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What happened 10 years ago was the sad loss of innocent lives at the hands of homicidal fanatics.

What has happened since then is equally sad, in my eyes, in how our Government has leveraged the attacks to invade and occupy middle Asia and seize our own liberties on a scale no outsider could have imagined.

Can we expect to obtain Peace with a neighbor by meddling with his property and his family or provoking him? Our CIA supported the Shah of Iran to brutally remain in power, turned over rebels to Qaddafi, supplied intelligence and chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein, and supplied SAM missiles to the Taliban in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. All this support was used by those leaders against their own citizens- angering them that the USA had been a back office supplier.

The 9/11 attacks are just what American Neocon fascists need to froth us up to war. But our own puppeteering in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya are what the religious fascists use to hypnotize suicide bombers to walk into a cafe or hijack an airplane.

And so we’re drawn into a row, like the Hatfields and McCoys, but on a global scale, where we live with the consuming hatred of our enemy and at each opportunity we kill one another.

This is The Ugly American and it is the product of the State.

There’s more. The Patriot Act and Department of Homeland Security are dual attacks on us as well confiscating our privacy, and placing us under constant surveillance and suspicion. We are fast-tracking to become a country of “show me your papers” to buy and sell, travel and to live.

Today we’ll mourn and remember that 3,000 innocent bystanders were murdered. That’s sad enough. Don’t let that be manipulated further to hatred of others and to ramp up the raging beat of drums of war and to buy our agreement to cede our liberties.

I fear what I am leaving my 3 children- a community that cannot sustain itself because the ability to trade with others is smothered, a system that discourages self-reliance, a political prison of doublespeak and manipulation on a scale that even Orwell could not have conceived. And a blind loyalty to the flag prodded by incessant provoking of our anger and indignation by telling us we’re victims of the Arabs.

America was the greatest country in the history of the world because of free enterprise and its bias to restrict the state in our affairs. Don’t agree to bargain it away, emotionally, in memoriam and vengeance.

Remember those who needlessly lost their lives 10 years ago. But also remember that hatred and vengeance need warm fertile ground to grow and our government has been watering that garden in other countries for a long time.

With a desire not to anger you who were touched by 9.11.01, but to consider what creates safety, peace, and allows us to live unmolested and prosperously.

Your friend,


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