After all the boring reporting over the Iowa straw polls and fuss over upcoming caucus, along comes Rick Perry, with a lot of fire and brimstone rhetoric, upsetting the status quo of the Republican party, and their smug ratings of pecking order, and shaking up the leftist Democratic media.

In politics, only one thing is worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about. I don’t know Rick Perry nor anything about his record of eleven years as Governor of Texas. However he obviously knows how to get the attention of both Republicans and Democrats, and they are all scrambling to slot him someplace, while he seems to be a loose canon everyone is talking about.

Mostly what I’ve read about him is a lot of strong opinions on Facebook. Not very favorable, and the left-wing press is scrambling to see which one can out-criticize each other. While he just walked right in, announced his run for the presidency and immediately rose to the top of the heap in the polls. Like a Texas sandstorm, everyone is running for cover to land someplace that might steal some of his thunder to be noticed.

Like a Rodney Dangerfield comedy show, the Ron Paul supporters bemoaning the fact he’s not getting the respect of being noticed and talked about in the media. But here’s a politician been in Congress 12 terms, holding a seat of power and talks the talk but doesn’t seem to walk the walk, always introducing something, but I’m one yet to figure out what he has accomplished after 24 years while this country has sunken further and further into the absymal mediocrity of socialism. If he has been unable to persuade his fellow politicians to implement his ideas in 24 years, what is it about him to persuade anyone he could change anything as President? And yet he keeps running for the office of the presidency.

I have no idea if Rick Perry has what it takes to be elected President and don’t really care, but what I do know, he arrived on the scene and shook a whole lot of people out of their apathetic comfort zone. Stirred the pot with some unusual remarks, many claim not presidential. My question is, what is Presidential in speeches? Is it a mantra of change and yes we can, or promises to transform America, without specifying the transformation is implementation of more socialistic programs?

In my opinion, a hard-hitting speech about what has already taken place to transform this country from a Constitutional Republic, to a nanny state of Socialism, is in order and should be addressed openly, and this country needs to be reminded of what has taken place.

I’m reminded of a couple of things Harry Truman said: “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen,” and the other thing: “I don’t give them hell, I tell the truth and they think it’s hell.”

The most amusing thing to me, is how the leftist pundits and news media is scrambling, falling over each other trying to figure out how to harness Rick Perry, and use what he’s saying to benefit their agenda, which is four more years of Barack Obama.

I personally don’t think there is anyone on the horizon who can change the direction of this country from the top down. If there is going to be any change in direction, it must come from the bottom up. And currently there are so many on the nanny state dole on the bottom rung of pecking order, it’s doubful if Obama can be defeated.

On the other hand, Rick Perry seems to be a seasoned politician, from a large State with a lot of money. And he could be the very one to give President Obama a run for his money in a general election.

He’s off to a good start by shaking up mainstream media, formerly so cool, calm and collected, about their candidate. Rick Perry has stirred the status quo by what he says, when what the real concern is about what he’s apt to do in the coming months. Who knows? Anything can happen after he jumped in and so quickly rose to top in the polls!! Knocking Mitt Romney off his gluteus maximus, after appearing so confident in his spot as the front-runner for the Republican party.

In a previous article I pointed out no one in the Republican line-up of candidates had that indefinable quality of charisma aside from Herman Cain, which I think is essential to be elected, but Rick Perry does appear to have that quality. Barack Obama has it, no question about it.

As one sitting on the outside looking in, at least Rick Perry has brought some fireworks to a very dull campaign with a slew of candiates vying for the Republican nomination, and being a sort of news junkie, I’m glad to see it happening. It was all sooo hum-ho before his arrival on the scene.

At this early stage of the political game, I daresay Rick Perry has the good looks, a background of political experience and know-how, the guts to speak up and speak out, the money of Texas behind him, plus charisma, which makes him the most viable candidate for the Republican Party, at this early juncture. However the opposition will go after him with everything they have, and as Bette Davis said, get set for a bumpy ride…but that’s what this country needs, not smooth sailing of a shoo-in.




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  1. Laurita Dominick says:

    Rick Perry is poison….

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