This is my third article about last week’s Presidential Republican Debate, and part two of the second article, a description of how I perceived the debates.

In no way, shape, form or fashion is it my intention to diminish the importance of the debates, because they showcase the pulse of the public and the intention of the line-up of Candidates for President of the United States.

I, like millions of others, listen carefully to what the candidates say, and more importantly, what they do not say. The priority of my personal interest is in the individual Freedom, and what is happening to the erosian of it, and what has already happened in this once great Nation, in a land of the Free.

It does not take a rocket scientist to know what has happened to this Country. And that is, a life of Freedom has been replaced by a different way of life, in a country that has fallen off the pedestal of Personal freedom and Private Property Ownership into the absymal mediocrity of Socialism. And I suggest the core cause is because the majority of people neither understand what Freedom means, nor do they value it. And there’s a cause of that.

The format of last week’s Republican Presidential Debates in Orlando, Florida, had a different format, by inviting the general public to submit questions to the Candidates. The largest number of questions dealt with the subject of Education. And as I see it, the most encouraging sign relative to all the other questions.

The root cause of this nation’s embrace of Socialism can be found in the so-called education system. That is the past five or six generations of students forced by the compulsory laws to attend tax-supported, government operated schools. Specifically, socialized schooling, which cannot be defined as education but indoctrination into Socialism.

Education can be defined as acquisition of knowledge. And stands to reason, no student is going to be taught the meaning of Freedom, and provided a truthful education, sitting in a class room operated on the basic tenets of socialism. Which is the antithesis of Freedom. Socialism is defined as “Public collective ownership or control of the basic means of production, distribution and exchange with the avowed aim of operating for use rather than profit, and of assuring to each member of society an equitable share of goods, services etc.” The doctrine of those advocating this system are products of all the past indroctination via the tax-supported school system. The buildings, teachers and everything from lunches to transportation are funded and operated by political government, operating under a system of socialism.

Additionally, the cost of all of it is in excess of 100 billion for the fifty states, and a large contributing factor for the economic ditch this nation is in. Here in the State of Georgia according to Budget & Planning, this schooling cost half of the state’s budget, in excess of 8 billion.

Understanding the majority of those living today have been indoctrinated into the tenets of socialism via this tax-suported school system, brings an awareness as to why we are in the conditions we face today. And until we admit to ourselves this fact, it’s unlikely anything will change, regardless of all the claims and programs any politician puts forth.

Despite the fact there is a small minority who understand the true meaning of Freedom, the majority neither understand it nor value it, preferring the nanny state of the entitlements of Socialism instead. And it’s because they have been indoctrinated in it via the school system.

The largest number of questions presented by the general public to the line-up of candidates indicates some parents know something is very wrong. But any solution by candidates is always, a different school, a manner of handling vouchers, changing the name to charter, or some claim the solution is dealing with effects not the cause.

This major cause of the state of Socialism in this country stems from the school system. It could be the the least troublesome to correct, because it can be resolved on a local level, inasmuch as it’s local neighbors in charge via the school board. However, in as much as it’s the elephant in the room, the ones pitching one kind of fix or another are themselves ingrained with the tenets of Socialism. And would be so politically unpopular, to dare mention education of one’s children is the responsibility of the parent and not the State. Therefore they just tap dance around it, with bandaid solutions, and reasons to retain and sustain the status quo relative to schooling.

All politicians, bar none I hear speak, support political government-operated schools, and all are for more and more funding to keep the feeding into Socialism, instead of saying or doing anything to support the privatization of schooling. And therein lies the crux of the source of why we are where we are today.

Schooling in this country, touted as education, is the root cause of the dilemma we face today, and there is no solution to the downward spiral of this nation into a country of Socialism, until the issue of government schooling is addressed and changed. It is big business which should be in the free-enterprising system. It operates on Marxist-Socialism.

I suspect consciously or subconsciously, many know the free-enterprising capitalistic system of doing business in this country is the only moral manner of doing business. However, because of their schooling and indoctrination, they cannot bring themselves to admit schooling falls into this category. All the school facilities, from buildings to buses, books and lunchrooms should be put on the auction block, for capitalistic free-enterprising individuals to bid on, to operate like other businesses. And only then will Socialistic schooling return to education instead of indoctrination.

Taking this approach to return this nation back to the principles upon which it was founded, is not just an answer, but the only answer, which will reverse the Transformation of America back to its founding Principles of personal Freedom and private property ownership and the Principles upon which this Country was founded.

Flocking to the polls in 2012 to switch politicians will only result in more of the same, no matter who jumps into the ring. Unless the platform of that politician is for for returning schools to the private sector, and disbanding government controls, to begin educating instead of indoctrinating.

The election of 2012 is over a year away, and plenty of time for the citizenry to start campaigning with a flood of question to the next debaters by asking the question, When and how do you propose to return the current schooling back to private education? A bold and courageous action, no doubt, but it’s the only rational route to take and can be done.

Most likely the first thing that pops into most minds will be, how can I afford it? How will it be funded? Quite simply the same way the sorry mess of current schooling is funded: Money that comes from the producers in this country. By getting rid of the waste and criminality rampant in the system of thievery, as exposed in the school system a couple of months ago here in the State of Georgia, parents can be assured their children will receive an education at much less cost than the Socialized system of today.

If there is no one on the horizon of candidates today to take this step, there’s a limited opportunity in time to find one who will!!!



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