtained gallon glass jars, filled them with the silver dollars and covered them with cornmeal and kept them in her refrigerator. And never spent them. And sure enough, rather quickly, silver dollars were replaced at Reno gambling clubs with chips.

Like many families, I have some in mine, very greedy, and her estate was raided before she passed, and the silver dollars were nowhere to be found. I contested her will, trying to recover my share of the silver dollars. But a greedy thief has no problems lying, and in probate court, the response was she had given the money to a family member before she passed and I never saw one of the thousands of dollars she had in silver dollars, after she passed. My mother did not give money away.

Throughout history, silver and gold has been the accepted medium of exchange. It has intrinsic value, and there is a limited amount in the universe. Whereas paper money has no intrinsic value and any amount can be printed at the discretion of the political government and is happening today.

All the current hoopla about auditing the Feds, and moaning about political government’s handling of the currency, is hogwash, and doesnt amount to a hill of beans. The problem lies in the fact, government has no business controlling the money, and it should be in the Capitalistic, free-enterprising system. It is a commodity. I would suggest to anyone interested in knowing more about it to read Murrary Rothbard’s booklet titled, “What Government Has Done To Our Money.”

My article prior to this one, relative to the taboo of money, gives some insight into how the citizenry of this country has been so brainwashed with propaganda, they have been separated from their money, in a very insidious scheme. Those in charge of the political government along with the “invisible” money changers, have been scheming a very long time to control the people by controlling the money, to pave the way for a socialistic, “One World” system of government. And the average person has been asleep at the switch so long, unaware of what has taken place and is taking place. I suggest another book by John T. Flynn, titled “While You Slept,” is a good book to read.

Much is being written today comparing the incoming depression with the Great Depression of the thirties. I lived through that depression, while gold was still the standard, and believe me, there’s little to compare with what’s happening today and the era of the last Great Depression.

I have an interesting document. The divorce papers of my great-grandmother in the twenties. In the settlement she received land and ten-thousand dollars in gold. It’s been less than a hundred years ago when life was so very different, ludicrous to compare then with now.

In my opinion, we’re in for a rocky ride. A survival of the fittest. I thought what is happening today would take place back in the sixties, and prepared for it, however it’s all happening much later than I thought. Lo these many years later, I’m one of those unprepared, but I have lived a long and interesting life and my greatest concern is for my children and grandchildren, and all the others in the younger generation.

Saddened we have so squandered our Freedom, and all the wonderful perks that go along with being free. We have become a nation like sheep to slaughter. Unthinking, uncaring, abandoning the self-responsibility of the individual, forking over the power to operate our lives responsibly in Freedom to a greedy political power. Walking around with electronic devices in our ears, wearing dark glasses, most neither see nor hear nor heed , that which is taking place.

Heres a quote from “The Walking Drum,” 1984 by Louis Lamour: “Beware of those who would use violence, too often it is violence they want and neither Truth nor Freedom.”



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