Dear Russell, Your interest in learning about Freedom is impressive. When one seeks to know what it really is, many questions arise, and that’s a good thing. I recall the years I was studying and discovering, I questioned and argued so many things with my teachers.

Most, if not all have been subjected to so much mis-information, indoctrinated and propagandized, there’s a load of stuff to clean up, clear out, and get rid of, to clear one’s mind, will and emotions, for the Truth about Freedom to enter one’s being. Therefore, there’s a period of struggle that takes place. That is a struggle between pre-conceived ideas and a different way of thinking according to the Philosophy of Freedom.

This conditioning does not just get up and walk away, but must be addressed, to rid one’s self of erroneous, pre-conceived ideas. Which takes time, and patience with one’s self, for the Truth about Freedom to be understood.

When we decide to make changes about anything, there’s a process to go through. I could use any number of over-simplified examples to make the point, but I’ll try just one. When I decide to do laundry, to clean a batch of clothes, I must follow certain simple rules, I can’t just say like Macbeth, “Out damned spot,” and the uncleanliness dissappears. I must use water, a detergent, place in a machine, which rather violently tosses, turns and twists, in order to attain a load of clean clothes. There is a process I must go through in order to attain a simple batch of clean clothes. And when I start this process, my goal is clean clothes.

May sound like a peculiar analogy, but the principle of the process is applicable. One must get rid of old ideas, to make room for a new idea of Freedom.

Therefore, you must de-clutter your thinking with thoughts about other countries, other foreign conditions, other persons, conditions, and things, because their life and pathway is different from yours. Stop comparing yourself with others. An understanding of Freedom begins exclusively with you. Once understood, your opinions relating to others will change. However, in this connection, it is necessary to rid yourself of thoughts about what others do, think and act, “they” are not your problem.

There is a virtue in selfishness, to spend the time on yourself, your world and affairs, on the road to understanding the fundamental Principle of Freedom.

When I decide to clean my house, I can’t accomplish it by working around clutter, I must first get rid of unnecessary clutter. So it is with understanding Freedom, there’s a de-cluttering process.

A couple of questions you ask: “How does the concept of freedom arise to find itself as an inalienable Right within the mindset of an adult?” Plus, “How does freedom arise from the viewpoint of the observer, so to speak?” First off you do not approach as an “observer” but as an involved participant. And secondly Freedom does not “arise,” it already exists, and is a matter of discovery.

I remind you Freedom is “self-responsibility.” You are responsible for your thoughts, actions, and decisions, for your life. No matter how much one attempts to transfer to someone else, the results of what you do always, eventually come back to you and your responsibility. No other person can think nor feel for you. No other person can digest the food to sustain your life, only you.

Only you can change your direction. And you cannot change the direction of another human being, you can act to speed them up or slow them down in the direction they have chosen, but each individual decides on their direction. Each person chooses the lane of life, they want to be in, and if they choose the wrong lane, they must learn the lessons being in the wrong lane teaches.

In your last correspondence you mentioned the story about Shin, and stated,”Makes me question his sense of ‘sin’ for example.” I never think about what is so-called Sin, I only consider what is Right and wrong from a principle of the Universe. And use the moral guide of the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence.

In my opinion, to grasp the true meaning of Freedom it is essential to understand the difference in Principles and Value judgments. And several articles I have posted on my website, explain the difference in the two. You might find it helpful reading those posted articles.

I agree with you statement, “But I think a better and broader grasp of Freedom, is a fundamental key to grasping of the other important values, like gratitude.”

It’s my sincere belief nothing can replace the benefits one derives from Gratitude. Beginning with gratitude for Life itself!! And extending to all the benefits we derive daily from Life. Many complain about Life not being “fair.” I disagree with that premise, and believe Life is very fair. However for the worm the bird eats, it might not seem so.

I encourage you to continue your quest for understanding, because many things will become much clearer as you pursue an understanding of Freedom.

When I was in the throes of learning and discovery, I was living a life as a dependent of a military officer. That is I was living a life under the yoke of the paternalism of a political government, which meant my desire to know frequently met with resistance by trying to justify my position. However I had wonderful teachers, and never gave up on me, as they continued to teach, via correspondence no matter where I lived.

One of my teachers was Dr. George Boardman, living in the ghost town of Chloride, Arizona, developed a course called Philosophic Reasearch, via correspondence. You can’t imagine the number of times I wrote to him, when I encountered a situation I did not understand, and asked him to decipher what it was about a particular thing I didn’t like and did not understand, and he always responded and explained with great insight and wisdom.

The time worn statement: “When the student is ready the teacher appears,” is a truism I found to be consistent in my life.

My viseral feeling is, the things you are experiencing and the questions you ask, speaks to others, who may be experiencing the growing pains of discovering the meaning of freedom. And it’s because of that, I’m posting this as an article on my website.

Thank you for your friendship.


Just me AC


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