I know from comments and emails, some of my readers enjoy reading about the the life and world of six year old Prince William.

He was here a couple of hours yesterday, explaining all about his schooling and the different classes he takes in different places of learning. He is a very, very busy young man, and seems everything is exciting to him. He goes to one place once a week to study Art and Science. Another place to take martial arts, specifically karate. A different place and teacher to take piano lessons once a week, then his mom home-schools two days a week.

He is reading very well, knows how to write and mail letters, likes to draw; totally enthralled over science and projects. Walks in the door wanting a list of things he has already pre-planned to do when he arrives for a visit. Yesterday he wanted string, a hammer, a bottle of water, soda, vinegar, paper and pen. I gather up whatever he wants and follow him into my fenced-in back yard to watch what he plans on doing.

He takes string and wraps around my gazebo to keep the chipmunks out. Hammers pieces of wood together pretending to make something. Takes vinegar and soda to make a volcano. And oh yes – gathered a bag of acorns to entice the squirrels to come so he can try to shoot with his BB-gun. But they are faster than he is and he always misses. So I set him up a target to practice on.

Last week, a stray dog was barking loudly at 3 a.m. The next day I saw my rear fence of wood and wire, had been pushed down inwardly on one end and pushed down outwardly on the other end. Figured some kind of rather large animal, either a deer or a bear, had been chased by the barking dog and jumped the fence to escape, then left by the other end of the damaged fence. When Prince William left, he told me to keep his BB gun here, to protect myself from any other animal that might jump the fence again.

I asked him what he was learning in karate school, and he jumped and kicked and yelled to demonstrate karate to me, then informed me he was going for a black belt in karate.

Taking piano lessons is not necessarily his favorite thing to do, but he did play Happy Birthday for me on the baby grand last week.

He can swim like a fish and dive like a swan in his family pool, and this summer took kayaking lessons.

He has always been fascinated by the moon and the stars, and loves staying here around dark-thirty, to go in the front yard, light candles and try to build a little camp fire with sticks and paper and watch the moon come up, especially on full moon time. I sit by with a jug of water while he experiments trying to build a little fire.

His little garden he planted in the spring, practically dried up from the hot weather, and the popcorn he planted was devoured by something, probably a rabbit or squirrel, before reaching maturity. However he did gather some flowers and a few very small tomatoes. The spinach and turnip greens and mustard didn’t really make it this year.

Yesterday I ordered Dominos Pizza for our lunch, and he removed the cheese and only ate the crust. He’s a very opinionated child and quite clear-cut about what he wants and wants to do. Still has “Will’s Office” area in his playroom where he writes letters, he stamps and sends to his mom frequently when he’s here.

I have baby-sat and helped raise children other than my own during my lifetime, and I daresay, Prince William is the most unusual child I have ever known. Brilliant and his intellect seems to exceed his years, in so many ways. Interesting and entertaining for me. Keeps me busy when he’s here, however I love every minute of the time he spends here. He’s a very sweet-natured and thoughtful child. Nothing wishy-washy about his projecting, and frequently, I have no idea where he’s going when he starts a project. Most of the time I just go along, and watch his hands unfold whatever he has in mind to do. Never cease to be amazed at his sense of creativity.

You know the old saying, “Nothing like crowing over your own.” Admittedly I do crow over Prince William, however strangers who meet him are as impressed as I am. Sometimes I call him Einstein, and other times Tom Sawyer. And he always calls me “Anna.”

His two sisters, I kept a great deal when they were younger are now teen-agers, busier than a one-armed paper hanger, involved in so many school projects, plus outside activities, like canoeing, horseback riding, piano competition and basketball. Earlier years they home-schooled, now attend a private school. They are gracious, well-mannered and quite talented in several areas. Well traveled and well-educated, so far so good, and they too are a joy to have around.

They too are advanced beyond their years in many ways, and definitely more advanced than the un-fortunate ones attending the socialized public school system.

I’m fortunate indeed, to have the joy of them in my life. Growing up so fast, and already planning on going to England and France next year. Im well aware, I must enjoy and treasure the time they spend with me, currently.

Hope any out there who have grandchildren, enjoy theirs as much as I do mine!!!



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