From time to time in previous articles, I have unequivocally stated that one of the biggest problems in this country is not the economy, but an absence of an understanding about the meaning of Freedom.

AS Dr. Phil says, “You can’t change that which you do not acknowledge,” and I agree one-hundred percent. Relating that to Freedom, how can one live their life according to the morality of Freedom, if one does not understand the meaning of it? Where is the Philosophy of Freedom taught? Certainly not in public schools, because the tax supported system is socialistic, which is the antithesis of Freedom.

With few exceptions not taught by the parents, because the last four or five generations are products of the public school system, and they do not understand it. Therefore if not taught in schools nor by the parents where will they obtain an understanding of it?

There are a few places the understanding of Freedom is available, like Freedom Mountain Academy, in Mountain City, Tennessee, a private school for high school students, founded by Kevin and Patricia Cullinane. Both who thoroughly understand the meaning of Freedom, and live and teach according to the basic tenets of the Philosophy of Freedom.

Aside from that school, one can obtain information through reading books, and a limited number of newspapers, like the Harry Hoiles chain of several newspapers on the West coast. And the legacy Robert LeFevre left in his books and writings.

After 4 years of writing almost 600 articles, many relating to Freedom, only recently I began receiving inquires about it. And these inquiries support my contention that very few understand the meaning of Freedom. All I write about stems from the premise, “Freedom is Self-Responsibility and Self-Control,” no more and no less than just that.

A recent letter from a young man questioned that meaning, in the context he was trying to understand, which was an encouraging letter. I like the Socratic method of inquiry, and bluntly asked him, “What’s your game plan?” His response was, “One thing my game requires is a better grasp of the concept of Freedom itself.”

In a prior response I had defined Freedom as “Self-responsibility and self-control, no more and no less than just that.” Subsequent to that, he wrote: “I am here requesting if I may use this definition and credit as you might specify? My intention is to use your definition as a source of authority or additionally as a source of comparison or contrast with other definitions of Freedom.”

I can’t claim that definition is original from me. Not sure exactly where it came from, but most likely from one of my mentors in the sixties, or might have read someplace. As much as I try to avoid plagiarism, it is sometimes difficult to recall and separate what we know from others, and that which originates with us. In all honesty, I suspect what we know, talk and write about, frequently comes from that which we have learned from others. Admittedly, what I have learned and write about, comes from others, more learned than I, for the most part. And I just weave my thoughts and experiences into all others have taught me.

How can anyone discuss philosophy, and ignore some of the teachings of Socrates, and other great teachers? Despite the fact I have a pretty good memory, certainly do not always recall who said what and when. However I take the knowledge acquired from others that makes sense to me, and consistent with Truth as I understand it, apply it to my life and write about it.

Somewhere along the line in my early discoveries I heard Freedom defined as: “Self responsibility and self-control,” and never heard nor come up with a more accurate definition than just that. Sounds simple, but the understanding of Freedom requires further explanation.

In this connection, I believe one must understand Principles and value judgments and the difference in the two. Principles relate to the immutable and undeviating laws of the universe, unchanging and operate despite anything we know, see, hear, feel or understand. Not subject to our five senses, and is objective.

As human beings, all of us have values, and they are constantly changing. Nothing wrong with that because that’s the way we are. If we didn’t have values we would be like robots, and values are subjective. It’s my very firm opinion, we cannot understand the true meaning of Freedom until we understand the meaning of Principles and value judgments, and the difference in the two. Additionally, when one does grasp the meaning of those two things, understanding Freedom is much easier to grasp.

In this connection, the reader I speak of posed this question: “In principle, can Freedom be anything less than exactly what you think it is literally?” I could not have described the dilemma better myself. In that question lies the roadblock of many others. A principle has nothing to do with what we think. It’s Universal Law, which operates independently of what we think, know or understand. And what we think is not literal, but changing, and Principles never do.

I very much appreciate the question the reader posed, because I think he speaks for many others. Lumping Principles with what one thinks in a one line question, makes the point I make relative to the importance of seperating the two, in order to understand, and overcome confusion about the meaning of Freedom.

The Law of Gravity is a principle and operates regardless of what we know or understand, as do all other universal Principles. We can employ other laws which change the effect. For example flying an airplane, which deals with gravity by applying another law of areonautical engineering. In doing so no way changes the laws of gravity.

Specifically, just as many manmade laws contradict the Principle of self-responsibility of Freedom, thoughts and actions contrary to that in no way change the Principle. The nitty-gritty of the bottom line of Freedom is self-responsibility, and hard as many try to transfer that to others, the result is always the same, bondage.

Living in this era of 2011, a time when those in political government work 24-7 to take control over individuals, by the establishment of a socialistic nanny state, we can view the results right from our living rooms, every day, because it’s reported around the clock in the news. Unfortunately, most have been so propagandized, they haven’t figured out what’s taking place. It’s not rocket science, but for some strange reason, the majority just react to the effects, without taking the time to be informed about the cause.

The nanny state has been so romanticized, intellectually propagandized, and promoted via the controlled media, the majority in this country have fallen line, hook and sinker to all of it, resulting in where we are today.

Concerns are all about the collapse of the system of political government, when it should be about the collapse of self-responsibility and self-control, which took place some time ago.




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