The heat and mysticism of politicians, now beginning to warm up. Some recently jumping into the ring, while others are dropping out of the ring, only to change their pecking order in some other slot on the merry-go-round of politics.

I recall a time, as a military dependent wife, when the monthly pay was so small, I had to devise ways to make hamburger appetizing each night for dinner. I could make stew, a casserole. I could bake it, fry it, boil it, charcoal it and so many ways one can make a meal out of inexpensive ground beef. One night my husband came home from his day of duty and asked, “How now thou ground cow?”

I thought no matter what I do with a pound of ground hamburger, today or tomorrow, it’s always going to be ground cow for dinner, because his paycheck is going to be the same, and that’s what we could afford at the time.

I thought about that this morning, in relation to all the highly publicized political rhetoric dominating the news. No matter where you hear it, on the radio, on TV, in the newspaper or via social media, it’s the same message. No matter how the speech is advertised, romanticized,or propagandized, the underlying message is the same. Specifically, I want your vote and support to place me in office, to take your property, because I’m in a better position to decide for you than you are for yourself, what is best for you.

Anyway you swing this lust for power, whether you bake it, broil it, fry it, or barbeque it, it may sound different, feel different, look different, and taste different, but the result is always the same. You are being spoon-fed the same old line politicians have used for eons, to place you in a position to be victimized by legalized thievery.

We are living in an era of “The Information Age” in a civilized society, highly schooled, but gullible. Why is that?

I’m also reminded of a story of a letter found on the body of an American soldier during the Korean war, which was written to God, and said: “It’s strange I had to reach this hellish place before I ever saw your shining face.”

To paraphrase that: Why is it we must reach the hellish state of bondage, before we ever recognize the shining Light of freedom?

Thinking about all of that after listening to all the political speeches last week, during the debates, and straw polling, in Iowa, a friend stopped by, telling me about a radio program she had listened to, a woman calling in and screaming about how her food stamps had been cut off, and her children were hungry! Which caused a knee-jerk reaction, about the reality of what is happening in this country, this day in the year 2011.

The reality of taking from haves to give to have-nots, in a nanny state of Socialism, where millions are now flocking to political rallies to listen to politicians they will vote to place into power over their lives, to take from them that which they produce, to re-distribute to others who are unwilling to work for their bread and butter, and unwilling to assume the responsibility for their lives.

Can’t we just stop and ask ourselves, “What is good, moral and Right, about supporting a system that punishes the producer and takes and rewards via re-distribution to the non-producer?”

And which is the lessor of the two evils? The one voluntarily supporting this system, or the recipient of the stolen goods?

Despite all we have done to wreck a way of life in a country founded upon the Philosophy of Freedom, there remains an underlying decency of generosity, in many in this country. We were a people who through voluntary giving, took care of those experiencing difficulties beyond their control, to provide the necessities of food, clothing and shelter, during times of adversities. As neighbors, as a community, individually, and through churches, those who were in need were helped voluntarily.

Because we are basically a generous people, the anger, resentment and frustration out-pictured by many we read and hear about, has an underlying cause. It is the undermining of our very nature of generoisity. A political system that takes and takes and takes, then hires and pays others to re-distribute, so the general population is left with nothing to voluntarily share with others. Leaving some angry and frustrated because they have nothing left over to give, and the one in need of food, like the woman screaming into the radio, her food stamps had been cut off, by the system that re-distributes, causing an entire circular-saw type situation, we see today.

Taxes by definition are “an involuntary giving of one’s property [money], hence a system of thievery. Taking from the haves, to re-distribute to have-nots, and those in positions of political power creaming off the top, to feather their nest in the process.

The majority are still under the delusion of an illusion, campaigning for and voting for a different set of politicians, will by some kind of magic bullet, fix the current crisis we are in, by doing the same thing, with a different politician in power. It’s reported it was Einstein who said: “Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results defines insanity.”

And yet this nation of smart, educated, informed people, keeps doing the same thing, over and over, dis-regarding the real meaning of Freedom, resulting in the verge of collapse of a nation, founded upon the Principles of personal freedom. That is self-responsibility and self-control, feverously, continuously, attempting to transfer that to a centralized power, with the results we experience today.




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