A few days ago I posted an article titled, “Rick Perry Stirring Up More Left-Wing Media Than a Florida Hurricane,” which prompted some rather foul, rabid, and threatening responses, particularly when I clicked the Like button on Facebook.

The first thing I wish to make clear is, one’s Freedom of Speech ends where my Life boundaries begin. And secondly, there’s nothing in my world that’s a dumping ground for personal, mean-spirited, vulgar, vicious, accusatory and threatening verbiage and attitudes, and I just delete.

For example one very bold and brazen threatening remark came from a man who, I discovered after checking his background before deleting, had a Communist background.

I left a statement on my facebook page, which was a notice that my saying I liked Rick Perry in no way shape nor fashion, defined my stance on politics. I like Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman, and Rick Santorum. The rest of the Republican cast of candidates, I don’t care for, mainly because they are boring.

I’m not a political activist per se, however, what the world of politicians do, has some residual effect on my life and those I care about and this country in general and my Freedom in particular, therefore I keep abreast of what is happening, and will continue to speak up and speak out about what I like and don’t like. Everyone in this country is entitled to do that, and should be doing that because the stakes are very high. Specifically whether or not we will be living in a country with personal Freedom, or under the yoke and bondage of a system of Socialism, whether the brand name is Communism or Fascism.

This particular political season, has gotten very mean-spirited and nasty, right out of the starting gate. Instead of addressing the real issues facing the crisis this nation is in, with interest in solutions, there are pervasive rabid, attack dog tactics, as a dominating theme, obvious in news cycles and out-pictured over the internet, by so many ordinary people. There’s so much anger, frustration and confusion displayed by so many, the real issues and solutions are on the backburner. And lost by all the emotional actions and reactions.

Particularly prominent through those for and against President Obama, and those for and against Ron Paul. A very vigorous campaign, of extreme name-calling, below the belt tactics, towards anyone for or against either. Compounded by Rick Perry’s entrance into the race, because he came on so strong, with his rhetoric, that stirred the pot.

Barack Obama appears to be the poster child for the Liberal Left Wingers, and Ron Paul appears to be the poster child for the so-called Conservative, Right-Wingers and the Tea party. Then along came Rick Perry, who jumped on stage, in the middle of the fray, and immediately rose to the top of the heap in the polls, seemingly overnight, and threw a monkey wrench into the battle, causing such a frenzy, into an already brewing pot of of anger and frustration, there’s an explosion of very nasty language, threats and accusations. Like I have never witnessed before.

The flailing, mud-slinging tactics and strategies, right out of the Communist Manifesto, spilled over to yours truly because I said I liked Rick Perry. As they say in Texas, “That dog won’t hunt.” I have a posted record of 600 plus articles, which clearly state my position, in no uncertain terms.

Specifically, I’m for personal Freedom, and Private property ownership, and opposed to all the legalized thievery. And don’t believe we can vote ourselves out of the dilemma this country voted itself into. And suggest the answers may be found in the assumption of self-responsibility and self-control of individuals over their lives, instead of looking to the nanny state of Socialist agenda, whose bottom line is taking from producers and re-distributing to non-producers.

Faced with the current conditions reported, fifty percent of the population pays no taxes. Millions not working, drawing money from the fifty percent working and producing, top-heavy with rules, regulations, policies and edicts, about to buckle under from the heavy-duty load, the free-loaders are on panic button, because the cash cow of productivity, is over-burdened by the restrictions of non-producing politicians, in the business of creating more and more non-producers, by paying people not to work, hawking their game plan of promoting more of the same, and yelping more jobs, more jobs, out of the other side of their mouth.

Seems so surreal, the very politicians in seats of power, promoted the idea of out-sourcing the means of productivity to other countries, now screaming about creating jobs. How can jobs be created after the source of productivity in farming and factories has been re-assigned outside this country? The availability to work has been out-sourced to other countries.

Back to Rick Perry and the ruckus he has stirred up, and my remark I liked him, which prompted attacks on me. I don’t know Rick Perry nor his record and don’t really care. What I care about is this Country and my Freedom. And what I liked about Rick Perry is he came on to the National Scene, and immediately began pointing out some of the things already done to destroy the way of life in this country.

In my opinion, this country needs to be made aware of the damage already done to this once great Nation. How and why it happened and who did it. Seems to me the first order of business is to acknowledge and understand that. Otherwise how can the problem be “fixed” if we don’t know who, why and how these crises we are in came about? And Rick Perry has the stage and attention, and the nerve to point some of those things out, is why I like him.

Much criticism over his remark, suggesting federal handling of the money is an act of treason. On the other hand, Ron Paul has suggested more than once, the Federal Reserve system and members have been counterfeiters for a long time. And not a ripple over that. If treason is a punishable act, isn’t it true counterfeiting money is also an illegal punishable act? Both are Presidential candidates, why is it one remark is so news-worthy and the other hardly noticed? Why is one accusation less wrong than the other?Is one true and the other a lie? And why is it one candidate should be accountable for an act of criticism over the Federal Reserve and the other not? Is there a double standard here?

The important question facing the American people is: Who out there running for President, has the capacity and the moral integrity to lead this country out of the ditch we are in? Is there anyone on the Republican or Democratic ticket capable of that? If not, the only thing left is a change of attitude and perspective of the American people, willing to face the challenge of change necessary to reverse the current course and get this country out of the wrong lane it now travels in.

The Great H.L. Menken said: “The men American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars, the men they most detest most violently, are those who try to tell them the Truth.”


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