It appears to me since the last presidential election in 2008, there has been a proliferation of a groupy mentality in this country. Glaringly disturbing, learning that so many were signing me up to be a member of various groups without my knowledge nor consent, as I described in my previous article.

Organization is usually better than dis-organization. Areas of agreement when it comes to Principles, lays a good foundation for friendship. On the other hand, aminable disagreements can be a good thing and a learning and teaching process. Anything that can work for you can work equally well against you. There’s the yin and the yang, the good, bad and indifferent, which we are all exposed to in the world we live in.

The Universe itself operates on a principle of “dependency upon it and opposition to it.” We need sunshine but too much, too long burns up crops we must have for food. We need rain, but too much causes flooding, destroying property and lives. And one could list many things that work for us and equally well against us.

Ignorance may be bliss but knowledge is power. Co-operating with others, sharing values and ideas, goes without saying, can be a positive thing. Gathering in small informal groups to dicuss concerns of common interests can be a very positive thing.

Conversely, when so many begin flocking like geese to organized groups requiring membership, not knowing who the others are, just being told whatever the organizer’s choice of information, decides to disseminate, I strongly suspect there may be unsuspected and undesirable consequences, which may be intended consequences of those in charge; but it does not matter, their actions violate one’s Freedom of choice.

All of this just recently became of interest and concern to me, when I discovered I was personally being signed up as a member of several organizations without my knowledge nor consent.

The crisis and battle we are now engaged in here in this country is one of Freedom or Bondage. And in my articles I frequently quote military strategists like Sun Tzu, who stated in any battle, “Know your enemy and know yourself.” The enemy of Freedom is Socialism and the two brands are Fascism or Communism. To understand what is happening in this country, one must be armed with information relative to how these two brands of Socialism work. I would reccomend reading the works of Marx and Engels and the Communist Manifesto.

Another great source of enlightening and fascinating information, is the book “Witness” by Whitaker Chambers, a dyed-in-the-wool Communist who defected. He details how Communism operates and how it has so infiltrated this country. How they meet in cells and how they communicate via groups as well as individuals. How dedicated to their cause they are. How adept they are at the use of propaganda, and gives an in-depth, detailed account of just how the Communistic brand of Socialism works. One can order the book from Amazon. Ignorance is not bliss and information is power.

I’m going to relate a story which I wrote an article about a couple of years ago, but it’s worth repeating at this time, because so many in this country have become so groupy and entrapped.

You are probably familiar with the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia. A vast area of land that’s swamp land, has a certain mystique of beauty and dangerous wildlife, infested with alligators.Years back before the Information Age, when residents lived more isolated lives, not privy to around the clock news we have today, most communication was word of mouth. The reputation of Okefenokee Swanp was one of mysterious grave danger, and many who entered the territory hunting wildlife never returned.

One day, a one-gallused stranger drove up in a wagon, and began inquiring of local residents about the swamp and wanted directions as to how one entered the area. Locals looked at each other in dismay, thinking this stranger has no idea he’s entering a kind of “no-man’s land,” so dangerous he will not return if he ventures into the swamp. They tried to warn him and talk him out of entering, but when the stranger insisted, they pointed the way, thinking they would never see him again, because he would be swallowed up by the creatures inhabiting the swamp area.

The One-Gallused Stranger waved goodbye and entered the swamp. His plan was to capture wild hogs. A few weeks later he emerged from the swamp with a wagonload of wild hogs, to the utter amazement of the locals. Everyone gathered around, curious to know how he did it. The One-Gallused Stranger explained, he began by throwing out handfuls of corn, and for a time, no animals bothered to eat, but he continued every day until the young pigs appeared and started eating the free food. He continued throwing out free food until the hogs started entering his area and began eating his corn. Then he began building a fence around them. When he figured he had a wagonload, he loaded them onto his wagon and drove out. He explained to the crowd gathered around him, “You see I can capture any animal in the world, if I can first get it to accept a free handout, and when they did I knew I had them!!” And drove off with his wagonload of wild hogs.

The great moral to this story enlightens us about the Nanny state we now live in. Secondly, it could be applied to this proliferation of all these group organizations. They sign people on with out their knowledge or consent. There are no fees, membership is free. There’s no prior notification they are adding you to their membership, and no prior information as to who they are, or what they stand for. No Robert’s Rules of order. No prior information relative to the profile of the organizers. No names on the list of other members. They just arbitrarily sign you on as a member of their group. And only then start disseminating their managed information.

I for one, am quite shocked and appalled at how pervasive, this M.O. of group formation has taken root in this country. Apparently it’s been going on for quite sometime, however I only recently became aware of just how widespread it is, when almost every morning my email box contains notification that I’m a member of some organization I never heard off!!!

There may be some with good intentions, but obviously they screen no one before arbitrarily making them a member of their group. Despite any good intentions, right off the bat, this kind of modus operandi is a total disregard for one’s Right of choice to decide what and who they wish to join up with. Plus a disregard for individual choice NOT to join in group activity. One is notified they have already been signed on as a member, not before but after the decision and actions of another.

Subsequently one might be notified that their organization numbers into the thousands across this country. This implies it’s all so respectful, inasmuch as thousands are members, when the list was acquired the same way you were signed on. Right and Wrong does not come in numbers, but can only be determined by a principle of morality.

As I view it, it’s one of the most frightening phenoma occuring across this country that I have heard of an quite a long time.One is captured and caught up in a scheme that violates one’s Freedom of choice and blindsided with notification they have been signed on as a member of an organization without their knowledge or consent. Then told what YOU must do to leave the group. First they inform you what THEY have done to you, then inform what you must do to get out of a situation they created and placed YOU in.
All of this is a glaring and gross violation of one’s Freedom of choice, a trapping maneuver that seems to be sweeping the country. Wake up America, you’re being set up to have that fence built around you like a bunch of wild hogs. How’s that working for you?

The latest one I received stated, “Share with Glenn and 1,185 others in YOUR NEW GROUP.” I have no idea who Glenn and the new group is.

The bottom line this entire concept of all the group trappings I have described is a very very bad idea. The entire concept violates basic tenets of Personal Freedom. And I’m vehemently opposed to it.




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