This long hot summer, as political campaigners hawk for more campaign contributions, and their subjects gather to hear and support their candidacy, via their presence, their time and money, the more glaring it appears that the majority of Americans love and want more political government, not less.

While millions moan and groan about the state of affairs this country is now in, overloaded with rules, regulations and policies, they flock in groups to support their choice of an overlord, to dish out more of the same, while tricking themselves into thinking their actions will contribute changes for a better way of life.

While refusing to recognize they are sovereign beings, born to be free, and responsible for their lives and actions, there’s the pervasive notion that it’s transferrable to some politician, who’s seeking the power of a political office, and is going to act in their best interests to make things better for everyone, when the undeniable evidence shows otherwise. Why is that, one must ask? Why is it, seemingly intelligent human beings, are behaviorally stuck on the idea that another person can be appointed to take their property[money] and be in a position of making decisions for their life, more qualified to do so than the subject they seek to rule.

I woke up this morning, thinking back over my own life, and the route I took. Until I finished high school, I was dependent upon my parents. Then I married an Air-force pilot, and was labeled his dependent for 24 years. I thought I was being a good citizen, doing my patriotic duty, supporting a military man, while he fought in three wars for the Freedom of this country. He worked for the government, who paid him a small salary with a little extra in his paycheck for me as his “dependent,” issued orders to him, and the military told me what to do and the role I was to play to support him. I raised the children, took care of his sick parents and sometimes held a job to support the meager salary he was paid for his job and a small stipend included in his pay check for me as his “dependent.” Never paid to me but to him.

I have related the story of my journey and experiences in the many articles I have written. And how I discovered the meaning of Freedom, and how it changed my life. At this point I wish to make it clear, political government has never paid me for anything. Never paid me one dime during that 24 years as a “military dependent,” never gave me a dime of retirement money, and I’ve never received a social security check, despite the fact I have worked and paid into the social security system.

After studying the Philosophy of Freedom, and learning the true role of all political governments in general and mine in particular, I began rearranging my life and going in a different direction. In order to do that, the change had to come from within me and my thinking process, to change my life. It was not easy, as I encountered one obstacle after another, but freedom became my priority. I fought one battle after another.

In retrospect, I can equate it with the “battered wife” syndrome. No, I was not physically battered, but somewhat brainwashed. And studying the techniques of brainwashing used on American soldiers in Korea was an eye-opener for me. And later on, the technique of mind control called the “Stockholm syndrome,” further enlightened.

In the battered wife syndrome we hear so much about on the news nowadays, the husband acquires control of the wife over a period of time, via a technique which causes the wife to be subservient and dependent upon the batterer. Begins with a subtle and insidious attitude of causing the “victim” to lose their identity, by first setting the person up to be dependent upon the batterer, usually emotionally, socially and financially. Like dripping water, it continues until the victim reaches a state they are convinced they cannot live and act on their own, but become so subservient to the batterer, they make all their decisions based upon, his dictates. They co-operate with the batterer willingly, because the consequences of making decisions on their own, and trying to be responsible for their actions, becomes so painful and stressful, they take the course of least resistance, by following whatever and whenever the batterer wants and dictates. Hence the roles described as the Victim, Provoker and Enabler.

In the current climate and conditions of bondage perpetrated upon the citizenry of this country, by the paternalism of political government and the politicians who hawk their wares of control techniques, and observing the millions who flock like geese to hear and support, it’s as though the majority appear to suffer from the battered syndrome. The politician flails and yells a mantra of how they are going to “take care of their constituents,” if you will only come under their yoke, by giving your time, support, money and vote to them.

But once in office they do the same thing all politicians have done before them: Pass more laws to take more of your property [money] to control and feather their nest, not yours, but theirs; and like the battered wife, who tries to leave, but is so indoctrinated that she keeps returning to the batterer, who promises to change, but never does. Accordingly, the majority of the populace keep returning to hear more false promises, flock to the polls to place their stamp of approval on their favorite politician, return home to discover the changes taking place are from bad to worse as this nation hovers on the verge of collapse.

Now, this political government touted in the beginning as “Of the people, by the people and for the people,” has become one of the politician, by the politician and for the politician. Created in the beginning for Individual Freedom, and to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies, it has now evolved into a monster that does neither.

How is it 535 members of Congress and one President, arrived at the place of rule and control they exercise today? We the people, voted them into this position. And we the people refuse to recognize that voting is disguised coercion, and keep doing the same thing, expecting different results.

If you like conditions as they exist in this country today, then keep on doing the same thing. If you are one of those disenchanted and scared enough to think and act differently, then now is the time to consider making the necessary changes to turn a way of life around. There’s no one out there going to do it for you . The nanny state can feel like a warm, cuddly, safe and secure place to be, but it’s bondage. The self-responsibility and self-control required to be free, might appear scary, but it’s the only moral route to take.




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