There is so much going on in the world today on so many fronts in so many countries, it’s mindboggling to try to keep abreast of the news. Perhaps it just seems there’s more taking place than in years past because we are so connected with each other around the world via all the modern day electronics. A whole lot of shaking going on, and many changes taking place. Much relating to destructive forces at play, on numerous fronts.

Despite the fact there’s an appearance so much has changed, when we think about conditions today, much about our lives has not changed. It is the language that has changed drastically, the double-think mentality, which makes things appear so differently, when it’s same song, second verse, relative to much that is happening. We passed George Orwell’s 1984 sometime ago, and nowadays ordinary happenings are described and reported in a different manner, still using the English language. All the double-think double-talk is no happenstance; there’s a grand scheme game plan behind all of it.

Universal happenings seem to go in cycles. That is cycles, no human has any control over, like the weather. However, the behavior of human beings also follows certain cycles from fashion to politics. In either case, the Universal laws of Dependency and Opposition are always at play.

Currently, much attention is on the economy, jobs, Democrats versus Republicans, Palestine vs. Israel, Wall Street vs. Washington, Capitalistic system vs. Socialism, and the list goes on. Most news cycles are centering around the 2012 elections, still over a year away. And the vetting of hopefuls to be the next presidential front runner in the Republican Party is taking center stage. With sideline rumblings of a third party candidate.

At this particular time in our history, so much about the daily lives of all of us is teetering with uncertainty. And so much has changed in the past ten years. In previous articles I’ve described it as the inverted pryamid. This squirrelly uncertainty so many are experiencing currently appears to have placed a greater emphasis on solutions via political action than usual. Consequently, there is a lot of interest in the vetting of candidates.

Similar to a serial soap opera, we are at the stage of televised debates between Republicans, to select one to go head to head with the incumbent Democrat candidate Barack Obama. In this connection, a bird’s eye view of President Obama is in order.

When he emerged on the scene just a few years back, he was an unknown, appearing out of nowhere, it seems. A young charismatic orator, with little political experience and a resumé of little or next to none, in the area of the Free-enterprising system of business. Information about his background, relative to where he was born, places he lived, how he was raised, his core beliefs politically,and education, were sketchy and news reports dealt more with conjecture rather than substantiated facts relating to his background.

However, in the earlier part of 2008, while he was campaigning, Newsweek magazine devoted a great deal about him in their May and July issues. One cover stated “Faith & Politics-what he believes,” with an inside feature story titled: Obama’s No-Brainer on Education.” And another story titled: “At Arm’s Length,” related to the “Awkward past between Obama and Jesse Jackson.” Another was an interview of questions about his religious beliefs.

In the May 2008 issue of Newsweek, a lengthy article titled, “Sit Back Relax Get Ready to Rumble,” describes his battle plan and the team assembled around him. Mainly Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett. Another feature article by Newt Gingrich is titled: “Dear Senator Obama.”

A more detailed and informative Newsweek focus was the March 2006 issue, with a young picture of Obama on the cover, and a caption: “When “Barry” became Barack.” The most insightful story about the background and evolution of Obama I have read anyplace. But still many questions are left unanswered.

During his historical rise to the top of the heap in the 2008 campaign, he crisscrossed this country making many, many speeches. His speeches became repetitious mantras. “Yes we can,” “Change is Coming,” and the phrase, “Transformation of America” repeated over and over.

In one article titled: “The Obama Dividend,” the writer states: “The election of President Barack Hussein Obama would blow the minds of people in the Middle East and other regions, and help restore American prestige,” and in the same article states the Presidential Challenge is to “Re-arrange our mental furniture.” Another statement in the article states: “Barack Obama knows how to think big, elevate the debate and transport the public to a new place. That’s what real Presidents are for.”

All the excitement and hype over Obama in 2008 was just over three years ago; installed as the President of the United States in January 2009. In just over two short years, he has made tremendous change in this Nation, and has transformed America from that which the founding fathers had in mind, to what it is today. He has kept his promises, and fulfilled the prophecy.

During his time as President, so many pundits on televised news programs, newspaper and magazine stories have repeated their notion that they don’t really know who he is, ane spending their time trying to figure him out. Promoting the idea there’s some huge mystery about him. In previous articles, I have pointed out the fact that he tells us who he is, and proved it by what he does.

During all those flowery campaign speeches, he repeatedly told the American people he was going to change and transform this country, but never told how and no one asked him to explain what he meant. Furthermore, he hit the deck running as soon as elected, enacting the changes he had in mind, by all the programs he put in motion. While the right-brain common sense thinking of the majority of Americans appears to have gone on strike and wandering aimlessly in this propagandized state, unwilling to recognize nor admit what he had told us, and what he was doing with his promises.

There’s no great mystique about Obama, he’s been quite upfront and straight forward about his plans and programs. The clue for me during his campaigning was the fact I never heard him speak the word Freedom, back then, nor speak in terms of individual freedom, plus the fact he never divulged just what he meant by his promise of change and no one asked him to explain it. Now all these many months later a few of the pundits have caught on, and caught up to date with regards to all the socialistic programs enacted under his presidency.

Today, many months later, after the fact, the mood of the American citizenry is anger, confusion, and fear of the future, hearing all the current news about the state of affairs in this country. After accomplishing what he set out to do, i.e., transform America, now President Obama speaks in a very different tone, and the strategy for re-election is quite different from his original mantras. Obviously, he realizes, many are madder than a hornet over the programs he ramrodded through, and knows he can’t be re-elected on his record, therefore his tactics and strategies have switched gears. Now the tone is accusatory and blaming, re-asserting racism into his rhetoric and using inuendo to stir the emotions of the listeners, and talk of how bad things were when he took office. And how Congress sabotages all these great ideas he promotes.

His mystique of Who he is, has lost some of its lustre, now flailing for a comeback to be re-elected in 2012.





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