This long hot summer of prolonged one-hundred plus degrees, the fever of the seduction of politics is heating up, in many places, however the big kick-off starts in Iowa. An interesting phenomenon which all seems so staged. There’s hype over what is termed straw polling, then caucus time. Which appears to be all about polling.

The official beginning of the big political season, prior to the general election, over a year away, began with the Fox news Republican debate between eight hopefuls. All vying to be the Republican nominee for the 2012 presidential election, opposing the Democratic candidate, President Barack Obama. However, the eight on stage did not include all those, who will be jumping into the race, sooner or later.

I’m personally not a political activist, however I’ve always been interested in what’s going on politically, because it effects my life to one degree or another. I have written about a time, back in the sixties, when I decided to participate in the Republican party process, living in Tennessee, for the sole purpose of experiencing some firsthand knowledge of how it works, because I wanted to write about it back then. My participation was shortlived, but an eye-opener, as to some of the goings-on, even at a local level.

Because the local group decided they wanted me to be a delegate to the Republican convention, the main thing I derived from my short involvement is, politics is very seductive. The attention, the power and the money, and the excitement generated from those three things, is the underlying engine of the seduction.

Listening to candidates, their style and charm, might temporarily overshadow this seduction, nevertheless it is there. Some of the candidates are particularly likable,and I thought Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman, and Rick Santorum, stood out from the others. Despite the fact Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, are all such seasoned politicians, and touted above the others by news media, I tried to listen objectively. They came across as being either arrogant, angry, attacking, presumptive, or with a know-it-all attitude. And if I were a participant in the voting process I would scratch their name off, right off the bat and start narrowing the field.

There is a trait politicians must have to be successful politicians, and that’s the indefinable trait of charisma. And the only one on the horizon who enamates that is Herman Cain. But I don’t think the person to defeat Obama has arrived on the scene yet.

Despite all his wrecking-bar Socialistic programs, perpetrated on the American people, Barack Obama has a certain charismatic aura. He has lots of money backing him, he has the power of the oval office, an effective political organization, and the experience of being presidential going for him, and will be difficult to defeat.

We hear from the rumor gristmill, plans are to overshadow his sad record of accomplishments, by a strategy of attacking whoever his opponent will be. And despite his socialist agenda to “transform America” from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist State, he has a lot going for him to continue this pattern. Entering a second term election, we no longer should be concerned over who he is, he has told us by what he does and does not do.

We are now living in a country with so many groups on the government dole, and so many blocs of voters by their race and creeds, who will vote for him, already announcing their support of him, he will be difficult to defeat. And I don’t recognize anyone on the Republican side, thus far, who has what it takes to win the next election over him.

The time-worn notion that the American people are never far behind, nor far ahead of the centralized government, rings a certain truth. And at this juncture, the majority are on one kind of dole or another. And the current regime in Washington is in the doling business, taking as much as they can from producers and re-distributing to non-producers. Because the number of producers have been outsourced to other countries, while the amount of doling is increasing, we are now in a period of the inverted pryamid.

By that I mean, in the beginning of this nation, the pyramid represented the broad base as being the power of the people, with a small tip representing the power of political government. Today it is inverted, with the broad base of power representing political government at the top, and the tip now on the bottom representing the power of the people and it is teetering on its tip. Which represents a likely collapse of America as we once knew it. The pyramid represents the paradigm shift of power in this country.

Listening to all the rhetoric in speeches about the American people being in charge is one thing, then we hear about what is taking place in the current poll-taking of straw and caucus games, with leakage in the news that many of these voters are paid participants. Sometimes no more than food and transportation is paid to go vote for a particular candidate. So much manipulation and propaganda, the issue of Freedom versus the bondage of socialism, is overshadowed by all the hype. So many caught up in the seduction of politics looking for a handout, even to cast their vote.

I keep listening and hoping the conversation will shift to talk about personal Freedom and private property ownership, but that subject seems to be taboo in news cycles and individual conversations. The topic of conversation is about vote getting, which I personally view as disguised coercion.

I remind the reader, towards the end of the regime of Hitler, in Germany, when he ordered military trucks to round up the people with armed guards in trucks to take the people to the polls. A grim reminder, those running the show, and manipulating power, must have the votes to sustain their power. Plus a reminder, all politicians have an underlying aim to get into power and stay in power. A position to rule and take. Despite any speech to the contrary, that’s the bottom line.

Making speeches and robot-calls for your vote and support, is the mantra aim, to rule over your life, to convince you they know better how to run your life and handle your property {money} than you do. It’s all about undermining the self-responsibility and self-control required to be free.

Justice Hugo Black of the Supreme Court, 1886-1971, stated: “The first ten commandments were proposed and adopted largely because of the fear that Government might unduly interfere with prized individual liberties. The people wanted and demanded a Bill of Rights written into their Constitution. The amendments embodying the Bill of Rights were intended to curb all branches of the Federal Government, in the fields touched by the amendments – Legislative, Executive and Judicial.”

He spoke of that Constitution, which most in the current regime claim is outmoded and no longer applicable to a way of life in America, therefore they ignore it. Resulting in the ditch we are in today.




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