After a year being on Facebook, I decided to begin adding others on as Facebook friends, and pleased with the results of so many agreeing to be a FB friend. There’s a lot we can share and learn from each other, particularly at this period of time when this great country we live in is in such turmoil and peril.

However, I’m quite disturbed at the number sending me notices that they have arbitrarily signed me on to their particular group without my knowledge nor consent. I vehemently object to this. I’m an independent individual and not groupy.

For example, just this morning I received a notice that “Sovereignty International” had signed me on as a member of their group. Stating, “This group is open, which means everyone can see the group, its members, and what members post.” “Visit the Group.” “Not interested? just go to the group and click “Leave the group.”

I’m incensed at this unmitigated gall, which I consider a trespass across the boundaries of my freedom, by signing me on to a group I know nothing about without my knowledge nor consent. And to add insult instructing me what to do if I wish to leave the group.

I have written reams of articles about the Philosophy of Freedom, self-control, and the boundaries of property Rights. My life and my Rights of choice relative to boundaries is an integral part of understanding just what Freedom means. For anyone to sign me on to a group without my knowledge nor consent is a gross violation. And those involved in such activity have no understanding of the meaning of freedom. And anyone who has signed me on to anything, must remove my name from their membership roll.

Anyone who signs me on to anything without my consent, then informs me what I should do to remove myself from their roster, is trying to implement control according to their value system. Which is most likely different from mine.

I did not come into town on no turnip truck, and learned a long time ago what can be done to anyone standing up for Freedom, by those enemies of Freedom. The very essence of Freedom is individualism, and those opposed love groups they can infiltrate and control.

I have written articles about my first lesson in this area, but will repeat. While living in Nevada in the sixties, I was quite disturbed over the amount of Marxist Socialism in grade school textbooks. I invited a small group of local intelligensia to join me in forming a textbook committee to review textbooks, to present to Nevada Textbook commission, which met annually in Carson City. Somehow the news media got wind of it and there was so much objection by leftist Communists to what we were doing, my partners felt threatened. The day before the textbook meeting, they all called and cancelled out on going with me and begged me not to go.

I told my friends I understood their concern, but told them I must go. I got dressed the next morning and went to Carson City alone, and was met by a group of antagonizing reporters who kept yelling, “Are you a member of the John Birch Society?” as I entered the hall where the Commission met.

Inside I was treated courteously, they accepted my report, which never amounted to a hill of beans and changed nothing. Subsequently I removed my children from the tax-supported school system and enrolled them in a private school. I had not learned at that point in time that there’s nothing any can do to change anything in the Socialist system of indoctrination. I was naive enough at that time to believe I could do something to improve it.

Upon leaving Reno and moving to Tennessee, I enrolled my children in school. One would need to read my article about events there to know the whole story. In a nutshell, conditions in that school would stagger one’s imagination. Therefore I removed my children, and homeschooled. All the parents there were so disturbed, they flocked to my house, wanting me to form a group they could join to make changes and I said, “No way, I’m fighting for mine and you must fight for yours.” We did have meetings to discuss the conditions and I faced arrest for defiance of the compulsory school law. I stood my ground, never returned my children back to the school, and my story is detailed in a previous article. I won, because I had learned my lesson about being groupy when fighting for a cause in Reno.

A number of other battles I have fought and won, I have described in other articles. But I won because I stood up alone, and those powers that be, out to destroy this country, have problems with an individual whom they can’t connect with civic, political nor religious groups. That’s part of their ammunition which the enemy of Freedom is so adept at, and it is interesting to me that so few understand this.

It is okay to gather in small groups to dicuss matters, but when one joins a group and tries to be effective for a cause, that’s when the enemy of freedom, pervasive in this country and well-schooled in the tactics and strategies of Marxism, attack to destroy.

It was Sun Tzu, the great military strategist, who said, “Know yourself and know your enemy.” I for one, know myself and know who and what the enemy is.

It’s my purpose in writing all these articles about Freedom, to convey my knowledge of understanding about it, plus sharing my experiences relative to the battles I have fought and won, in the hopes one or two out there will “get it.” Because it’s my belief one of the major problems is that not many really value and understand the real meaning of Freedom. It is the reason we are losing the battle, standing on the precipice of collapse in this country.

We are living in a period of upheaval and disenchantment, and my unsolicited advice is study and be informed about the reality of the conditions, and act accordingly, individually. You might be amazed at what you can do individually, with the right information, to stand up and speak out and act.

It’s not my lot to tell others what to do, I’m only suggesting things one can do if they so desire. However, I will tell those who arbitrarily decide to make me a member of their group, to stop it. To those who have already signed me on, to remove my name from their roster, immediately.

Groups do not have Rights, only individuals do. And I’m exercising mine by telling those who have signed me on to anything, to remove my name.


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