Televised political debates have become the replacement for all the cancelled soap operas. All the pre-hype leading up to each event is exceeded only by all the attention and analyses after each debate. They do have some entertainment value, plus the fact they provide some insight relative to the pulse of the public. Additionally, they provide insight into the personalities of each candidate and informs us that there’s not a tremendous amount of difference in any of them.

Many will recall all the publicity given to the “spotted owl” controversy several years past, when environmentalists delivered a crippling blow to the logging industry, by using the Endangered Species Act to protect the spotted owl. Epitomizing what politicians do best, and that is use their time, effort and energy to interfere with the productivity of the Free-enterprising system, curtailing Freedom, and taxing for a share of any money generated by whatever is leftover.

Surely, if there’s anything one can imagine causing our forefathers to turn over in their graves, it would be the knowledge that this government they carved out, of the people, by the people and for the people, has reached such depths of depravity that laws passed to place the wellbeing of a spotted owl over man’s inalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and Happiness, by cutting down trees for a roof over their heads, or heat from freezing weather.

But that’s only jacks for openers, because it does not stop there. The long arm of political government extends into every phase of our lives. And one positive aspect the Republican political debates bring to the surface is the extent of the intrusion of political government.

The Monday morning quarter-backing by pundits reporting their analyses of who said what, relative to the latest debate, deals mostly with the style of the methodology of response to questions by the Candidates, with emphasis on how poorly Rick Perry performed and how well Mitt Romney performed. Yesterday I listened to a replay of the debate in its entirety, and in my opinion, a very exaggerated reporting, because Rick Perry did not perform that badly, nor Romney all that outstandingly.

Both revealing a clearer picture of their past performance, as elected politicians occupying positions of power, which is an indication of their game play and political dance in the future, if elected as President. Which can be boiled down to the “spotted owl” theory of taking from haves to give to have nots, so glaringly portrayed in the Endangered Species Act. That is, taking away the ability of loggers to work and be gainfully employed, by interference in favor of the spotted owl, that produces nothing.

Specifically, both were like a deer caught in headlights. Governor Perry explaining his position, of using tax-payer money, at the tune of $22,000 per year to finance college education, for children of illegals, while ex-Governor Romney explaining, his socialized medicine program as something which should be placed in the hands of each of the 50 states to take from haves to give to have nots on a state level rather than the federal level.

The $22,000 per year for four years of college amounts to roughly $100,OOO for one illegal, after the government has already spent untold thousands to send the individual child of an illegal for 12 years in the tax-supported socialized school program. And the untold exorbitant amount spent on medical costs, for the program touted by Mitt Romney.

At this juncture, one should ask: “Can thievery ever be justified for any reason?” Because taxation by definition is involuntary relinquishment of one’s property [money]. In this connection, the bottom line from the standpoint of Right and Wrong, is not so much on how the money is spent, but on the taking from producers, by a gun or threat of a gun, to re-distribute to non-producers by a political system, ostensibly designed for “protection” in the grand scheme of the formation of a Constitutional Republic by our founding fathers.

I’m only pointing out these two schemes, as the bone of contention in the debates, but other similar arguments were presented. Instead of the paradigm of the debates being the pattern of what money is spent for after taking from producers to give to non-producers, wouldn’t it make more sense from the standpoint of Right and Wrong, to be debating the immorality, the system of thievery political government thrives and proliferates on in the first place?

The original purpose in the formation of a Constitutional Republic, was to “protect from foreign and domestic enemies,” with emphasis on individual freedom and private property Rights. The stray away from this original premise is ignored in the debates, with argument and attention on how, what and whom, regarding the re-distribution of the stolen loot.

Instead of the controlled news media reporting objectively, the news is centered around who gave the best performance during the debates. Treating the subject of Debates as if it was a serial soap opera. In essence it is a sort of soap opera. A modern day equivalent of “fiddling while Rome burns.”

While the candidates try to craftily display their wit and wisdom, it all winds up being a display of their errors of the past, and promoting more of the same for the future. Woven into the tapestry of their rhetoric of political and psychological theories, is the notion the American people will in 2012 do the same thing they have always done, and that is vote into power the most popular and finest orator, with skillful promises of the “Promised Land” by the super State.

These on-going debates could be and should be a reminder of the classic pyramid structure of political government. That is, in the beginning of this new-found form of government, the power of the people was represented by being the broad base of the pyramid and the tip of the pyramid as being the limited power of political government. Here we are just over 200 years later, living in an era of the inverted pyramid, upside down with the broad base of power at the top, and the power of the people represented by the tip at the bottom, and teetering. On the verge of collapse.

The reality is, the power of the people has been drained out and drummed out by the jack-hammer rhetoric of politicians still crying out for more of the same, which brought us to this brink of disaster we face today. As we continue hearing it, there’s no evidence that the majority of the 300 million-plus citizenry of this country have any notion to stop heeding it.

To date, there is no one on the horizon in the line up of candidates, neither Democrat nor Republican, who is qualified to lead this country out of the morass of Socialism we are mired down in today. Which leaves us with the question, what are you going to do?

Continued in Part Two

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