There are only two kinds of government, Political and Personal. All political governments around the world are by their nature Socialistic, to one degree or another. No political government has anything, until it first takes from someone. And the “taking” is not derived from voluntary giving, but by a threat. By the veiled or unveiled threat of a gun. Once this process begins, i.e., the taking, it never reduces itself but is always expanding from its outset.

This political government we live under today was carved out of the minds of a group of individuals, who placed a high priority on individual Freedom, and the history of their struggles to carve out a Constitutional Republic tells the stories of their arguments and discussions to reach a form of government resulting with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.The Declaration of Independence is the most nearly perfect document man has ever created.

On the other hand, the U.S. Constitution is a document of laws, with flaws. However, the original Constitution was the best anyone had ever devised to govern, and if adhered to, and not altered, had enough restraints in it to permit persons to live with Freedom, which is the self-responsibility of self-government. The inherent restraints in the document were placed upon the political government, conveyed as the servant of the people and not the people as servants of the government.

The implementation of this system of political government was just over two hundred years ago. A system that provided the most good for the greatest number, living under an economic system of Capitalism and Free-enterprise. Specifically, a system of voluntary exchange of goods and services, absent political restraints. Perhaps not a perfect system, but the closest thing to it ever devised by man, proven by the history of the struggles of mankind throughout Civilization.

But human beings are imperfect, and some more imperfect than others. And this flawed nature of some results in a desire to have power over other beings, to take property. This lust has resulted in changing this original document of manmade laws from its originality, with amendments to it, coupled with mis-interpretations of that which has remained unchanged in its original language. The power to accomplish this comes from the voting process. Which is the tool of voluntarily surrendering one’s individual power to govern themselves over to others, to decide what is to be done with their property. Which sanctions the actions of politicians, to adopt coercive measures to dominate and “legally” confiscate personal property.

Our founding fathers were smart and moral men, and it was not their intention for the results of the violation of the original document we are currently experiencing. However, the history of all the time and consideration placed on the formation of the Constitution, informs us the founders were well aware of the possibility of this happening. And thought they had placed enough safeguards in the document to prevent the results we have today.

Like dripping water, over a period of time, with each election, more and more increased their lust for power, and with each passing batch of politicians, larger bites taken out of individual Freedom, beginning with the notion that personal Freedom is a total concept, diminishing bit by bite with each passing election. Eroding the sanctity of the original meaning and intent, by the installation of the Constitution, which was meant to establish a set of laws, of reason, morality and Truth, designed to protect individual Freedom from such acts of greedy, immoral politicians operating the political government we experience today.

Because so many fought and died, placing their fortunes and lives on the line to attain freedom, those left to form a new government, realizing the pitfalls, did insert certain safeguards in the document they created. However, from my understanding of history, find it hard to fathom they believed a time would arrive, just over two hundred years later, when the people would vote into power a set of individuals who would declare the Constitution itself so outdated, they operate outside its basic tenets, by declaring it outmoded, and non-applicable in today’s lifestyle, and have replaced it with an embracement of the tenets of Marx and Engels, Communist Manifesto, the totalitarianism of Socialistic ideology.

In the records and writings left by those who fought and won the America Revolution, and those who formed this new government, it appears their love and desire for Freedom burned so profoundly in their hearts and minds, they were aware of the pitfalls, and consciously placed some safeguards in the document, to prevent its destruction and replacement by rules promoting bondage, but I don’t believe in their wildest imagination, it would ever be declared outmoded in its entirety, and could or would be so ignored as it is today.

Apparently they believed by the formation of three separate parts to the new government, i.e., the separate branches of Congressional, Executive and Judicial, there would be enough safeguards to insure the Constitution could and would endure into perpetuity. However the genius of their idea, did not take into account the power of propaganda, that is the lies, trickery, subterfuge and deception, so pervasive, and promoted so extensively with such intensity as we are experiencing today.

Who could have envisioned, the degree of creativity this country of free individuals could carve out of their minds, spirit and determination all the wonderful things we have today? Enjoying the greatness of the results of all this creativity, how, where, when and why, did We the People of 300 million-plus in this country, fall into the crevice of Socialism, which is the antithesis of individual freedom? Only by allowing the jack-hammer of propaganda could we be lulled into such a state of lethargy and unthinking, could it happen. Only by a well-conceived plan, that promotes the idea that the very word freedom is taboo, outmoded and passé, could the roots of Socialism take hold as it has today.

It did not happen overnight; we have so abandoned the self-responsibility of Freedom, that we tolerate tainted water, and poisoned food supply, permit the government to school and indoctrinate our children in the government-controlled schooling, outsource the means of production to foreign countries and tolerate the exorbitant cost of nation-building wars, allow the government to replace the money of gold and silver with worthless fiat paper as the medium of exchange. We the People have allowed a long list of activities to take place, by our own actions of voting into power those among us whose seduction and lust for power to ignore the Laws of the Constitution, have replaced it with a system of Socialism, i.e., taking from haves to give to have nots, while the game plan proliferates with each election, as the citizenry flocks to the polls to place their stamp of approval for more of the same.

The blame for the conditions now upon us lies with each of us individually. We have abandoned our inheritance of Freedom, and embraced the tenets of Socialism.

Thomas Jefferson said: “The price of Freedom is eternal Vigilance.”

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC


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